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Analytical Essay Structure

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The analytical essay writing guide is required by every graduate in order to prepare the best outline and structure of college analytical essays. Most of the time college and school students commit mistakes in the structure of such essays and get very low score in their assignments. So if you want to save yourself from such types of errors follow the free tips for writing analytical essay structure given here.

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Analytical essay definition

Analytical essay as the name indicates this type of essay is written to analyze the topic by subjecting it to in-depth research. For example if we will write an essay on the impact inclusive education on differently abled students, then we are supposed to analyse the issues associated with the system in depth through research. Similar is the case with analytical essay where writer is supposed to give his views or thesis on given topic but also to substantiate them in the main essay. It is very crucial to have in depth knowledge about the topic through accumulating the resources for research while you are writing an analytical essay. That is the way you can come up with a good analytical essay for college and university.

Structure of analytical essay for college and university students

Writing an analytical essay through research is very difficult thing but at the same time writing it in the structure is far difficult. You have to go through the every minute detail about the format and structure of writing an analytical essay. Here are some ideas and free tips for graduates to write college analytical essays.

  1. The style and format of Analytical essay- If your professors have suggested you to follow a given format of writing the essay then understand the format and write your essay. In case you are to choose an essay format by your own then there are APA and MLA format of writing analytical essay in major. You can opt for any of them as per your convenience by knowing the guidelines given for them.
  1. Draw three layered or five-paragraph essay outline- There are two types of essays that graduates are supposed to write which include short and long essays. The outline of the analytical essay is divided on the basis of the type of essay you are assigned by the professors. In case of short essays three layer essay writing is suitable for the given essay type. More if you are asked to write a long analytical essay on a given topic then you can prepare its outline in five-paragraph essay format. So you have to make this outline of the given type of essay very carefully to avoid any sort of mistake in it.
  1. An hypothesis or thesis statement for the analytical essay- Like any other essay analytical essay structure also requires the thesis statement or hypothesis that is given by the writer in the beginning. The main purpose to write a thesis statement in analytical essay is to tell your readers about your plans for the essay you are writing. It will make an engaging channel between the reader and writer to hold the interest of readers in the given essay. So you never ignore writing a thesis statement in your essay while writing analytical essay.
  1. Introduction including the essay hook to catch the attention of readers- Next you are supposed to write an introduction of your analytical essay by describing the things in a little more detail as compared to thesis statement. The things should be little clearer to your reader about your purpose behind writing the given essay. How you are going to reach the thesis statement through your research and arguments must be shown to the reader here at a glance and not by revealing the main idea. But try to write the initial few lines in such a way that readers get hooked up with your essay in real sense. You have to compell the readers to read the next part of your essay through your introduction by setting that driving force at this platform.
  1. A good essay body by analysing the topic through arguments- The arguments of the analytical essay play a great deal in the essay and must be written with accordance to the hypothesis. Keep on checking your arguments and their validity by keeping your thesis statement in mind. That is how you can gain the success in writing your main body of the essay in exact structure. Divide your essay in different parts based on the individual arguments that leads you to the main point of the essay.
  1. Conclusion of the essay to substantiate the hypothesis- An essay conclusion is the most important and vital part of the analytical essay that cannot be written in best way if hypothesis is not redefined in this part of the essay. Here are few tips for writing analytical essay conclusion for graduates.
  1. Just try to keep the entire essay one side and your hypothesis on another side in your mind.
  2. Now start picking the points from essay and define how they are relevant to your thesis statement of the essay.
  3. You can give some examples from the essay in your conclusion as well to balance your justification.


  1. Bibliography or citation of analytical essay- Finally you have to write a bibliography of the essay at the end step in which all that resources which are used for quotation and reference needed to be cited. Give a detailed account of all these books and articles in your essay bibliography in the format instructed by the professor for essay.  If you have written your essay in APA format then cite the resources in APA style or in other case you can go for MLA style as well.

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