How to Cite in APA Format

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When the college students get assigned to social science or other academic research papers, then it becomes essential for the students to do citations using APA or other types of styles. Only those papers get accepted by the college or university professors which the students prepare by following perfect writing and formatting guidelines.

There is several format or style guide available for the students through which they can format their paper. Formatting the academic content is necessary as writing the best content for your subject.  All types of academic papers such as essays, dissertation, projects, assignments, and many more, require proper references.

There can be multiple formatting styles like APA, In-text citation MLA, and many other that college students can use in their project to enhance its readability.

Citation is very important! Don’t forget to use it properly to get good grades

When it comes to academic research work, then college students usually forget to format the citations. Now the students might think what citation is and how it is useful for preparing research papers.

“Citation means, when students include the work of other researchers in their writing, then they have to give them credit for their hard work by citing the data with that researcher’s information. By adding citation work in the paper, the students provide a chance for the readers to appreciate the thinking and stuff of sources through which the students have taken writing help.

There may be some cases when your professor assigns you the assignments without telling you which formatting style to follow for citing the content. In most of the cases, the supervisors guide the students about the formatting of the content only and forget to tell them about formatting the citations. In this article, our professionals are providing students with complete guidelines on APA citation.

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Proper definition and meaning of APA citation

  • The most frequently used format is APA, which refers to the American Psychological Association to quote sources for health sciences and social sciences. APA citation is a set of rules for publications, including research papers. Before doing the citations you need to paraphrase it. Students need to do Citation of references at two places that are:
  • In the main body section of the research paper. Here, you need to include a brief in-text citation.
  • Students need to add a reference list at the end of academic paper where you provide complete information about sources.

Core Components of an APA Reference:

There are mainly five core components of an APA reference namely,

  1. Author rule
  2. Date rule
  3. Publisher rule
  4. Title rule
  5. The URL

Rules to follow while doing APA Citation

Author rule

the surname of the author, (initials), publishing date, source of the title, publisher’s location, and retrieved from the URL. Initials can be separated and ended by the use of periods, for instance, John, K.S. By the use of commas, one can separate the names of the many different authors, i.e., Williams, John

Name of many authors with their surname same and also the initials, then one can use the square brackets in their name, for example, Mitchell, J. [James]

Date rules

Date rule includes the date of publishing. n.d. can be used in place of time only if the date of publishing is unknown, for instance, John, K.S.(n.d.).

Title rules

Changes in this format can be done and are depending on what is being referenced.

Publisher’s rules

The city name along with the state code of two letters can be stated, but the one condition must be kept in mind, i.e., it is valid only if in the U.S., for example, San Francisco, CA

Moreover, if it is not in the U.S., then the country name along with the city name must be written, for example, Melbourne, Australia

Retrieving from the URL

This core component can be used only when the source can be obtained from an online resource.

APA Referencing Basics- (Reference list, in-text, How to Cite Different Source Types)

Reference list:

The entire list of the reference or the APA reference page should contain the work that you have used in your writing from various sources. It should include the name of the author, publishing date along with the title of the reference, and many more are referred to as the reference list.

Reference list of an APA must contain the following points:-

  • At the end of your APA reference document, you must be on the new page.
  • Your text must be centred.
  • First author’s name must be written alphabetically.
  • If the same author did many works in his field, then we can order them by the date
  • If the corresponding author does the multiple tasks in the same year, then they should be alphabetically ordered by the title, or a letter can be allocated to their work like a, b, c, d and more after the date.
  • It includes a complete reference for the in-text references used.

In-Text Citation

College students should know clearly how to cite APA in text. By the use of any quote or a paraphrase, which is already used in any other document, it must be included in APA format in-text citation.

Publishing date and author’s surname, only these two are included in In-Text citation. In the central part of your text, these are written and are corresponds to the first reference list.

APA citation example: Williams Watson (2017), James (2018)

One can also refer In-Text Citation to the direct quote or paraphrase. Changes in In-Text citation can be made, but it depends on whether a direct quote or parenthetical is used.

Rules in Case of Multiple Author 

Rule 1st- In the case of two authors, we can either use and or an ampersand in between the surnames of both the authors, i.e., Williams and John (2017), state.

Rule 2nd – In the case of three, four, five authors, first of all, all the names should be listed for the first cite, for example, Williams, John, and Kelvin (2017). Further cities names at the end of the first author name with et al. can also be used, i.e., Williams et al., john and Kelvin (2017).

Rule 3rd – If there are six or more than six authors, then only the first author’s surname is followed by et al., none other than first author use et al. at the end of their names, for example, see the above given.

Where to use APA format?

APA stands out or refers to the American Psychological Association, which is most commonly used and one of the basic formatting styles for citation.

If the research is based on the scientific topic, then the college students have to use an APA format style guide. Many behavioral, as well as social sciences, use the standard format guidelines of the APA format.

Behavioral science is the study of human and animal behavior. When the students get assigned to prepare a research paper on behavioral science, then they have to format it according to the proper rules and guidelines of the APA format.

Generally, behavioural science includes:

  • Cognitive science
  • Psychology
  • Neuroscience

The second paper for which the college students have to apply APA format is the social science subject which focuses mainly on one particular aspect of human behavior by specifying social and cultural relationships.

Generally, social science subject includes:

  • Anthropology
  • Political science
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Human geography
  • Linguistics
  • Archaeology

Some other fields of academic disciplines use APA style, but commonly used format for other course papers are MLA format or Chicago.

How to cite different sources using APA format?

There is high variability in the reference list citations depending upon the source available. On the other hand, In-Text citations do not vary as such by the source until and unless the author’s name is not known.

1. How to cite a book in APA format?

Book referencing is the most effective and essential style that used proper APA format citation. When the college students are asked to cite a book for psychology paper or other social science papers, then they need to know how they can use the APA format references properly. APA is the official style referring to the American Psychological Association, which is mostly used for the different types of science and social science paper writing.

Before the students start creating the book citation with the APA format, they must follow proper guidelines and steps.

  • At first, students can look at the standard APA format style guide for writing an appropriate reference of the book.
  • The basic structure required for citing a book reference must list the last name of the author, then first and middle or initial names, if existing.
  • After that, the students have to include publication year along with the book title, place or location, and name of the publisher.

Example: Moriarty, L. (2014). Big little lies. New York, NY: G. P. Putnam’s Sons.

2. How to cite an edited book in APA format?

I) Edited book with one or more than one authors

Most of the college students get confused about how they can use APA in-text citation multiple authors which is an edited edition with the single or more editors. Edited books with one or more authors should follow the basic structure the same as that of the book reference by including the initials, last name, and ‘Ed’ in parentheses after giving the book title.

Example: Adler, A. (1956). The individual psychology of Alfred Adler: A systematic presentation of selections from his writings. H. L. Ansbacher & R. R. Ansbacher (Eds.). New York: Basic Books.

II) Edited book with no author

The students have to list the last name and first initials of the editor followed by ‘Ed’ or ‘Eds’ in parentheses while referencing the edited book with no author. The remainder of APA format reference should follow the basic structure of the book reference by including the publication year, book title in italics along with the location and publisher’s name.

Example: Atkinson, J. W. & Rayner, J. O. (Eds.). (1974). Motivation and achievement.Washington, DC: V. H. Winston

3. How to cite a chapter in an edited book in APA format?

Edited books are the collection of different chapters which get written by the various authors. Even the small change in the referencing format can result in citing the wrong author with the correct section. It is beneficial for the students to add the specific name of the author, along with the chapter so that the readers can gather the information from the book.

The basic structure is like:

  • The title of the section should not get italicized but should follow the same capitalization rules as the title.
  • The original name of the editor should come before the surname of the editor.

4. How to cite an E-Book in APA format?

The basic structure of E-book in APA format should follow:

  • Author’s Last Name following the First initial and Middle initial. Include the Year Published.
  • Title of work [E-reader version]. or Retrieved from http://xxxx

Example: Auster, P. (2007). The Brooklyn follies [Nook version]. Retrieved from

5. How to cite an E-Book chapter in APA format?

Follow below-mentioned rules to cite a chapter in E-book in APA format:

  • Last name of chapter author following the First initial and Middle initial. Include Year published.
  • Chapter title.
  • First initial. Then the last name of Editor (Ed.),
  • Book title E-reader version.

6. How to cite a journal article in print or online in APA format?

Article references usually differ from the book citations in the way that in the latter one students have not to include publisher name and location. For journal articles, students have to include the journal title, issue number, volume number, plus page number.

The basic structure of journal article follows:

  • Article title which is not italicized.
  • The proper journal title and volume number which is underlined.
  • All words included in the journal article should get capitalized.

Example: Gleditsch, N. P., Pinker, S., Thayer, B. A., Levy, J. S., & Thompson, W. R. (2013). The forum: The decline of war. International Studies Review, 15(3), 396-419

7. How to cite a newspaper article in APA format in print or online?

The basic structure of a newspaper article in print follows:

  • At first author’s last name then the first initial after that Middle initial. After that, the students have to include the year, month day when published.
  • Title of the article. Then “Title of Newspaper” along with the page range.
  • If the item is of the only page, then the students have to use “p” but if it is more than one page, then use “pp.”
  • If a newspaper article appears non-sequential, then the students have to separate it with comma.

Example: Frost, L. (2006, September 14). First passengers ride monster jet. The Salt Lake Tribune, p. A2.

The basic structure of newspaper article in online follows:

  • Last name of the author then first initial following Middle initial name.
  • Include the year, month date Published.
  • Proper Title of article. The “Title of Newspaper.”

Retrieved from newspaper homepage URL

Example: Whiteside, K. (2004, August 31). College athletes want to cut of the action. USA Today. Retrieved

8. How to cite magazine articles in print or online in APA format?

In different fields or domains, college students can find various opinions and articles in magazines for gaining information. It is not about the academic diaries but prestigious journals which the students have to cite.

The basic structure of a magazine article in print follows:

  • Start with the author’s surname following the first or middle name.
  • Include year and month day in the reference.
  • Add the title of the magazine in the reference.

Example: Quammen, D. (2008, December). The man who wasn’t Darwin.National Geographic Magazine, 214(6), 106.

The basic structure of magazine article in online follows:

  • Author’s Last Name, following the First initial. Middle initial. (Year, Month Published).
  • Title of the material. “Title of Magazine,” Volume or Issue.

Retrieved from URL

  • Magazine references with the addition of the full date rather than involving just the year.
  • If the topic begins on page 1, then the students can include the issue number in parentheses. If not, then they have only to include the volume number.

Example: Pelz, W. (2018, Winter). A basket of dreams for different times.Fleurieu Living Magazine. Retrieved from

9. How to cite a movie in APA format?

The basic structure of the film should include:

  • The last name of the producer following the first initial and then middle initial. In addition to it, the previous name of director following the first initial and middle initial name along with the year of release.
  • Title of the film along with the country of origin: Studio.

Example: Kurtz, G. (Producer), & Kershner, I. (Director). (1980). The emperor strikes back [Motion picture]. United States: 20th Century Fox.

10. How to Cite a TV program in APA format?

The basic structure of the TV Programme should include:

  • Writer’s Last Name following First first and Middle initial name. In addition to it, the Director’s Last Name following First initial and the year of air.
  • Title of the episode in the First initial.
  • Producer’s Last name (Executive producer),
  • TV series name along with City, State of original channel: Channel

Example: Lin, K. (Writer), & Coles, J. D. (Director). (2014). Chapter 18 [Television series episode]. In Bays, C. (Executive producer), House of cards. Washington, D.C.: Netflix.

11. How to cite a song in APA format?

The basic structure of the song should include:

  • Last name following the First initial and Middle initial of Songwriter along with the Year created.
  • Song title Recorded by First initial. Middle initial.
  • Last name of the performer or the name of the ban.
  • On Album Title [Medium].

Retrieved from URL

Example: Hedfors, A., Ingrosso, S., & Angello, S. (2012). Greyhound [Recorded by Swedish House Mafia].On Until now [Audio file]. Retrieved from

What is the case study citation in APA Format?

Case study citation is the method of referring to the resources that students have used to accomplish their case study. It is done by giving the name of the author, publishing place, and name of the case study, etc. details at the end of the case study. Those who are writing a case study for the very first time might not be aware of this fact and that is why the importance of citing a case study would not be in their mind.

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Importance of case study citation for the Students

Case study citation is very important especially when it comes to the assignments of the students. This is because students have to work as professionals and they should learn all these criteria to write a case study and gain expertise in it. Mostly such assignments are given to the students in College and University to the master students so that they can prepare for the tasks of research work in their further study in doctorate level. So here we can see the importance of citation in the case study.

Best case study citation in the assignments with the help of Students Assignment Help could be done by the students easily. So make sure that you are taking this help of the experts for the citation of your case study. Case study Research Help for this type of work is also given to the students by these experts.

How to cite a case study in APA Format

Here are some examples that will help students to cite a case study in the APA format easily. These examples are given by the experts of So if you are citing a case study then you are supposed to follow these tips.

  1. Write the name of the author writing it which will be followed by a period.
  2. Write down the Title of the case study in neat and clean words.
  3. The title of the case study will be followed by the city of publication where your case study is published.
  4. Next is the date of publication along with the year in which case study is published.
  5. It will be followed by the format of publication whether it is published in print media or web media.
  6. Link and date are crucial in case it is a web publication of the case study.

For example if you are doing a case study on the novel The Magic written by Rhonda Byrne then it will goes like this:

Byrne, Rhonda. The Magic. Australia. Atria Publishing Group, 2012. Print. 6 march 2012.

In this way, you can cite your case study in the APA format and complete the citation of a case study.

Tips for citing a case study for the students

Citation of the case study is a time-consuming process and it needs to be very experienced. A person having no knowledge in this field finds it difficult to write the citation of a case study or any other type of work. As citation in APA format is given to the students for their dissertation and thesis assignments as well, so students can take dissertation citation help from the expert and subject matter experienced helpers of Students Assignment Help. High-quality dissertation along with the on-time delivery of the help could be gained by the students from Students Assignment Help. Those who are not comfortable with the citation of their thesis and case study writing work can easily seek this type of help from the experts to get rid of their worries.

Perfect writing style tips for working with APA format

Writing a paper for the scientific topic is different and highly challenging as compared to writing a task for English, literature, and other academic courses. Science or social science papers should be more direct, clear as well as concise to present in front of the readers. The students have to follow the APA format for writing scientific papers and other articles based on science. Sometimes the problem arises for the students when it comes to using the format style guide. Here are some of the proper guidelines or tips with the help of which the students can prepare the academic paper by formulating it properly.

1. Proper usage of verbs

Many science students use verbs while sharing or explaining the methods and results of scientific studies. When the college or school students are using verbs while dealing with APA format, then it is necessary to use it in the same tense throughout the section in which they are writing. If the students are writing the first sentence in the past tense and the second one in the present tense, then it can create confusion for the audience when they read the paper.

For using verbs in the scientific articles or papers, the students should include:

  • Either past tense or perfect tense for a better explanation of the procedure.
  • Usually past tense for explaining the results.
  • Present tense for describing the conclusions plus future implications.

APA format citation is more accessible beyond the thinking of the students, and it is only when the students follow the proper guidelines while creating it.

2. Reduce labels and use only reliable information to include

APA format strongly objects to include any biasing towards racial groups, gender, disabilities, and age of individuals. If the students are not sure whether their paper format includes bias labels or not, they can take others to help to go throughout the entire paper.

Some of the guidelines suggested for working on APA format:

  • If it is essential to the topic, then the students should include only the information about the individual’s characteristics or orientation.
  • For writing about the individual characters in APA format essays, the students should first put a valid reason.
  • Instead of using short terms, it can be useful if the students are using broad terms in APA format paper.
  • It is beneficial for the students to avoid ambiguity while preparing for paper writing.

However, college students have to keep in mind that writing task should not become boring for the readers. It could be useful for the student to think about the primary readers who are going to judge their ideas after readers, plus they can write similarly.

3. Check the appropriate spelling of words

  • When the students are working on the APA format for structuring their paper, then they should the same spelling as the words from American English.
  • It should be useful for the students to consider the American Psychological Association’s Dictionary of Psychology to use the proper spell words.
  • Sometimes the students get confused about whether they have to use the Oxford comma or not. However, it is efficient to use it. Such type of comma usually gets placed before the words like OR, AND, and in a series of continuous three items.

There are many tools and features with the help of which the students can check the spelling of the words. However, it is essential that the students first check out the entire paper before submitting it finally in front of the readers.

4. Correct abbreviations

  Abbreviations are like the challenging task for the students at which the students might get confused about where to include periods, capitalization, and many more things.

However, there are some of the useful guidelines with the help of which the students can add proper abbreviations:

  • It would be difficult for the students to remember that for what an acronym stands out. So the students can type it out each time.
  • If the students are deciding to sprinkle in abbreviations, then it is not necessary to include the periods in between the letters.
  • After the initial description, the students should use the acronym without the involvement of further abbreviation.
  • If an abbreviation is featured in the American Dictionary, then it is not necessary to spell it out.
  • If the unit of measurement stands alone, then the students have to type out the abbreviation.
  • APA format citation within a paper can stand out by making the proper use of abbreviations, quotes, and paraphrased words.

5. Structure the body of scientific journals and articles through APA format

When the college students have completed the correct abstract, then they have to begin the paper with the organization. Suitable steps which the students have to follow for formatting the scientific journals are:

  • Step 1: At first, the students have to start with the “Running Head.” Usually, the components of running head on the page of the abstract differ from that of the title page.
  • Step 2: In the next line of the body, the students have to include the title of the page. It is not essential to either bold or underlines the claim.
  • Step 3: The students have to start the paper with the proper introduction part. Then the students have to indent the first line of the starting paragraph.
  • Step 4:The beginning part of the article gives more detail about the problem as compared to the abstract.
  • Step 5: After completing the introduction part, the students have to begin with the Method by using the word as a subtitle. It is necessary to bold and center the “Method” subtitle.
  • Step 6: The Method section shows how students have conducted research. However, the students can describe suitable methods through which they had collected the data.
  • Step 7: The next section should be given the subtitle of “Results.” It is the new section that should get bold and center it.
  • Step 8: The summary of the data should get included in the “Results” section. Even the students can use specific charts and graphs to display the data efficiently.
  • Step 9: The next subtitle should be “Discussion” which should get bold and center. The Discussion section gives a great chance to the students to analyze and interpret the results correctly.
  • Step 10: The last part includes the proper conclusions which the students have to prepare by providing supportive ideas. If the students are capable of determining the information about the limitations of the study, then they can quickly improve the research in the next steps.

6. Organize tables, figures, and other graphics properly

  Many visual learners would like to appreciate the ability by looking at the images, charts, graphs, and other graphics to make a proper sense of information. Before the students go ahead with the creation of graphics in the paper, they have to prepare rough APA table of contents by following:

  • All the graphics, whether they are photographs, tables, or figures, should get assigned with numbers.

What’s new in the 7th edition of  APA?

The major changes which have taken place in the 7th edition of  APA publication manual are:

Essay Format

  • Font – While you still can use Times New Roman 12, you are free to use other fonts. Calibri 11, Arial 11, Lucida Sans 10, and Georgia 11 are all acceptable.
  • Headers – No running headers are required for student papers.
  • Tables and Figures – There is a standardized format for both tables and figures.

Style, Grammar, Usage:

  • Singular “they” required in two situations: when used by a known person as their personal pronoun or when the gender of a singular person is not known.
  • Use only one space after a sentence-ending period.

Citation Style

  • You need to include mainly  ‘Four Elements of a Reference” (Author, Date, Title, Source) for  helping writers to create references for source types.
  • Three or more authors can be abbreviated to First author, et al. on the first citation.
  • Up to 20 authors are spelled out in the References List.
  • Students need not include the location of publisher particularly for books
  • The device is not needed for the Ebook platform, format
  • You need not include Library database names
  • Hyperlinks –
    • No “doi:” prefix, simply include the doi.
    • All hyperlinks retain the https://
    • Links can be “live” in blue with underline or black without underlining

Perfect tips for  organizing the paper effectively by using APA format

At first, it is essential for the students to know about the steps to set up the headings, spacing, and have to focus on the proper lengthening of the paper. Before getting into the details related to the APA format for the research paper, the students have to consider that on which category they have applied the style guide. After that they have to format headings then subheadings, and many more.

The proper organizing steps which the students have to follow are:

  • Know about categories of paper to format:  There are several categories of the paper on which the students have to use APA format style guide, namely,
  • literature reviews
  • empirical studies
  • methodological articles
  • social sciences

For preparing for the empirical studies, students have to take the data from the required observations and suitable experiments so that they can quickly generate a research report. Though empirical studies depend on the actual data rather than theories and data, still, the students can use APA format citation for making it useful.

Literature reviews

These are the papers in which the students have to analyze another individual performance or the group of works. The primary purpose of literature reviews is to gather proper information about the specific problem or issue so that the students can communicate easily.

By using correct APA format, the college students can shed on the attempts so that they can fill the gaps with the research methods as case studies present the information related to the group or large set of individual so the students can take the help of APA format to analyze a specific reason and suggestions.

In addition to it, it becomes possible for the college students to create possible theories, and implications for future research, and they can determine a solution to the problem.

Methodological articles

It showcases the new ways and modifications to the first practice by a scientific method or process. The APA format applied gives the students to collect the original data or documentation which can help them to prove the updated method or the improvement of existing data. Theoretical articles include papers that are quite similar to literature reviews.

When the students get the proper information about using the APA format, then they can easily prepare every type of research or academic paper. It is better for the students first to categorize the paper so that they can easily use APA format style guide.

  • Refer general paper length

Though the college students often use APA format for preparing the documents of social science or health science, the students can use it for other fields also at the point of necessity. The college students need to make their paper with the APA format clear and concise. If the students are adding some irrelevant data or information in the article, then the readers might lose their interest in going throughout the entire paper. It is useful for college students if they remain direct, clear, and professional while writing about the APA citation paper.

Since APA format is more about the science field, so it is better if the students believe in the quote, “less is more.” When the college students add some fluffy or unnecessary information into the research paper, then they give the readers a chance for leaving the article in the middle.

It does not matter that how shorter the paper length is but the college students have to remain calm and concise while explaining the facts and details of the topic selected. Average paper length is quite enough to attract as many readers as students can draw for scanning the entire paper.

  • Consider margin sizes

When it comes to giving margins to the page or content, then many of the students get confused about how they can do that properly. It is useful if the students keep the margins across the left, right, bottom, and top continuously constant. It is essential for working on the APA format that all the four sides of the paper should be kept at the same distance from the edge of the article. The college students have to keep at least one each margin around the sides of the page. By following the same margin at each bottom of the paper, the students can present an effective paper so that the readers can find a winning essay in front of them.

However, the college students can even use the larger margins more than one inch, but a smaller margin, which is less than an inch, will not be acceptable. When the students can prepare the paper according to the proper APA format reference guidelines, then they can show which of the sources have provided the adequate information and from which of the sources they have used the data. It can be achieved only if the students consider appropriate length and margin size useful for creating the paper.

  • Suitable title pages

APA format cover page or the title page is the first page of the essay or paper on which the students have first to work. There are some of the college teachers or professors who do not require that the students include a title page for presenting a paper, but there is some who wants that the students include proper title cover pager. If the students are not sure whether they have to add the title or not, then they can ask their teacher.

However, including the cover page title will be appreciable so that the students can display the name of the writer along with the proper title of the paper.

The college students must include four main components while preparing for the APA format title page, namely:

  1. Suitable title of the APA format paper
  2. A running head which consists of the proper numbering of the paper
  3. Name of the author
  4. Institutional affiliation

Some of the college or university professors ask the students to include the author’s note along with the names in the title of the APA format. As the title of the page defines the main idea of the paper written, the college students have to add proper words and abbreviations in the APA title format.

It is not necessary to bold or highlights the useful words in the title or cover page of the paper, but the students should create it effectively so that the readers can understand that the proper concept behind writing the essay.

  • Running heads

It will be useful if the college students include a page header known as “Running head” at the top of every page. If the students are not able to add it at every page or forget to add then, they can set the word processor to add “Running head” components onto each page automatically.

It will make the APA format running head process easier for the college or school students. “Header” component is the essential feature in the processing through which the students can add elements automatically.

You need to include a  running head in the APA format 

  1. Title or cover title of the page
  2. Page numbers.

The college students have to insert page numbers at the right-hand of the APA format paper. The students don’t have to include either p or pg. in front of the written page numbers. On the title page of APA format, students have to add “Running head” components before writing the title or cover title of the paper.

After the students have written the running head components, then they have to write the title in capital letters such as “Title Of Your Paper.” Students need to write the title on the left and only in capital letters.

However, if the college students have to write a claim which is over 50 characters, then the running head should get made as a shortened version of the title of the entire APA format paper.

  • Use APA format for outlines

The APA format outline is beneficial for the students as they help them to stay organized while working on paper writing plus they can determine the scope of the conducted research which they have to include.

The students have to add proper headings and the subheadings when they are working on the outline of the APA citation. However, there is not an official or preferred structure for creating the framework through an APA format. It all depends on the college students that in which way they want to organize the APA format of the paper.

  • Prepare an effective abstract

A proper APA format abstract is a summary of the scientific study or scholarly article. Usually, academic report or scientific studies are lengthy documents which require appropriate time plus the attention of the readers to go through the entire paper. An APA format abstract allows the readers first to check whether they would like to read the whole article or not. It is common to see that the college students come across several abstracts while researching for a specific topic. There are many databases that display abstracts in the results when the students search for, and sometimes they view the outline before showing the full text of the study or article.

The students need to create a compelling and high-quality APA format abstract that accurately shows the purpose and goal of the paper written. After that, the readers will determine whether the continued reading of the article is worth or not. If the students are planning to submit the paper, then it will be efficient if they first learn about the general and proper requirements about creating its APA format. By creating a useful abstract, the students can quickly grab the attention of the readers for continuously reading the article or scientific study.

  • Use of figures, tables, photographs, and other graphics

  If the college students are looking for the addition of charts, tables, images, and other graphics in projects, then there are suitable APA format rules which they have to follow.

The primary reason for adding any of the graphics in the project or paper is to make it easier for the readers to read the information rather than typing it throughout the entire text. When the students have lots of numbers to discuss through their paper, then they can try to organize their information into a table or chart. There are several ways like pie charts, coordinate planes, bar graphs, and other methods to show the numerical data and other relationships between the numbers.

It is the responsibility of the college to decide that in which form they want to organize their paper structure. The proper APA format of the paper helps the readers to read the well-arranged data without getting any distraction along with the article.

  • Proper usage of headings along with the subheadings

Headings are the most crucial part and serve an essential purpose for preparing the research papers which no student can afford to deny. A proper heading is the one who organizes the paper effectively and makes it simple so that it becomes simple for the students so that they can locate different pieces of information in an arranged manner.

In addition to it, headings provide the audience with a glimpse to get the main idea behind writing the APA format paper which they are going to read throughout.

What are 5 levels of headings in APA format?

Generally, there are five levels of headings in APA format citation  which you can categorize according to the different sizes and purposes, namely:

Level 1

It is the one that includes the largest heading size along with the title of the APA format paper. The students need to center the title in the middle of the page. If the students are bold the title of the page, then the readers can find the main idea which they are going to read through the entire paper. The students must include uppercase and lowercase letters, where they see it essential, commonly known as title capitalization.

Level 2

For the second level of APA format heading, students have to place the heading against the left margin of the paper. It is essential to use bold letters while preparing for the heading.

Level 3

It is necessary to make the use of bold letters for preparing the heading. However, it is essential to place an uppercase letter at the first of the paper heading, and all other messages should be in the lowercase. The exception can found in the case of the pronouns where the students have to begin with a capital letter. After that, the heading should get ended with a period.

Level 4

The college students should intend the heading in from the left margin of the paper by bolding it and have to keep it italicized. In addition to it, the students should place an uppercase letter at the first word of the heading by following all the other letters in lowercase. After that, the ending must get done with a period.

Level 5

The students have to intend and italicized the heading of the paper. You need to write the first word in an uppercase letter while the rest should be lowercase. While for pronouns, students should begin heading with a capital letter.


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