Character Analysis Essay Writing Guide

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When the students of the university across the globe get assigned with essay writing task, then they have to conduct in-depth research  about the topic. However,  if students have to work upon a character analysis essay, then they have to remain critical while analyzing a character.

What is a character analysis essay?

A character analysis essay is a type of essay in which students need to develop the understanding about the main character.  Students write such  types of essays for analyzing the character in literary piece. The main purpose of character analysis essay is to prepare a profile and thoroughly analyze the characters.  Other intention of writing such type of essay is to analyze anatomy of specific character in the story.

These essays are generally assigned to university students pursuing their higher academic degrees from the top school or university across the world.  The students have to complete their article by using either three-layered essay format or basic five-paragraph essay style. There are so many characters which the students can find in their literature texts like developed, clowns, repeated, or stagnant, role, fools, and many more. Such types of essays are generally dependent on the foundation of analyzing of character in the text.

Fantastic outline of character analysis essay paper

Many of the university students wonder how they can start work on a character analysis essay paper. The framework is a significant step in writing an essay. The character analysis essay outline requires efficient action plan if the students want to achieve in the successful writing task. If the students of university want to score full grades in their character analysis essay paper, then they cannot afford to miss the outline.

Start with the introduction part

It is necessary to start the character analysis essay paper with a brief and striking introduction paragraph. Do not describe the main characters of the story in details instead explain the simple and clear signs of the character’s role.

  1. Introduce title of the story  and the author.
  2. Provide background information about the story.
  3. Thesis statement:Write thesis statement in single sentence. Also state the main traits of character  and the way it influences other characters and theme of the story.

Essay body part

It is the central part of the essay where the students can create analysis in their essay. Divide the entire story into a few segments by describing each significant feature of the characters. Students can also give evidence in support of the roles along with the classic format.

You can categories your main body section of character analysis essay in 3 parts these are

Para 1: Provide description about the character is revealed at the beginning of the story.

1. Introduce the adjective which will describe the character.

2.Give reference to what other authors  think about the character.

3. Provide the explanation about how  the traits identified influence the story.

Para 2: Clearly specify how the character evolves in the story.

  1. Do identification of the adjectives which describes best character.
  2. Highlight the changes which specific character undergoes  throughout the story.
  3. Provide the explanation about importance of the change in traits of character.

Para 3: Highlight the characteristics of character

  1. Explain how specific character is different from other characters at the beginning of the story.
  2. Clearly specify whether character has  changed for better or worse.
  3. If there is no change then state that whether it is right or bad for the character.

Conclusion part

Students have to write a summary of the main characters mentioned in the body section in the conclusion part. Remind the readers that why essay story was chosen and what was the role of characters during the entire story. Conclusion part leaves some impression on the reader’s minds.

  1. Provide explanation of the lessons  which you have learn from the experience of character.
  2. Write your feelings about the situation which specific character has undergone.

How to write a proper character analysis?

Before starting to write a character analysis essay, you need to select a character which you will talk about in essay. Some cases, your instructor may provide suggestions related to character. If you are given with freedom to select character of your choice then you choose character playing important role in story.  The 5 steps of writing character analysis essay are:

Step 1: Review the story

Before beginning to write an essay you need to first read a story. It is the tacit which will help you in identifying the character playing main role.  At the time of reading a story you should highlight the role of character.

Step 2: Prepare notes

At the time of writing character analysis essay you should prepare notes and mark all essential components in the story. After preparing notes, you should develop the primary thought about the character.

Step 3: Introduce your character

Here you need to present your character and clearly specify their roles in the story. After that you are require to determine that character which you have select is hero. You are also requiring writing few sentences depicting character.

Step 4: Provide general depiction of character

After analyzing the character, you need to provide smooth progress that is from general depiction of character to convergence of article.

Step 5: Write a thesis statement

At last you need to create a thesis statement on the basis of analysis of character in the story.

Types of character analysis

Before starting with the character analysis essay, students have to first know about the various types of character analysis:

  • Protagonist: Typically, the protagonist refers to the main character of the story. To make the story more interesting, it is essential that the protagonist should do something to put the story forward.
  • Antagonist: The character antagonist causes some conflict things for the protagonist. Everyone loves to hate the antagonist of the story.
  • Major character: A significant character can get classified into multiple categories and have to play a vital role in the story. It is up to the students which type of parts they want from the characters.
  • Minor character: A minor character plays small roles in the story and they are generally a static characters. They can fade in and out of the storyline.
  • Dynamic characters: The dynamic character keeps changing throughout the complete story. Both the protagonist and antagonist can get considered as compelling characters.
  • Static character: The static character remains the same throughout the entire story. They are also worth analyzing, but the role played is quite less.
  • Stereotypical: Mostly these types of characters get used to filling up space in the story. These can help the significant aspects of the story.
  • Foils: The role played by foils is to contrast with the significant characters throughout the entire story.
  • Three dimensional or round characters: Characters playing multiple nature roles and having a double personality throughout the story comes under this category.

Example of character analysis essay

Anne of green Grable 

In this story, Anne is a main character. She occupies a literary role of young girl in many of the classical novel. In the story, she is basically an innocent girl. She lives her life by following certain rules which can be seen through prism of childhood innocence. It frames Annie not as deviant but a precious soul.

Tips for writing character analysis essay

Some of the university students have confusion between the analysis essay and descriptive essay. Character analysis essay has several other peculiar features and students have to follow some of the academic writing guidelines:

  • It is better to select the three-dimensional characters along with the heroes and villains.
  • Provide more evidence in support of the hero chosen, which can help in making the story more interesting.
  • Start the essay by highlighting the hero, author, name of the original story, and summary about it. After that recall, the main hero of the story to whom the students have dedicated the essay.
  • Pretend like the students have met the hero in their real life.
  • Try to find excellent samples by visiting online sites, and it can make the teacher curious to see the character analysis essay.
  • Define the main thing that had motivated the students to choose the characters highlighted in the story.
  • In-text citations can help the students to mention the evidence in support of character analysis.
  • Out of all the other alternatives, students have to write down an impressive conclusion to their essay story, which can amaze the readers.

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