Case Study for Research – Importance, Its Uses & Procedure

02/12/2020 | George Orwell | 763

What is the case study?

The case study is basically a research methodology which researcher apply for gaining in-depth and valuable insight into a specific subject or research topics. It is a research method that you can use for analyzing qualitative information.

The case study is a pragmatic and flexible approach. By applying this method you will be able to analyze the information. In the case study method, you need to collect data by observing things or surrounding phenomena.

For Example: in-depth investigation which researcher performs for analyzing the difference between HR practices of public and private firms.

Characteristics of the case study method

  • The case study is both Qualitative and Quantitative methods.
  • It mainly emphasizes on representing the great detail about the topic or subject.
  • Case studies is supported by the belief about the phenomenon.

Uses of the case study method

You can use a case study method for conducting in-depth research for identifying the problems. It is the research method that you can utilize for performing exploratory research, as these tactics will help you in exploring hidden facts.

For Example: Retail company is facing the issue of decline in sales, in such situation, management in an organization can ask research team for performing in depth investigation on the same. It is a strategy which will assist management in identifying the root cause of decline in sale volume.

Importance of case study in research methodology

A case study research methodology is very much important as it will help you in developing an in-depth understanding of the complex problems. In addition to this, it is the case study method in research which allows you to collect a huge volume of information about the field. The case study method in research has great significance as it allows exploring issues or subjects from different perspectives.

Sources of data collection

 You can use the number of sources for gathering information in order to write a case study these sources are:

  • Personal documents that involve autobiographies, memos, diaries, etc.
  • Online articles, journals, magazines, etc.

The Methods of writing a case study

The Procedure Of Writing A Case Study

The process of case study involves different phases these are:

Phase 1st – Selection of Case:

At the initial stage of writing a case study, you need to address the issue and on the basis of the same, you need to formulate research questions. After that, you have to select a specific case containing a specific problem. while making a choice of the specific case you need to make sure that it is unique.

For Example: There is a town in UAE, where there a percentage of people suffering from heart problems is very low as compared to the USA. It is the case which you can select for a further writing case study for identifying the main reason for heart disease.

Phase 2nd – Creating a theoretical framework:

It is phasing where you are writing a literature review along with sources of the topic and on the basis of the same design theoretical framework. While writing cases, you need to ensure that the Case study or issue which you have select has some link to the theory of that specific field. In simple words, you need to identify the main concepts and hypotheses for supporting your analysis and research findings.

Phase 3rd – Collection of information:

There number of techniques in research that you can apply for gathering data related to the subject. The case study method in research mainly emphasizes on gathering qualitative data. The technique which you can apply for collecting the facts for writing a case study include observation, interview, and questionnaire.

For Example: considering the example, you can use the records in hospitals for collecting the information about the percentage death of people because of heart attack.  The main objective is  to gain valuable insight into the cases of people those of died due to heart disease. In addition to this other purpose of writing a case study is to determine the root cause of a problem.

Phase 4th – Description and analysis of the case:

While writing a case study you need to align the relevance of your case. In addition to this, you need to provide all the important detail about the case. The way to present your findings is completed dependent on the type of research you are planning to perform. The technique which you are applying for analyzing information is completely dependent on the type of data gathered through investigation. The two techniques which you can use for analyzing Qualitative information in the case study are categorizing and sorting.

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