Reflection of Organization management Performance

Reflection of Organization management Performance


Organization management is significant to understand by every individual because it assists in meeting the objectives. It is essential for individuals to have an understanding in regard to the organization practice. It facilitates to design the better ways to deal with the conflict situation. Also, the consideration of motivation in the individual practice assists in meeting the objectives and make sure that sustainable aspects are being promoted. Reflection on the organization practice also assists in improving the performance measures. It is because the experience in context to the management practice will facilitate to evaluate the role of management in the organization success.


I was associated with the retail firm as a management executive that has provided me information in regard to the management practice. During the initial level I have faced number of issues in regard to time management and work accomplishment. It was because I was not aware about the key practices and frameworks that are considered within organization. It has made me understand that nature of organization must be reviewed accurately so that compilation with the activities can be taken into account (Reynolds, 2017).  I have also approached by seniors and ask them about the key aspects related to the nature of organization. Conversation with the manager has made me understood that purpose of activities and process acknowledgement is essential to refer so that sustainable opportunities can be taken into account.
I have also analyzed the key role of management within practice to understand the organizational values. It has been noticed by me that management performs the number of functions in order to accomplish the goals. Planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling are also necessary to consider by the management (Cottrell, 2017). It means the activities are being planned by the management so that key working values can be well maintained. In some situations the guidelines and directions are also being provided by management.
Controlling measures are also being reviewed accurately by the management in order to promote the working. Planning is also required to ensure that goals are being set out accurately. There are various issues that are also being faced at the workplace. Employee management is a critical aspect if skilled employees are not being hires then it will influence the effectiveness of overall process (Winnicott, 2018). Leadership challenges are also being faced by manager that has also affected the overall working. Through accurate development of key measures the entity can have sustainable development.
I have also noticed that the motivation is also a factor that is necessary to consider properly in order managing the work place situation. Through considering the motivation practice the morale of work force can be enhanced. It assists in meeting the objectives and make sure that positive culture is being created.  I have also understood that the power and politics can have negative impact on the practice of management. If the power allotted to the person is being used in a wrong manner to take a personal advantages (Baldwin, 2016). It will influence the cultural values in diverse manner. It is essential for management to make sure that motivation practice like Herzberg is being used to enhance the morale and manage power.
Other than this, I have also analyzed at my previous workplace that communication also plays a critical role in management and organizational practice. Through communication skills the sharing of information can be advanced within organization. It facilitates to perform the activities in more accurate manner and lead entity to the impressive level of success. Using the communication skill the conflict management practice can be promoted.
My managers have also used the communication channels to deal with various workplace situations. Also, the use of negotiation practice is beneficial to accomplish the objectives. It also assists in meeting the values and issues can be resolved (Langbehn et al. 2017). Through development of negotiation practice the managers has convinced the employees to work for some extra hours to manage the work. It indicates that overall development of practice is also necessary to refer accurately so that sustainable opportunities can be attained (Rymes, 2015).


As per the above study, it can be concluded that planning, organizing, staffing, guiding and controlling are additionally important to consider by the administration. It implies the exercises are being arranged by the administration with the goal that key working qualities can be very much kept up. I have understood at my past work environment that correspondence additionally assumes a basic job in the board and hierarchical practice. Through relational abilities the sharing of data can be progressed inside association. It encourages playing out the exercises in progressively exact way and leading element to the noteworthy dimension of achievement.


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