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SUSS-TMA011516676766-958419 Question

 Many of the self-presentation strategies observed by scholars will seemobvious to experienced Internet users: improving one’s standing by linking to high status friends; using a screen name like “Batman” or “007” when in reality one is more like Austin Powers; referring to one’s gleaming head as “shaved” not “bald”; listing one’s almost-career as a D.J. or model rather than the one that pays the bills; making calculated decisions about what to list as interests or favorite books.

Extracted from New York Times (3 January 2008). Putting Your Best Cyberface Forward. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/03/fashion/03impression.html?_r=2

You are asked by course textbook authors Myers and Twenge to review and update their section titled “How do people manage their self-presentation?” in Chapter 2.

Coincidentally, you read this article from the New York Times a while ago and think that an inclusion of information about self-presentation in the cyberworld is relevant to today’s study of social psychology.

Examine how the content of this article can be reported in an empirically-based, scientific manner for Myers and Twenge’s textbook. Include relevant, recent research studies to support the points made in your proposed content for this section. (90 marks)

Additional notes/guidance/instructions:

• You need to demonstrate in-depth understanding of the relevant concepts/theories with respect to this extract. To explore how knowledge surrounding the topic of self-presentation may be updated based on new empirical results on Internet usage and self-presentation, it is essential to not only read the relevant sections in the textbook and course materials on self-presentation, but to perform further literature research in order to answer this TMA question. The question is clearly requesting for content that goes beyond what is available in the current edition of the course textbook.

• Apart from doing this research, remember to use your own words in your essay to demonstrate understanding of the subject matter and to avoid plagiarism.

• Analyse how certain theories and research on self-presentation apply to the cyberworld. You need to demonstrate in-depth understanding of the psychological theories and

research. Develop an argument using the relevant theoretical and empirical evidence to support your discussion.

• There must be citations of relevant theoretical and empirical evidence to support your arguments, with a minimum of 3 references listed accurately in APA format required for this paper. These references should be based on your additional research. Cite at least THREE journal articles or book chapters (excluding the textbook). Always cite credible sources of information. Blog entries, online student papers or theses, and websites like Wikipedia and Psychblog do not count


References (5 marks)

The References section lists the full reference of all sources cited or referred to in your assignment.


• Refer to the referencing guide entitled “Guidance on Referencing in APA Format”.

• The heading “References” should be centred on the page.

• Present the reference list in alphabetical order.

• Do not number the reference items/entries.

• Observe the hanging indentation (i.e., if the reference goes on to a second line, the second line onwards must be indented).

• Use double line spacing.

• Note the correct order of information to be presented in each entry starting with the author’s surname, comma, followed by the author’s initials (note full stops, letter spacing, and commas where applicable especially if there is more than 1 author), year of publication in brackets, full stop, book title in italics (only the first word of the book title starts with a capital letter) or journal article title not in italics (only the first word of the article title starts with a capital letter), etc. (refer to the referencing guide).

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