Australian Aboriginals are a group of indigenous people in Australia. Indigenous community has emerged 50000 years. This blog is about the impact of western systems and structures on aboriginal and Torres Strait islander cultures. You will be able to learn about the way western systems and structures impact on the engagement of aboriginal.

Concept of Aboriginal Australians

ANN Suleiman who is ex professor of indigenous research department of Charles Darwin University.  She has given a new perspective on the basis of traditional, Indigenous descent to categories Aboriginal Australians. The meaning of terminology Aboriginal has changed from time to time with significance of self-identification, community acceptance and family lineage.

Impact of European settlement on aboriginal cultures

There has been great improvement in the government policies related to Australian Aboriginals from the time of European invasion. Few policies which have been implemented for welfare of ATSI people are reconciliation, self-determination and protection. Such policies have great influence on Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander cultures.

Loss of land and culture impact on engagement with community services and health systems

This issues is related to changes in policies. The changes in policies has been done  considering the issues facing aboriginal and torres strait islanders regarding access to community services
The Influence of European Settlement on Aboriginal Cultures is loss of cultural land. Such issues ATSI people are still facing in Australia. Now Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander have easy access to western education, technology. There has been an increase of ATSI people contacting Anglo- Australian. The increase of satellite communication and televisions in rural areas has somehow added pressure on the life of ATSI people.

Influence of traditional authority on aboriginal torres strait islander people and their cultures.

In Australia, Customary rules and dispossession as well as the settlement process of traditional authority has highly influenced the ATSI people. The main reason behind disruption of traditional authority is influence of mass media. Customary law has also influenced the life of ATSI people in Australia. Granting of land rights was seen as a revival for Aboriginal cultures and tradition along with the outstation movement. Cultures prevailing in Europe have also had great influence on the ATSI community in Australia.

Analysation of present disadvantage

Considering the level of past separation as well as dispossession, it is quite difficult to do evaluation of its influence on present neediness and inconvenience among the different aboriginal people.

Overview of aboriginal development commission 1983

According to a survey conducted during 1983, it has been found that Aboriginals have to wait for a long time in order to get housing facilities.
As per the census report of 1981, there are about 12.5 percent of ATSI people who do not have access to education.

  • The unemployment rate in relation to ATSI people is basically three times higher than that of other Austrian people.
  • ATSI people also have an average life expectancy rate in comparison to the normal Australian community.
  •  According to statistics, most criminals in Australia are aboriginal.

Impact of colonisation on aboriginal and torres strait islanders

Colonization in Australia has great influence on the cultures of Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander people. Approx. more than 500 people were inhibited in Australia before British settlement. Indigenous cultures originated over 50000 years ago.  This is the reason they are also known as world ancient cultures.  Indigenous population lives in close relationships with their land.

Disease, dispossession and conflict

There has been an approx. 90 percent decline in ATSI population.  The reason for decline in aboriginal and Torres Strait islander population are:

  • Occurrence of new diseases in Australia
  • Procurement of indigenous lands
  • Brutal clash between colonizers and indigenous.

The Quick outcome of colonization was an influx of plague illness such as measles, flu and smallpox which spreads quickly and has influenced a large number of indigenous groups of people. Approx. 50 percent indigenous people in Sydney within 14 months of its first fleet.

Effect of history on aboriginal and torres strait islander and their cultures

In relation to Aboriginal dispossession history, it is very much essential for students to know about the relationship between Aboriginal and non-indigenous. Aboriginal residing in Australia experiences some crucial influence in relation to services delivery. They are:

Living skills

Someone has truly said that life skills are a sense of security. Few Empowerment drivers are education, cultures, employment. It includes the concepts and philosophy of living skills. The indigenous knowledge is crucial as it helps in developing suitable agriculture and also assists in conserving the environment. Indigenous knowledge is also very much crucial for assuring food security and managing traditional lifestyle as well as practices.

Emotional and social wellbeing

The two words social and emotional wellbeing people utilize for explaining the social, cultural, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of a person. Service delivery influences indigenous people emotionally. Students pursuing courses in the nursing field need to complete a number of assignments on different topics.

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