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An essay is a most common type of academic writing which school and college going students are generally asked to do.  If you are writing an essay for  first time  you can’t  start writing an essay  without having an idea about it. If you do not waste  your time on conducting research for searching  How to write an essay  then you are at right place. In  this article our professionals are providing you with a complete  essay writing procedure  and its example .

Meaning of an Essay

An essay can be referred to as short literary composition on a specific subject. It is basically a short piece of writing which consist of authors’ opinion about a particular problem. An essay is an extended part of academic writing which presents and supports the proposition.  There are different types of essays such as expository, narrative, descriptive, argumentative, etc.

Purpose of the Essay

  • The main purpose of essay is to provide an individual with chance to express their views.
  • Another objective of an essay is to positively influence the reader to accept the specific solution for the problem.
  • By writing essay writer intends to provide the reader with detail information about new discoveries.

Basic Structure for all types of essay 

A good essay comprises of mainly three parts these are:

1. Introduction

It is the section which mainly consists of overview or background information about the topic. The introduction section is very much important for capturing the attention of the reader. This section enables the reader to have a basic idea about the topics that will cover in the essay. Introduction sections also provide reader ideas about the aim of writing essays.  While writing the introduction you are also required to provide the objective of the essay. In introduction section of your essay you need to state your thesis.

For example : One of the magazine reports that 4 out of five companies  prefer to promote their goods through social media.  Does this number surprise you? Emergence of digital technology  has change the way companies promote their goods. Now by using social media platform companies can promote that products at large scale.

While writing the introduction section in the essay you can include hooks which will help you in getting the attention of the reader. Hook is basically an attractive and powerful sentence. It  should  be relevant to the topic.

Note : In above example, the writer has utilities facts and has address the reader directly for grabbing their attention.

2. Main body

It is the section in an essay where you are required to provide arguments with supporting evidence. This section also involves an analysis of information.

  • You are required to decide the length of an essay on the basis of the type of essay you want to write.
  • You should include subheadings in the main body. It is the tactics will help you in making the content scan-able.
  • You can make use of topic sentences for defining the objective of every paragraph.
  • In the main body of the paragraph of an essay  , you need to provide three or more supporting sentences for your main idea.

After completion of the main body you need to write conclusion by a stating a sentence which summarizes main argument.

3. Conclusion

It is basically the last section of the essay. While ending the conclusion you should include the impactful sentences.  Here, you are required to provide the findings drawn by analyzing different arguments relevant to the topic. For example: The emergence of  digital technology has influence the way  company use to promote goods or services. In short , digital technology such as social media has provided firms an ease in marketing their products or services. It has also been concluded that  emergence of new technology will continue influencing the different business functions of companies.


  • While writing a conclusion you should mainly emphasize demonstrating the significance of your work.
  • While writing the conclusion you should try to develop the relationship between different arguments

Procedure for writing a good essay

Learning to write a good essay is very much important for admission and scholarship decisions.  There are following tips by applying which you can write a good essay these are:

Step 1. Selection of topic

Before selecting the topic you need to determine which type of essay you intend to write. The selection of a good topic is very much essential.  After you have made the choice of subject or a specific topic you on which you want to write an essay, you need to consider the type of paper you intend to produce. You can utilize brainstorming technique for developing an idea about topic for an essay. Writer should chose broad topic for an essay.

For example you can choose technology as topic. Technology is good topic for an essay, as you can relate it with anything . You need first think about specific problem  which which you can relate technology such as technology is changing our lives.

In the next phase, you are required to perform an investigation on a particular subject.

Step 2. Preparation of outline

Before starting to write an essay start preparing  notes and sources to brainstorm thesis.  Outline is consider to be as blueprint which will provide you guidance throughout essay writing process.  It will help you in writing each and every paragraph in an essay.

This is a phase where it is very much important for you to organize your thoughts. Every small idea you generate should link with the main idea, as this strategy will assist you in writing an essay in a more organized manner.

Step 3. Drafting of a thesis statement

After preparation of the outline of the essay then you need to write the thesis statement. This specific statement generally has two parts the first section represents the topic and the second section indicates the point of the essay.

For example,  if you are writing essay on the Brexit  and its impact on UK , then an appropriate thesis statement could be ” Influence of Brexit on UK”.

Step 4. Writing introduction

It is a stage, where you need to provide a short summary or background information about the topic

Step 5. Writing the main body

It is the section in the essay where you are required to provide an explanation about the topic. In the main body of the essay, you need to first write the key idea as the starting sentence. After that in the next format, you can include the supporting ideas.

Step 6. Conclusion

It is the last paragraph of the essay. This section in the essay mainly consists of a summary of key points.

Essay Example: Impact of digital technology on business 

1. Introductory Paragraph

This paragraph in an essay include the following :

  • Hook : You can start writing an essay by providing the statistics showing number of companies or industries which has got highly influenced by digital technology.
  • Thesis  statement : Technology has changed the way of performing business operations.
  • Relate main ideas to be developed in essay : Technology has changed the way  business operates.  Here you need to clearly specify how  the technology has  influence the way business operates. You can provide evidences for the same  in order to write an excellent essay.

2. Main Body 1st

  • State main Idea: Technology has changed the way marketing is performed by companies.
  •  Support:  emergence of social media + example
  • Support :  Online marketing campaigning + statistics  of company doing online marketing.
  • Conclusion

3. Main Body Paragraph 2

  • Main Idea : Technology has changed How companies  does marketing of products
  • Support: Technology has enable companies to promote goods or services at large scale.
  • Support : Technology has enable companies to test the demand of product before launching it in market
  • Conclusion’

4. Concluding Paragraph

  • Review key idea you have include in every paragraph
  • Restate thesis: Technology has change the way business operations are performed.
  • Concluding thought: The technology will continuously influence the way business functions

Final Words

There are few tips by applying which you can write a good essay these tips are:

  • You should select such a topic or subject for writing an essay that is relevant to you.
  • Narrow your focus when it is essential.
  • Before start writing, you first set your objective of writing an essay.
  • When writing an essay you should keep in mind that it is the structure that provides the basis for your paper.
  • After completion of organization, you need to formulate a thesis statement that will help you in representing the aim of your essay.
  • While writing the introduction, you should make sure that the content in the specific section has the potential of attracting the reader’s attention.
  • It is very much essential for you to include at least four to five powerful sentences in the conclusion. These tactics will help you in positively influencing readers for reading the essay.
  • After completion of an essay, you need to make sure that all the paragraphs in the essay are arranged in a logical manner.
  • You should keep the length of an essay according to the guideline.
  • You should write a conclusion by reviewing the important points in the essay.
  • After completion of the essay, you need to make sure that all the ideas are clearly and directly defined.
  • While writing an essay you should only include that argument that is related to your topic.

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