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Art of five minutes presentation

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Small presentations though appear very easy but when it comes to prepare then and present in front of audience they are bit challenging. Every detail needs to be included in minimum time and words without skipping the gist of the presentation in such five minutes ppt. Following a proper guideline to make such presentation with keen attention and presenting them in a subtle arranged manner is very crucial.

That is why one should be very much careful for such presentation especially when they are being prepared for a job interview or college-level presentation. Here are some ideas that will teach you about the art of five minutes presentation that should be in your mind while presenting a topic. Follow these guidelines and suggestions to make your own presentation influential in the minimum time limit given to you for presenting your ideas on a given topic.

Why prepare five minutes presentation?

The five minutes presentations are best to catch the attention of the audience to present your viewpoints in an effective way. People usually do not get bored with these short presentations. Preparing for this presentation will also help you to gain the skills for precise the things or keep your point in minimum words. If you will not be creating five minutes presentation and rather make long boring presentations people will lose interest in them. Short topics usually do not have much to speak about and under such state, the use of these small presentations is very effective.

Various platforms where you can present a short powerpoint presentation

Nowadays five minutes of presentations are prevalent in most of the platforms like business presentations, college and school presentations, various business proposals, and political meetings and in the education system as well. These kinds of presentations are popular owing to the reason that multiple views can be obtained on a single topic from people in minimum time. Long presentations usually take more time to present and full of irrelevant details that people are not interested to deal with.

 How to select a topic for a short ppt. presentation

Selecting a good five minutes presentation topics list is as important as writing a good presentation. One should be well aware of one’s interests so that a good topic can be selected according to the inclination of the person. Selecting a presentation topic should also be based on the availability of online resources on the topic.

The way by which you can make your five minutes presentation meaningful

Here are some important suggestions and tips that will help you to write or prepare your short presentation artfully. Follow these suggestions if you want to prepare a unique and best short presentation. This is because if you are not presenting your presentation in a good way it can ruin your hard work used for preparing it. Whether you are preparing five minutes presentation on social media or health following tips will help you out for each one of them.

  • Do research on your audience: The primary thing that you cannot ignore while preparing a short presentation is the place where you are going to present it. You must keep a basic idea about your audience like if you are going to present it in front of the business delegation then use formal language. At the same time if it is being presented in front of common people keep their level in mind. Doing research on the topic of the presentation is always fruitful to the person preparing his presentation for good. The target audience is very important to know in order to make the presentation meaningful in every way.
  • Understand the topic and extract its gist:  Try to make sure that you are having the idea of the central crux of the topic for which you are making a presentation. You cannot prepare a good presentation if your motif is not known to you behind the presentation. Good research on the presentation topic is very crucial before preparing any slide for it. If you are not able to understand the topic then read some professional content about it. It will assist you to understand the topic in the best way to write your presentation with new points. If you have no clear cut idea about your topic it will not help you out to present your perspective in the best way.
  • Follow the template of presentation:  There is a proper template for every presentation and one should be aware of such templates. Preparing a presentation in improper template always gives a signal of poor presentation and it should be avoided while making good presentation. There are multiple templates for presentations based on the length and time given to the present. So you should manage to know about the template of your short powerpoint presentation.
  • Start with eye-catchy opening:  Make sure that the opening lines of the presentation are strong enough to influence your audience. If you are starting your presentation with weak and bore points people will not find it interesting anymore. That is why always manage some interesting lines or quotations that can snatch the attention of the audience in the beginning. Opening of an essay, thesis or presentation matters a lot as it always holds the interest of the audience to great account.
  • Talk about a single point or aspect: Some people ply from one point to other in their presentation as a result of which the audience gets confused about the central point of the presentation. So you must stick to a single aspect or point of the presentation without plunging into different points. One cannot finish so many aspects of the same topic in five minutes so do not try to mess up with everything. Just pick a point and stick to it to make your presentation relevant for the place.
  • Stick to the highlighted idea: If you are trying to keep your presentation as short as possible without skipping the main ideas then extract the highlights of the topic only. Do not bother about details in such short presentations. It will keep your main points of the presentation as a priority without any chance of skipping them from the presentation.
  • Make your slides in proper order: While preparing your 5 minutes ppt. presentation topics you have to take care of the order of the presentation. If you are writing the solution first and then question it will create a mess. Try to keep the order of the points in such a way that they appear natural in a flow. If extra slides are needed to add in the presentation just go for it and explain your presentation at a glance rather than going point by point.
  • Add some footer notes in the slides: If your presentation includes some terms in the main slides do add some footnotes in the slides to clear the terms for your audience. This is how you can make it easy to understand and clear as well. Some formal and technical presentations come under this category where one is supposed to add footnotes at the end of every slide. Keep these notes shorts and easy to understand for the people having no idea about the terms.
  • The background color and text should contrast well: Talking about the color and presentation the text color should be best in contrast to the background. If you are using a light background colour then the text should be dark and vice- versa. This will help people to read your presentation easily without putting stress on their eyes. When you will be using the light background and same text colour it will create tension to read and thus people will lose interest in your presentation.
  • Use Pie charts, flow diagrams and figures: If your presentation is about business, economics, and finance then you can add some statistical figures in it as well. For example pie charts, flow diagrams and figures give good weight to your presentation. Apart from its five minutes presentation on finance, history and even science can also include these figures. The figures not only explain the things in-depth and better way but at the same time create an engaging presentation for the people as well. Mostly statistical data can be presented in such a way to keep the thing clear for the audience.
  • Do not use complex terms: If you want to keep your presentation simple, easy and understandable to the audience avoid using hard terminology. It is going to complicate the thing for explanations. Keep it unique, relevant, interesting and simple to attract the attention of the people for your presentation. Simple vocabulary is always good to create the best impression in front of the audience and that is why most of the professionals are using the method for their presentation of small duration for all platforms.


  • Keep it short and easy to grab: Also, try not to stretch the content of the topic in the presentation to make it long and boring. Just talk about the main points in short presentations so that one can grab the overall conclusion of the presentation. There is no use of writing long and long points in every slide. Just write its gist and getaway of it. This is because if you will not keep it simple and easy the people will lose interest in it.

How to present a short powerpoint presentation creatively


Once you prepare your presentation it is also important to have the art of presenting it in five minutes. People find it easy to prepare a good five minutes presentations but fail to present them in the best way in front of the audience. So follow the following tips and suggestions that will help you to know the art of five minutes presentation. You will be able to hold the interest of the audience to great account without any issue.

  1. Set a goal for every single minute:  While presenting your presentation make sure that you are keeping every single minute in your mind. Do not go out of your plan and speak about the crucial things at its early. The short presentations usually appear tough for the people as they have to cover everything in the minimum time period. So divide your presentation in four to five slides and give a single minute to every slide. Avoid reading the same content for your audience and just elaborate on the main gist of the slide. That is how time can be managed easily by the person presenting a short presentation in the best way.
  2. Talk about the important points quickly in the beginning: If your presentation is a bit longer than expected then give a short summary of the presentation in the beginning. You can include all the main highlights of the presentation in this beginning. So that if you are skipping some slides in the later moment from your presentation it you cannot miss those important points. This is the best way to give a presentation. Thus you can turn your presentation relevant for your audience by putting your perspective in the best way.
  3. Circulate handouts of your presentation to the audience: If you want to save your five minutes presentation time it is important that you are circulating your presentation handouts among the audience. It will save time to read out the line by line slides and thus can save time easily. This is the methods obtained by the professional presentation givers on formal platforms like business meeting and workshops.
  4. Do not rush into hurry for finishing the presentation: Sometimes it so happens that people rush in a hurry to present their ideas in front of the audience within the given time. As a result of which they end of doing mess in the name of the presentation. It is crucial that you move in a smooth way by clearing every point in-depth for your presentation and that is too by keeping the time in mind. The absolute balance should be maintained for giving the presentation without missing the point of the topic which is crucial to speak about.
  5. Do practice in front of your friends: The best option for giving a good presentation is to speak in front of your friends before giving the presentation to the actual audience. It will help you to counterattack the fare that is experienced by you before the presentation. Rehearse for several times before you appear for the final submission of your presentation. That is how you can make it possible to present your five minutes presentation worth listening by the people informal platform.
  6. Be calm and present you in the best way: Do not get hectic when you are presenting your presentation just have a sigh of relief and appear in the best state of mind. Sometimes we baffle in front of the people where the presentation is being given. As a result of which audience sense the lack of confidence in the person giving a presentation which creates a boring expression in them. So make sure that you are in a good state to present your presentation in front of the people. Try not to fumble in front of your audience to put a strong impression and make them believe in the presentation.

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