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Student's Assignment Help December 22, 2015

Many students wish to complete their higher-education from top universities of UK. But, study in UK is not a simple task. Here is the list of challenges faced by abroad students in the UK during higher-studies.

1. Homesickness: - Homesickness is one of the common problems for abroad students. Abroad students actually miss the complete fun that they had with their family and friends. They miss their sisters, brothers, mother, father and friends. Homesickness leads to stress and frustration.

Solution: -You will find many students that reach to the UK away from their family members. Talk to them, go for outdoors and feel happy always. You can do meditation and yoga to overcome homesickness. Make a call to your parents and friends once or twice a week and reduce mental worries.

2. None of Your Devices Work: - Many times students forget to take chargers along with them. The journey to the UK is long and there is a possibility that your device will switch off. It might happen that your device chargers don’t work with the wall sockets in the UK. So, it is necessary to pick-up an international adapter to overcome all this situations. It is necessary to inform parents that you have landed safely.

10 challenges students from abroad will face in the UK

3. Tight Schedule: - The lifestyle of UK is costly and Universities also demand good attendance record from the students. Students have to attend the classes and have to do part-time jobs to reduce financial burden. This tight schedule leads to stress.

4. Financial Problems: - The local currency of UK is Great Britain pounds. The cost of living in the UK is also high. Tuition fee, room rent, electricity bill, water bill, transport charges, books, college material fee etc are the expenses in front of the students. Students found themselves low on coins various times.

It is necessary to save some pounds that you earned from the part-time job. This money will help in the low-money situation. If your friend or relative is in the UK near the university then you must try to live as a guest member in their home to save more money.

5. Assignments: -British universities have strict rules and regulations for assignments. Abroad students have to complete assignments like the research paper, thesis, dissertation etc. Universities need plagiarism free and well-researched assignments. Abroad students don’t have any idea where they will find the relevant content on that topic. You can use the internet for this purpose. Ask your professor, take their help. You can also use the library resources to complete the assignment. Still if you find problem in completing your assignments then you can take assistance of assignment helpers like Students Assignment Help to get your work done at reasonable prices.

[caption id="attachment_282" align="aligncenter" width="800"] 10 challenges students from abroad will face in the UK[/caption]

6. You’ve indulged too much: -Abroad students are very much excited about the new environment. New food, a new culture is an amazing experience for them. Students eat too much new food and increase additional weight. This makes clothes tighter. If you are moving to the abroad country then you must maintain a fit and fine health for first few months. You must do regular exercise, yoga to maintain a good health.

7. Outsider Feelings: - You may feel like an outsider. This is because of the different culture and environment. The dressing style, general presence of the local people is different.

If you want to overcome the feeling of being an outside then make local friends. It will help you in understanding their culture.

8. Language Barrier: - Abroad students find themselves that they are not perfect in the English language. If you are not perfect in the language then you can improve your communication and English skills. Spend more time in the library or take help of your friends to become strong in the English language.

10 challenges students from abroad will face in the UK

9. British English: -

British universities are very strict about their grammar rules. You will find the difference in the spelling of words in American and British English. Abroad students lose good grades due to the use of American English words. If you are studying in a British university then you must use British English only.

10. Abroad Students don’t want to come Home: - After the completion of higher-education students don’t like to leave the UK. The modern lifestyle, amazing environment and luxurious facilities make one to fall in love with the UK. Students try to find jobs in the UK to extend working visa.

These are the challenges that abroad students face while studying in the UK.