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Career to Choose After Graduation

Student's Assignment Help 01/01/2016 262 Views

80% graduate students have the same question, what Career to choose after graduation? Either to do higher education or job after graduation. Parents, relatives and friends will advise you up to your graduation but after graduation, it is you who have to take the decision for the future.

There is a tough competition in the market and companies prefer skillful employees. Degrees like B.Com, B.Sc, and B.A. can’t have a guarantee of bright future. Higher degrees like B.E, B.Tech, B.Ed are also not sufficient to earn good revenue from the job. You will get a job easily with this degree but will not get promotions and increment easily.

You need to work hard to chase your dreams. With the change of time, the value of degree also changes. Now, the employers demand skilled students with deep knowledge in their respective field. They give preference and high-salary package to students having Master’s degree. Master’s degree is the symbol that a student has deep knowledge in his/her field.

Many students think that their friends will go ahead from them in those two years by doing the job. No, this is a myth. They have bachelor’s degree and you will gain a master’s degree. The higher-education degree will offer you high position with a high package than your friends. You will experience that you came far ahead from your friends those who started a job after graduation.

Career to choose after graduation

If you want to compete with the market then you must go for higher education option. Remember to complete your higher education from top universities. Universities of USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore and the UK offer the best higher education to students. Top employers also prefer abroad university students because of their high-quality education system.

Benefits of higher-education from abroad country: –

  • A) Salary package: – Higher-education increase salary package. Abroad students get high salary package and high-position in the industry than a student started doing the job after graduation.
  • B) Leadership skills: – Students who complete higher education from abroad countries have to face various situations alone. It builds leadership skills and teaches them to take initiatives. Employers like students who are ready to take initiatives.
  • C) Management skills: – Abroad students have great management skills than a resident degree holder. Abroad students learn management skills by facing different situations practically.
  • D) Modern education system: – Abroad universities have adopted practical teaching approach. A resident degree holder will learn the basic while abroad degree holder will have both basic and practical knowledge.
  • E) Employers prefer abroad degree holders: –Employers prefer abroad degree holder because they have unique skills and are fully-trained students. It saves the time and money of employers that they need to invest in training freshers.
  • F) Reduce struggle: –70% abroad degree holders get job letters during placement session. Rest students get jobs within 6 months. So, it is better to go for higher education instead of struggling with a graduate degree.

Career to choose after graduation

Here is the list of abroad higher-education options for different graduate degree holders: –

  • A) Courses after graduation in science: – If you have completed B.Sc in math, physics, biology, chemistry etc subject then you have options to do M.Sc and M.s from top abroad universities. The course depends on the universities. If you have an interest in research field then you can take admission in top research universities of USA and UK for Ph.D.
  • B) Higher-education options for B.Com students: –B.com students can do MBA and M.com after graduation. Universities of Australia and the USA are the best options to complete M.Com and MBA for bright future in the commerce and management field.
  • C) Higher-education options for arts student: –Arts students can do M.A., MBA, Law, M.Phil, and Ph.D. It will be the best choice for arts students.
  • D) Higher-education options for engineering students: –Engineering students can do MBA, M.Tech, M.E. after graduation.

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