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Student's Assignment Help December 22, 2015

Thousands of students take admission in top universities of USA every year. USA is one of the modern countries of the world. Luxurious life-style, high cost of living makes it one of the most expensive places. Here are the challenges faced by international students in USA during higher-education.

1. American English: – American English and British English both are different. Many countries follow British English. When students reach to the USA, he/she needs to adopt American English style. Mostly this challenge faced by international students in USA. American universities are strict about American English and there is a risk of losing good grades. It is very necessary to learn American English. You will find many words having the same pronunciation but have different meanings in both English languages. Many words have different spelling.

2. Expensive Lifestyle: –the USA is one of the most expensive destinations of the world. It’s a common challenge faced by every individual abroad student. The cost of living is high in the US. The tuition fee of universities and colleges are also high. Abroad students must do part-time jobs to reduce the financial burden. Abroad students find part-time jobs easily in the USA. Try to live in sharing and avoid eating in the restaurant for money management.


3. First-night Panic Attack: – It is general. Every abroad student feels lonely on the first night that he/she spent alone from their family on a foreign land. But, you have to spend years in this country. There are many students that came to study without family and friends. Meet new people and reduce your mental worries.

4. Language Barrier: – Language barrier is another challenge for abroad students. It may possible that you can use incorrect phrase. There are many words that will be new for you but are common for People of America. Never feel shy in asking problems to your friends. It will improve English skills.

5. None of your Devices will work: – It takes more than 24 hours to reach the USA from Europe, Australia, and the Asian continent. A fully charged device will also power-off in 24 hours. It’s your responsibility to call at home after reaching the foreign land that you have landed safely. It may possible that you won’t get a plug-in that accepts your charger in the USA. So, always buy an international adapter before taking off for the USA.

Challenges faced by international students in the USA

6. New Food: – A new climate and new food dishes attract every student. It’s a general experience that new students gain more weight. You will find daily meals in unlimited quantities at restaurant buffets. You will also find pizza, pasta, burger etc junk food. This food increases weight. It is necessary to do regular exercise like running, gym etc to stay fit and fine.

7. New Culture: – the USA is the top preference of abroad students for higher education. Students from more than 100 countries came to the US every year. You will find some problems in adopting a new culture that is completely different from your country.

8. New Assignments: – Universities of USA are very strict about their rules. Assignment submission is compulsory and it can affect your academic grades. You can get help from the internet for research but remember to submit plagiarism free assignments to get good grades. You will find library resource inside the college campus, issue books or spend time in the library to complete the assignments.

9. New Professors: – You will find professors from different corners of the world in the university. You need to communicate with them in English only. It will be a challenging situation to build a strong co-ordination with the professors. All professors are open to help you and if you get a chance to assist the professor then don’t lose it. Gain more knowledge from them. It is beneficial to stay in touch with the professors.

Challenges faced by international students in the USA

10. You can’t find your Favorite Brands: – It may possible that you will not find a product of a particular brand in the stores of USA. A product may be a food item, drink or any other thing. You can use mobile applications for this purpose. Search for a brand and ask if they will deliver in the USA or not. You can bring that item with the luggage also.

These are the few basic challenges faced by international students in USA. These challenges were shared by the people who have done their high-education from the USA.

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