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Cause and Effect Essay on Divorce

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      Thesis Statement

  • The lack of mutual understanding between a couple become responsible for their divorce and its effects can be seen in the poor cognitive development of the children.


    The rise in the count of divorce cases in society is very high these days and the couple is getting separated from the bond even after few months of tying the knot. Domestic violence, financial crises, social status and lack of mutual understanding are some common reason for divorce.

Earlier the number was a bit low in the developing and poor nations but nowadays even developing countries are also heading towards reckless divorce.

The effect of divorce between couples can be seen more in their children than in the parents. Here we will discuss the root cause of divorce and how we can put an end to this practice by mitigating its causes in the beginning.

      Main Essay 

  1. What scenario leads to a state of divorce in a married couple?:  Raising the pitch of voice in front of your partner, behaving like a mute partner in the marriage by showing back to the responsibilities leads to separation in couples. Marriage is an affair that needs to be handled by both the people and we cannot suppose the one person to manage all the things.

Often in the case of patriarchal societies women are supposed to work upon all the responsibilities. As a result of which they start finding a wedding as pressure or burden and not as a relationship. Similarly, in developed nations women are asked to compromise their career when it comes to looking after the baby.

All these situations lead to divorce in most of the conditions as women are well aware of their rights these days.

  1. Is it relevant to avoid divorce when both the people are willing to separate?:   Well if the two persons who are tied in a knot of marriage are not able to pull its burden nobody can push them to be in the given relation. It is always good to get out of a relationship that you are not happy with. Often unemployed women are asked to be in the relationship because they cannot survive without money.

But now the scenario is not the same as women can earn from various sources these days to seek out their livelihood easily. So it is always the best decision to walk out of a marriage if you are not finding solace in it.

  1. Effect of divorce on the children of a married couple:  Well, the divorce between couples not only affects the life of the two people but at the same time innocent children also. Couples having children should be very much responsible for the happiness of their child as well. In most of the scenario, children are attached to their both parents.

But during the separation of the parents in divorce child is supposed to be with on parent mostly the mother. As a result of which emotional trauma is experienced by the children when their parents get separated through a divorce.

It affects their cognitive growth as well which leads to the poor social behavior of the child in most of the scenarios. So it should be avoided to create a gulf between a relationship by the couple until or unless there is an exceptional case of violence and other such things.

  1. What could be done to avoid the situations that lead to divorce?:  If the couple wants to avoid bringing a situation like a divorce between them the best thing that could be done is to share their responsibilities. Respect each other’s opinions and decisions, clear misunderstanding and go for small picnics often.

It will keep them happy and joyful to live in relation to joy. Everyone wants to be loved with compassion on this earth and you must be compassionate towards each other to increase the health of your relationship. That is how divorce and such other things will not trouble you throughout life.


So from the above essay, we can reach the conclusion that divorce not only affects the lives of two people but at the same time children also get involved in it.

We can also see that the entire reason that leads to the situation of divorce can also be devoted to the misunderstanding, poor sharing of responsibilities. So it is crucial to work on these areas for the couple to save their relationship from being destroyed by the divorce.

It is always the right decision to live in a family except in a state when situations are worst. For example, if your partner abuse you, harass you or involve in domestic violence then it is always good to get separated from the relation. But poor understanding should not be the reason for your divorce in any case. 

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