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Best Healthcare Topics for College Students

Student's Assignment Help March 12, 2019 422 Views

College and University students are asked to write essays and research paper on healthcare. That is why free topics list on healthcare is given here for essay and research paper by the professionals of Students Assignment Help. With this list, graduates can easily solve their difficulty related to managing a topic for research. So make sure that you do not skip these topics while writing a good quality paper or different types of essay on healthcare. The topics can opt as argumentative essay topics, persuasive essay topics, reflective essay topics and other types of research topics as well. You will be able to manage the best quality research material for your research paper and essay on the given topics. That is why it also becomes easier to write research paper citation for the college and university students while writing a research paper on healthcare.

Free Healthcare Topics Ideas on Drug Addiction

  1. Why drug addiction is considered very dangerous even more than alcohol?
  2. Which are the major drugs that are full of risk for the human brain and must be avoided in all stages?
  3. Is there any way to come out from the drug addiction through rehabilitation centers?
  4. Effect of drugs on the human physiology and its different organs when compared with other addictions like alcoholism.
  5. Why it is very hard to come out from the drug addiction for people?

List of topics for Healthcare on Cancer

  1. Why cancer is not detected in the early stage in most of the cases?
  2. How leukemia is different to that of other types of cancers prevalent these days?
  3. Can open and hidden wound not healing from a long time become the cause of cancer?
  4. What are different carcinogenic substances that can cause cancer in a human being?
  5. Exposure to the infra-red and x-rays as the cause of mutation which ultimately causes cancer in body cells of human.
  6. Advance level of research that is going in the field of oncology and its benefit for society.

Topics suggestions from experts on Cardiac diseases

  1. Why the rate of heart attacks is raising every day in the current scenario?
  2. How avoiding lipids and bad fats in the diet can keep our heart healthy and free of diseases?
  3. Is it suitable to completely ignore all types of fats from our food for a healthy body?
  4. What could be the primary first aid to the person going through a cardiac arrest in the first golden hour?
  5. Implementation of technology in healthcare for the best treatment of health-related diseases.
  6. Rate of success in operations of heart transplantation surgeries in developing nations of the world.

Healthcare Topics on Abortions Law

  1. What are the rights of mother related to abortions in the world?
  2. How far it is legal to go for medical termination of pregnancy?
  3. Punishment related to the crimes of abortions of a female fetus for father and other family members.
  4. What are the changes that are taking place in present time related to abortion laws?
  5. Can we say that MTP is legal when both parents are unmarried and prepare to abort their fetus?
  6. Abortion-related laws for unmarried mothers and mothers who are in live-in relationship.

Free Topics for Healthcare on Organ Transplantation

  1. Is it final option to transplant the bone marrow of an individual in case the red blood cells are not formed in it?
  2. How far it is successful to transplant the organs of a human body?
  3. Important factors that should be kept in mind before the organ transplantation in a human body?
  4. How organ transplantations can be made affordable to everyone including the people belongs to lower strata of society on financial grounds?
  5. Which vital organs are too often transplanted in medical science and how to make them more successful?

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