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Student's Assignment Help December 21, 2015

It is a fact that students face financial problems while studying abroad. If you are studying abroad, then there are numerous ways to save money on the foreign land.

Here are the 21 effective and best Tips to Save Money for students that will reduce your financial problem:-

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2. Low-cost flights: - Search for the low-cost flight to travel to abroad or from abroad to your country. You can compare prices of airlines on the internet. You will find cheap airlines that offer less comfort than other airlines. This will help you to save more dollars. You can use this money to but other materials.

[caption id="attachment_543" align="aligncenter" width="500"] 21 Effective Financial Tips to Save Money for students while studying abroad[/caption] 3. Use of mobile applications: - Use WhatsApp, Viber, etc. services to communicate with your friends and family. These free communication service applications will reduce your communication budget. Use “Wi-Fi” finder application to search open Wi-Fi hotspot for free surfing.

4. Search for known people: - It is better to search and find known people in a foreign land. If you find any relative or friend in that country, then you will get help from them in many ways. You can save your money by living with them as a guest. It will reduce your monthly rent. Ask them about the cheap transport services and save more money.

5. Travel during the odd time: - Remember, never to travel during holidays and rush hours. If you travel in the off-season, then you will find cheap air-tickets and also cheap transport services. In this way, you will save extra money.

6. Live in sharing: - It is necessary to live in a shared room with others. It will help you to reduce the burden of room rent, electricity bill, water bill, etc.

7. Minimize the use of laundry services: - You must wash your clothes when you cannot wear again without washing. It is a good practice to wash pants, shirts and tie once in a week. It will save your time and detergent.

8. Use washing machine when you have full loads: -Use washing machine when you need to wash a bulk of clothes. If you use the washing machine to wash few clothes, then it will consume more electric power. Avoid using a machine to wash few clothes to save electricity bill.

9. Wash clothes with cold water: -Save your electricity bill by washing clothes with cold water. Detergents perform well with cold water.

21 Effective Financial Tips to Save Money for students while studying abroad

10. Dry clothes naturally: - Don’t use washing machines to dry clothes because it consumes more electricity, always try to dry clothes naturally.

11. Avoid restaurants: - Everyone loves to have dinner and lunch in the restaurants. However, if you will avoid restaurants, then it will help you in saving more money.

12. Buy branded items from the wholesale department: - If you love branded items then always purchase them from wholesale departments to save money.

13. Cook yourself: - To save more money on foreign land cook yourself. It will save your money, and you will develop cooking skills as well.

14. Eat at university cafeteria: - You will get cheap food services in your university cafeteria. Many universities are government-funded universities that offer cheap food services to students.

15. Second-hand stuff: - Always buy used stuff. You will find second-hand items on various websites. Buy them and save more money.

16. Scholarships: - Study hard to get scholarships. Universities offer cash rewards to students every year.

21 Effective Financial Tips to Save Money for students while studying abroad

17. Drink at your place: - It is another best way to save money. Avoid drinking in pub and bars. Arrange your party at your friend’s house or room.

18. Invest in water purifier: - Don’t spend in buying water bottles, purchase a water purifier. It is a one-time investment and helps you to save more money.

19. Have coffee/tea in your room: -Ask your friends and buy a coffee maker to save more money that you spend on coffee-shops.

20. Part-time working: -if you seriously want to reduce financial load then you must start a part-time job on foreign land. You can also earn by helping your friends in completing their assignments using our services of Refer and Earn Program.

21. Discounts: - Find stores that offer students discounts on student ID card. You can buy items at discounted rates. These seems to be basic Tips to Save Money for students which you might come across in your daily life and seems to be cheap to discuss but these are the tried and tested techniques by majority of the students who have done their education in a different country and have valued these techniques. Hope you will also try some and implement them to save some money and enjoy your college life.

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