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India on the Move – A Case Analysis

Questions 1.Why did India experience relatively slow economic growth from independence until 1991? India attained independence in 1947 and since then, the government of India adopted the strategy of protecting the economy from direct and fierce competition from foreign companies. In order to do this, it adopted the ISI model (Import Substitution Industrialization Model). As the focus of the government was on making the economy closed to foreign competition, the decision..Continue

February 20, 2019

Exploration of the Viability of Inbound Tour Business in New Zealand

Chapter 1: Introduction Research Setting and Focus The research setting reflects the areas or locations in which different research related activities are being done.  In context to this, the presented research work is done within the territory of New Zealand. The prime quest of the research work is to judge the business viability of the inbound tour packaged designed for a cycling tour from Queenstown to Southland. Business concept The business concept on which t..Continue

Looking for Plagiarism free Answers for your
college/ university Assignments.

Essay: Information Divide Because of Physical Disability

Introduction Information divide can be considered as one of the prime issues faced by international society in existing period of time. In general terms, information divide can be considered as economic inequality among different groups and communities due to unequal access of information and knowledge. From the perspective of long term sustainability of the society this information divide can be proved as one of the most critical problem as it creates knowledge inequality a..Continue

What causes addiction, and what is the best approach to counteract it

Introduction Approximately 32,696 Australians aged over 15 years and older died from injuries related to alcohol and diseases that are caused by risky or high risk drinking from the year 2005-2012. This statistics is just the small part of overall Australian drug use statistics (World drug statistics, 2012). Addiction is surely a curse to the human society and it results when a person ingests a particular substance like alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, etc. which is pleasurable to such an e..Continue

February 19, 2019

Looking for Plagiarism free Answers for your
college/ university Assignments.

Culture and Crime: Link between Leisure, Culture and Crime

Introduction A wide research has shown that there is a connection between violence, drinking and social disorder. There is great importance of leisure time for young people in the society today. In every culture, some hours of the day are such when there is no requirement on the part of young people to be formally engaged in activities. These activities can include paid work, going to school or engage in any kind of household work. Instead, people choose to be involved in various activ..Continue

Analysis of Porter’s Five Force Framework as a weak guide to the competitive environment of international business

Introduction In existing period of time, conditions for business activities have been changed quite dramatically. There are a number of different issues such as stiff competition prevailing in the market place and instability of the global economy that have induced the business organizations to adopt different strategic measures. Among such measures, geographic business diversification strategy is one of the prime strategies adopted by a business organization in which, it considers t..Continue