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8 Ways to Pose Better Questions in Math Class

Student's Assignment Help 06/25/2019 325 Views

Often teachers ask irrelevant questions from their students in maths class which enhance no learning among the students. It is always good to put engaging and relevant questions in the maths class by teachers. Even the maths homework should also be based on the reliable questions only. That is how students become able to clear their basic fundamentals on the subject. Here are few best tips and ideas are given by the Students Assignment Help experts to ask good questions from the students.

Following these tips and suggestion can turn the standard of a maths class to a great height. In case you are teaching a maths class from long period of time but still fail to ask the good questions from students then follow these suggestions of professionals. That is how you will be able to hold a good command on your students regarding the understanding of maths fundamentals. So have a look on the tips and tricks given for maths teachers by Students Assignment Help below.

  1. Refrain from asking factual questions from students- The primary golden rule for asking a quality question from the students is to eliminate questions that are based on facts. The class should focus on learning the new things rather than mugging up the facts. So if you are asking questions from your students in maths class make sure that they are not like what a given theorem and its principle talks about and how to use various formulas in trigonometry.  Try to make it more relevant and interesting rather than asking boring questions.
  2. Try to pose questions that compell students to apply their wit- In the next part you are supposed to ask those questions towards your maths students which compell them to use their learning on the maths subject. For example if you have taught them a theorem or formula then asks a question than target on applying that formula on the question. That is how you will be able to get the best response from your students in class and in their maths coursework as well.
  3. Do not expect the quick answers from your class- Some teachers do not given provide the sufficient time to their students and need immediate answers from them. As a result of which students prefer to mug up the things rather than solving them. We all have a fair idea that mugging and cramming do not help out in a subject like maths. That is why it is always good to let the students work on their efficiency to deduce the answer of a given question. Even you can ask them to work upon a question at home in the form of homework.
  4. Relevant questions always force students to apply theories to solve real mathematical problems- Your questions should not be direct and always ask some twisted questions from your students. It will help them to think upon a given problem in depth and they will be able to apply the applicable theory on the problem. For example if students are given with algebra assignments then they have to apply their wit that will formula will fit the questions in suitable way. That is how we can enhance the learning skills among maths students in a given class by posing valid questions towards them.
  5. For unique answers from every student assign some maths questions for homework- Teachers can also ask their students to work upon some maths problems at home. The questions should be assigned in such a way that they do not become able to find the answer from any online resource. Their unique answer that are derived from applying multiple formulas will help them to become a good learner from own mistakes. This is the most significant way of asking questions in maths class for the students to learn in a dynamic way.
  6. A good question always help students to build their concept on the topic- If your question is not having the capacity to build up a strong concept on the topic for the students, it is not relevant. Make sure that the question is concept based so that all other similar questions can be solved easily by the students. Most of the time students do not even understand what concept is backing the question and thus end up doing crap in exam. So make them learn the things by clearing their basics rather than orienting them to the answers of the question only.
  7. Do not make your class boring by asking questions from couple of students only- Sometimes maths teachers show their biasness in the class and only ask the questions from few students by ignoring rest of the class. As a result of which these few students learn the things in best way and others remains secluded from the basic concepts on the subject. So if you want to become a good maths teacher make sure that you are rotating the turn of the students for asking questions every time. That is how a good standard of learning can be maintained easily.
  8. Let the students commit mistakes while solving the questions without signaling the answer in the beginning- If a student is doing mistake while solving a mathematical question let him do the same. Do not interrupt in between but yes you can let him know about the exact way of solving a question and mistakes that he or she committed. Never compel to solve a question by orienting the student towards its answer as it create a pressure on them and resist from applying their concepts. That is how you will be able to teach the mathematics subject to your class in the best manner.

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