What is Analysis Essay And How to Write It ?

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Analysis essays are mostly given to the students of literature to decode a particular text of literature. For instance, it could be a novel or any other piece of literature. For writing an analysis essay requires the students to reflect on the text in such a way that all its components get cleared in the mind.In this article, our professionals are providing students with complete guideline on How to write analysis essay?

Definition of analysis essay

An analysis essay is a piece of writing which is written on a literature work. It can also be refers to as written composition which intends to provide in depth inquiry and exposition on a particular topic. A tutor generally ask high school or college students for writing analysis essay.  In analysis essay  you need to break larger text into sub categories and you require examining every category to develop opinion about whole. After identification of problem you need to provide description about its components. At the same time, you should also provide explanation about the way different components are interrelated. At last you require to draw conclusion.  If you are writing analysis essay then you may require to analyze a movie, research paper, a book, a company or event.

Basic principle of writing analysis essay

Before beginning to write  analytical essay, it is very much essential for you to develop understanding about How to write good analysis.  At the time of writing analysis essay you should keep in mind that you need to describe topic along with stating peculiarities and importance of the topic.

An analysis essay: structure

If you have been assigned an analysis essay it is very important to prepare the structure of the essay first. Personal reflection assignments written by the student earlier helps a lot in this condition while writing analysis essays. Go through the topic several times and read it with different perspective every time. Then prepare a central idea about the topic. Now think about the issues that are associated with the topic in different fields of life. Try to find out certain valid solutions on them as well. Once you have done all this, now you can write an outline easily by dividing your essay into multiple parts. Structure of analysis essay includes the following components these are:


It is consider to be as map of writing analysis essay. The main purpose of creating this map is to provide reader with outline of information which you are going to discuss in your essay. Detail which you need to include in introductory part of an essay are:

  • Hook

You need to include hook in introduction for grabbing attention of reader. Make should be interesting. You can include relevant and interesting fact at the beginning of essay. Writer can begin introduction by including quotes, Questions

  • Title and author

It include the acknowledgement of book you read and name of author who has published specific book.

  • Background information

Reader  may or might not have  read  book, therefore, it is very much important for you to provide background information.

  • Analytical essay thesis

State the purpose of essay  in thesis. At the time of writing thesis  keep in mind that your complete essay will prove this statement. You can write thesis as a fact.Thesis is basically a last sentence of introduction.

Example of Thesis 

Good authors are those who develop characters that reader could empathize with. The author Charles  utilities number of techniques  for creating empathy in readers. He include drama Ivory, emotions etc.  in a story.

Main Body

  • Discuss every argument in each para
  • Include evidences supporting arguments
  • Give examples


  • Summary of key points
  • Demonstrate significance of topic.
  • Write your personal opinion.

How to write analytical essay ion a short story?

The six steps of writing an analysis essay are:

Step 1: Selection of subject or topic

Before topic. You should select broad topic for analysis and after that you can narrow it to a topic which you think is most appropriate for purpose of analysis.

Step 2: Develop own point of view

It is a step, where you need to develop your own opinion about particular topic. Here, you also need to clearly state the techniques or approach which you will utilize for reaching to conclusion.

Step 3: Prepare Outline of analysis essay

After developing own point of view you need to prepare an outline for essay. At the time of creating essay outline you need to follow standard format which includes the following :

  • Introduction
  • Main body para First
  • Second body paragraph
  • Third main body
  • Conclusion

You can utilize both primary and secondary sources for collecting additional information . After gathering of information, you need to analyse it. At the time of analyzing information , you should note important points which supports your arguments .

Step 5: Start writing analysis essay

While starting to write analysis essay,you need to first write an introductory part. The introduction is the opening paragraph in an essay. While writing an analysis essay, it is very important to write a good introduction part where you are going to introduce your readers to the topic. But one thing that needs to be pointed out here is that the introduction is not just about making people aware of the topic. You are also supposed to entrust your readers with a desire to read the full essay. Don’t forget to discuss the points that you are going to write in the main body. You can start writing introduction by giving a broad statement  and announcing what you are going to analyze. Writer can  begin introductory part by stating a  broad statement that is relevant t`o theme, and then they can narrow it down to a specific topic

Step 6: Write  analytical main body paragraph

Now you need to write main body for your analysis essay. In the main body section of essay you require to include convincing, properly researched  arguments for supporting Thesis statement. After you have gather lot of information, you can start writing your essay.  At the time of writing the main body paragraph of an essay you need to consider number of things in mind such as:

  • You need to discuss single argument in every paragraph. You can relate every arguments with number of issues.
  • At the time of writing you need to maintain balance between writing in an unbiased tone.  Here, in this section you should express your opinion as well.
  • It is very much essential for you to be reasonable at the time of making judgement related to issues.
  • You should include opposing point of view for creating a balanced perspective.

In case you are offering opposing views then it is very much important for you to prove your opinion . The 3 steps which you need to follow  for constructing every body paragraphs are:

  1. Selection of main sentence
  2. It is the topic sentence which will enables you to present argument  which you are going to discuss in body paragraph. Here,  you also need to show How specific argument  is relevant to Thesis statement.
  3. Provide background for the topic sentence
  4. Here, you need to clearly state whether it relates to a quote, a specific incident in society, or something else
  5. Do analysis of argument  and prove your thesis.
  6. Write closing sentences by summarizing the paragraph .

Step 7: Summaries main points in conclusion

You should write short and sweet conclusion. In the concluding part of an analysis essay, you need to provide summary of everything you wrote in main body paragraph. There are number of steps which you can follow  for writing conclusion these are:

  • Restate the thesis statement and provide summary of key arguments.
  • By writing strong sentences demonstrate significance of topic  and also arguments.

For example: Suppose you are writing an essay on captain America : Civil war 

You can write conclusion like this captain America : Civil war adequately capture the problem of giving personal freedom  to people for maintaining national security. Government has taken such decision considering the situation . the main purpose of taking such decision was to reduce the negative effect of civil war on citizens of the nation.

How critical essays are different from analysis essays

While critical and analysis essays both have a number of similarities but there is optimum number of differences as well. Critical essays includes positive and negative points of the topic while analysis essays reach the inference whether there are negative or positive points of a particular topic. Critical essays are backed by a personal thinking perspective while analysis essays are based on the secondary resources to analyze the topic. That is how a critical essay is different from that of writing an analytical one. It is very important to have an in-depth understanding of the difference between multiple essay forms before writing analytical essays. Sometimes students confuse an argumentative essay with that of analysis. The same can happen with expository and reflective essays.

Things to consider

You need to consider following things at the time of writing analysis essay these are:

  • At the time of writing analysis essay you should keep in mind that your assessment material might change during procedure of writing.
  • You need to write  analysis essay on a topic  which has number of opinions  in it. You should not write about such problems about which all people already knows .
  • Writer for writing the  analysis essay  need to follow how to , cause -effect  , compare and contrast pattern.

Do and don’ts  for writing good analysis essay

You should avoid utilizing the first and  second person pronoun. You should avoid such pronouns except in few cases where you require to support arguments by sharing personal experience.avoid writing useless sentences . Only include meaningful and relevant sentences in analysis essay.


Make utilization of transition word at the time of writing the main body part of analysis essay. You can utilize various words such as thus, furthermore, accordingly  etc. It is the transition words which will help you in maintaining the flow between paragraphs.You should not include new information in concluding paragraph of analysis essay.
You should analyse the topic from different perspective. It is the strategy which will help you in making your analysis more purposeful and complete.

At the same time, writer should  gather more information by using different sources. It is the tactics which will help  them in strengthening their arguments and evidences.

Do’t think proofreading is wastage of time .Proofread your analysis essay.
Do the proper citation of  sources.
Arrange the references  and arguments in proper manner.

Suggested analytical essay topics

Writing an analysis essay is a way to understand complex topics. You can categories almost all subjects  into subsections  and after that do examination of each of them. Enthusiasm about topic is one factor which is very much essential for writing good analysis essay. In case you tutor has not assign any topic then you can select topic of your own interest.  Few topic on which you can write  analysis essay are:

  • What is the main reason behind people addiction towards gambling? Is there any  particular reason few people are immune to gambling?
  • What is requirements for becoming great Basketball player
  •  How to become published author?
  • What is the cause of rain in tropical region?
  • Why do larger-sized animals fare better in colder climates?
  • Could the polar bear have survived if it had been of a smaller size?
  • What are the advantages of employing martial arts while training soldiers?
  • What causes hurricanes? How can we prevent major damage resulting from a hurricane?
  • Economic crisis and the rate of unemployment.


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