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We studentsassignmenthelp.com are known for a hassle-free delivery of our study assignment helpservices. Students just need to send us details about their requirement and they can avail services of world-class experts of any subject.

There are five stages of assignment delivery process -

Stage 1 – we receive your request.

Stage 2 – we quote you a price

Stage 3 – you make online payments

Stage 4 – we get the assignment completed on time

Stage 5 – we deliver the assignment.

Let’s now discuss in detail how this entire system works.

Making request for assignment

The student has to send us an email at info@studentsassignmenthelp.com or fill up the Submit Assignment/Get Quote form while providing a detailed description of his or her requirements. The student has to mention the study-level, the nature of assignment, the deadline of the delivery and other such details. The description of the assignment should have information about quantity of the content required.

Review of request and pricing

We have roped in several facilitators who work as mediators between students and the experts. These facilitators review your request and make an assessment. They quote you price as per the company’s policies. The pricing depends on the quality and quantity of the writing required. Other factors like research, deadlines and the degree for which the assignment is required are also taken into consideration.

Making payment

The students needs to make the payment as per quoted by us. The payment is made online through secure payment gateways. We use PayPal payment gateway. It is secure and hassle free. Money can be transferred from anywhere in the world.

Assignment completion

Our experts work in small groups. These groups are formed on the basis of the speciality of a particular expert. So we identify a group of expert and forward the assignment to it. The deadline is attached with the assignment as per your request. The group completes the assignment and forwards it to a panel of writers who proofread and edit it wherever required and then approve it for final submission.

Delivery of the assignment

We deliver the assignment on time as per the mutual agreement and email it in word/excel/pdf or any other format as required by the student. The assignment help can be downloaded easily and used. We don’t have any copyright over the assignment after you make the payment.

Easy, isn’t it?

So, you see it is a very easy process. It is just like you shop for a pair of shoes online. You place an order, make payment and have the shoes delivered right at your doorstep. This is exactly how we deliver the study assignments.