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Student's Assignment Help April 30, 2019

Everybody in this world wants to be popular around their atmosphere, but what makes you popular, so people can easily be caught by you. Although Becoming popular is so easy if you are good enough in talking and humorous, but always a challengeable job for those who are not good enough talkative, humorous and self-confident.

So the question arises how to become popular in college days…..???


  •  Try to cheer up with everybody but you should not look like a senseless. You should always come up with a fresh smile on your face, whether it is the end of the day. Enjoy the college atmosphere and friends like you are seeing the first time. Be a little humorous and keep some good jokes in your mind to lighten up the atmosphere. This way you will develop a taste to enjoy with friends and your self-confidence too.
  •  People admire and attract- by them who are full of positivity and able to handle any bad situation if they fall in. Keep away from criticizing and backbite it’ll reduce your impact on others.
  •  Work out on yourself and clothes- if you look physically strong, you’ll treat as a fine personality among your friend’s heart. Take a look at current trends of clothes, so you can put on what makes you feel good and confident.
  •  Become part of a group- If you are keen to join a group or want to make one your own self then figure out what kind of group you want to join or what type of people you want to see in.
  •  Don’t be so meanwhile laughing- give them enough feeling of happiness. Don’t ever try to show bored and uninterested in others.
  •  Get involved in a sport or extracurricular activity-this is apparently the most important step because it will definitely help you to meet people with the same interests as yours.
  •  Try to come up with good performance in exams-exams are one of the most important points of life where nobody wants to fail. Exam results last longer. So from the first day of the college keep your result high. Indulge in everything but never forget why and for what you are there?


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