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10 Tips To Crack The Job Interview

Student's Assignment Help 07/10/2019 332 Views
  • Read the company profile: – It is very necessary to read the complete profile of the company before appearing for the interview.

You will get complete information about the company on their website. It will help to analyze the requirements of the company and you will plan your preparation based on their demands.

It may possible that the interviewer may ask about their company. It is a good practice to read about the company before the job interview.

  • A) CV and resume: – CV is the first impression of the students. A CV is a short description that describes you on the paper. Always mention true facts inside the CV.

Companies cross-check the information mentioned the CV before hiring an employee. If you mention wrong information about yourself including academic performance, family details, etc then it can spoil your career.

  • B) Prepare a short description about yourself: – Whenever you will appear for an interview, the interview will ask you to describe yourself. It is very necessary to prepare a short description before the interview.

We all think that we can speak about our-self anytime anywhere. But, we forget what to mention about us in front of the interviewer. So, it is a good practice to prepare a short description.

You can include your name, your achievements, your technical skills, hobbies, and other things. If you will get a chance to describe yourself then this is the easiest way to Impress The Job Interviewer.

  • C) Forget about rejection: – Always be positive. The interview you are appearing for is not the last interview in your life.

Remove the fear of losing the opportunity or rejection. Always appear for the interview with an approach that you don’t need this job.

This approach is sufficient to boost confidence. Many people work hard but fail to get a job due to physiological reasons.

Students have fear regarding the job interview, take job interview as a normal thing. If you will it a race then you may find yourself in trouble.


  • D) Understand job requirement: – Let for an example, the interview is for a position of software testing engineer and you are preparing for java.

Then, you are losing your chance. It is necessary to understand the job requirement and analyze the strength and weakness of that domain. Then, start preparation and invest more time on that course.

  • E) Prepare for GD and PI: – Group discussions and personal interviews are the round that decides whether you are making a place in the company or not.

HR uses the current topics in a group discussion that judge your general knowledge skills. It is very necessary to read the newspaper and watch the news channel during campus time.

During a personal interview, HR judges your skills. They will ask you some tricky questions and expect a smart answer from your side.

Personal interview judges our analytical thinking capacity. It may possible that you may get a hike in salary from the initiation period if you successfully impress the HR.

Never Argue With The Interviewer

An argument with the interviewer will decrease your chance. It is very necessary not to argue with the interviewer.

The argument with the interviewer will put a negative impression on the interviewer and employers never entertain this type of stuff.

If you think your answer is correct then also keep silence is the best way to deal with that situation.

The interviewer is the boss at that time and the boss is always right. This policy will help you during interviews.

  • A) Politeness: – It is very necessary to have control over your speech. Your speech must be polite during the interview. A soft and confident speech always impresses the interviewer.

Never show over-confidence during the interview. Confidence will increase your chances while over-confidence will decrease the chances of getting a job.

  • B) always ask feedback at the end of the interview: – It is a good thing to ask feedback at the end of the interview. You will find the mistakes that you have done during the interview.
  • C) Probable questions and answers: – Before appearing for an interview, you must check the question or written paper of that company. You will find it easily on the internet. You will find 80% same question in the written exam.

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