How to Write a Cause And Effect Essay

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What is a cause and effect essay?

Cause and effect essay is refers to as academic writing which includes a description of causes and effect which happens as a result of specific events.  Such types of essays include analysis of the interrelationship between different events. A specific approach which writer utilize during the writing process is completely based on their perspective of the author about particular issue.

Here are a few cause and effect essay writing guidelines for graduates and postgraduates students who have been assigned the essay for their scholarship and coursework. By reading this article you will be able to write a perfect cause and effect essay.

Three types of cause and effect essays these are:

Type 1: Essay provides an explanation about how specific event takes place and consequences of the same.

Type 2: Essay is completely about the cause and it mainly includes a description of the way factor which causes specific influence.

Type 3: Essay is related to effects and it mainly concentrates on the list of consequences which has taken place due to a particular event.

Example of cause and effect event

A divorce of husband and wife

Causes of divorce: Lack of effective communication, financial issues, cheating, abuse etc.

Effect of Divorce: Negative influence on children, depression in both partners.

How to Write Cause and effect essay

Basically there are 10 steps of writing cause and effect essay that we have categorized the process into 3  parts such as preparation, writing process, and finally after writing process.

1.  Preparation for writing cause and effect essay 

Step 1: Check assignment – Before starting to write a cause and effect essay, you should read your college guidelines carefully. At the time of reading the guidelines you need to develop an understanding of peculiarities, specifications, the format of an essay, and other requirements. You are also requiring checking the deadline for submitting an essay.

Step 2: Concentrate on topic – In most of the cases, topics for writing cause and effects essay are provided by tutors. But in case, students have to select a topic by themselves. In such circumstances, you should search and prepare a list of topics. You should make a selection of the most interesting topic and afterward narrow it down.

Step 3: Perform research – At this step of writing cause and effect essay, you are requiring to conduct preliminary research for gathering information related to the topic.  You for writing a good cause and effect essay require gathering additional information on the internet. After the collection of information, you should prepare the first draft where you should present interesting facts. At the time of presenting the draft it is very crucial for you to specify the sources which you are going to use in the essay.

Step 4:  Create an outline – It is steps where you are required to formulating an effective plan for writing cause and effect essay in a successful manner.  Using a proper format and creating an appropriate outline is very much essential for writing a perfect essay.  While preparing an outline of cause and effect you need to keep in mind important points.  You should prepare an outline on the basis of the plan and topic which you have select for writing essay

2.   At the time of writing essay

Step 5:  Write an introduction – It is very crucial for a student who has just taken admission in the degree course to know how to write an essay introduction in the best way. This is because some of them write such an introduction for their essay that the professor even does not manage to read it completely and gives very low marks in the essay to the students.

That is why always make sure that you are writing a quirky introduction for your essay which is engaging and short as well. Do not ever reveal your suspense in this part of the essay and also try to make it interesting to snatch the entire interest of the readers for the rest of the essay.

You have various essay introduction writing tips on Students Assignment Help that can be grabbed by reading the sample essay introduction on homeschooling and many other such topics on the website as well. That is how you will be able to write the cause and effect essay introduction easily for your college and university assignments easily without any trouble in the way.

Step 6: Writing the main body of cause and effect essay – The main part of the cause and effect essay is the main body of it which contains the arguments and their justification after doing the research. You should be very much careful while writing the main arguments of the essay. It can make and break your impression for your professors and readers towards your essay.

Do not include those points in your essay which are told by millions of people already and try to bring something new in the arguments to make it unique. Make sure that you have the best idea about, how to write a cause and effect essay for your college assignments as they must not be written on the superficial subject and underlying situations must be highlighted to reach the depth of the subject.

Step 7: Prepare Conclusion – At the time of writing a conclusion you need to leave the reader with a feeling of completeness. You should focus on key points.

  • Restate the thesis statement

In a couple of sentences, you need to prove that the body paragraphs are closely linked with thesis statement from the introduction.

  • Remind the reader of main points

At the time of writing the cause and effect essay you need to provide the general outline by writing few sentences. It is very much crucial for you to ensure that the sentences which you have written are strong and consistent.

For instance, if you are talking about serious events which have influenced your life such as global warming you can put call to action in such types of sentences.

At the time of writing conclusion, it is very much essential for you to clearly specify the significance of controlling specific event.

  • Write concluding Sentence

you should end conclusion of cause and effect essay by writing an interesting sentence. By using few words, you can provide description of result of research and demonstrate the significance of arguments.

3. After writing an essay 

Step 8: Prepare References page – At this step, you are requiring to list sources that you have to utilize at the time of writing paper. You can arrange the references in alphabetical order.

Step 9: Read the first draft –  It is a step, where you need to ensure that you have utilized suitable phrases and words which are applicable for cause and effects. You need to check whether the content is a logical structure and make changes if required.

Step 10: Proofread paper – It is required by you to check the paper for all kinds of mistakes, spelling, and punctuation. You should leave your writing for an hour.

Words to use in cause and effect essay

At the time of writing cause and effect essay you need to ensure the utilization of general phrases which are also used in other essays or academic writing.  In the context of academic writing, it is very much essential for you to make use of sentence connectors and connecting phrases. It is the tactic that will help you in presenting your idea in a better manner. Few phrases such as for this reason, because of, since, this cause leads to, etc. will help you in enhancing your writing style.

For example

For this reason many employees are quieting their job.

Because of Corona virus many people are dying.

There are mainly four factors which can influence the business environment.

One cause of increase in global warming is a change in the attitude of human beings towards nature.

Therefore, divorce can lead to depression in both partners.

Cause and effect Essay – Example Outline of Obesity


In today’s world, people are suffering from obesity. The main cause of the increase in obesity is unhealthy eating of foods. There is another number of causes which lead to an increase in the issue of obesity such as lack of physical activity.

Main body 

  • Causes :
  1. People are consuming unhealthy food in large quantities as it is cheaper. Unhealthy food contains a lot of calories.  Approx. 50 percent of people consume unhealthy food daily.
  2.  People perform less physical activity and they do not have a sufficient amount of information about the consequences of laziness.
  3. People avoid visiting specialists. Therefore, they are not aware of the causes of obesity.
  •  Effects:

           Controlling the problem is very much essential as obesity can give rise to other diseases.


Lack of physical activity, consumption of unhealthy food are the main causes of obesity.

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