Report Writing Guide

Before understanding types of reports, first, let’s see what does a report means and what it’s the purpose? Report writing is a special form of assignment writing which aims at determining and pro

Types Of Assessment

What Is An Assessment - In terms of education, assessment is basically a wide range of methods that mentors utilizes for determining the skills, knowledge, and progress of students on a particular su

Paraphrasing – A Complete Guide

Paraphrasing refers to the transmission of the information or related things by using the words of your owPreview Changes (opens in a new tab)n. It is the most vital assignment writing skill. It is al

How to Write a Personal Statement – Explained With Examples & Tips

At the time of taking admission to the University or College, there is a nightmare that starts eating the head of the students as they are supposed to write best personal statement. Personal Statement

What is a Writing Prompt? Writing Tips with Examples

What is a prompt - Definition  A prompt is like a topic that is given to the students for writing their essay by doing research. Generally, an essay topic is of two to four words but a prompt could

What is Concert Report and How to Write It

As musicians, it is important that we go to other musician’s concerts to support them, think critically about the art, and to apply those criticisms to our own art. If you are given the assignment t

How to Write a Resume for High School Students- Tips & Tricks

Think resumes are simply for job seekers? Think over. High school scholar resumes providing colleges with a snapshot of your activities, extracurricular, hobbies, and work history. They can also be a

How To Write A Letter of Interest (Project,Job,Internship)

Letters of Interest serve as your primary written contact with an executive or organization about an offer. These letters can occasionally be necessary and will then serve as cover letters that you su

How to Write a Brochure

How to Write a Brochure
You must have heard from the businessmen about the business brochure, marketing brochures if business studies and management are your core area of higher study.These brochures although seems very

Editorial Writing

An editorial is a piece of writing written for a newspaper column particularly by picking a topic from the current happening in the world and related issues. These editorials are very difficult to wri

How To Write An Autobiography

What Autobiography Actually Is? An autobiography is a self-written storybook. The word autobiography is the formation of two Greek words ‘autos’ and ‘bios’ that mean ‘self’ and ‘life’

Writing Data Analysis Report

Data analysis report is to be prepare by students of economics, finance, account, and science, etc. Sometimes film analysis essay topics are also given to the graduates for data analysis by the profes

Creative Writing Prompt High School

If you are supposed to write a creative writing prompt for school then go through the tips for creative writing prompt given here. Students Assignment Help professionals have suggested these tips to t

Tips to Write a Good Article Critique

What is article critique? An article critique is a detail evaluation of the article.An article critique is way of writing about an article by analyzing it in both negative and positive context. It sh

What is Thesis Writing -Importance and List of Topics

A thesis is a document or statement which is specially prepared for an academic or professional level degree. It generally represents the research and findings of the writer in relation to his profe

Write a Business Plan

Writing a business plan is very crucial for all types of businesses whether it is a start-up or established business. The writer is always supposed to follow a proper structure for writing a business

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