How to Write a Classification Essay

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Classification essays are hard to write especially when they are assigned for the purpose of admission or scholarship. By reading this article,you will be able to explore the meaning,outline, process and example of classification essay.

What is a classification essay?

Classification essays as the name indicate they mean something to deal with the classification of the topics of the essay into several categories and then writing it as per unified basis of division. It can also be refers to as an academic paper which classifies ideas, objects and characters on the basis of their characteristics into particular groups. Classification essay is a common type of paper which students of high school and college are asked to write. But sometimes you also need to write classification essay at higher level of educations. It is the classification essay which enables comparison-contrast writing techniques.

There are so many types of essays that are similar to write but still have a minor difference and same is the case with classification essay it is just like other essays but the categorization of the things in different parts and explaining to them each makes it different from others.

Example: Suppose, you intends to classify transport then you can develop following categories such as land, water and air. Again under land, you can include more categories such as rail transportation, road etc. In the main body paragraphs of essay you need to provide explanation about different features of different transportation categories.

Standard Outline of classification Essay

Basic outline of Classification essay is:

I. Introduction

  • Background detail
  • Hook
  • Topic sentence

II. Body paragraph first or category first

  • Topic sentence
  • Write characteristics about categories
  • Give specific example

III. Second category or  Body paragraph

  • Topic sentence
  • Write characteristics about categories
  • Give specific example

IV. Body paragraph or category third

  • Topic sentence
  • Write characteristics about categories
  • Give specific example

V. Conclusion

  • Summary of categories
  • Share your opinion

How to write classification essay?

The classification essay is different than usual essay, mainly as it includes more research. Before starting to write an essay, you require to gather lot of information and then organist into categories. It is a type of assignment which is common. The 6 steps of writing classification essays are as follows:

Step 1: Develop ideas

Before starting to write an essay, you need to develop an idea.  Most of the time tutor gives topic to students for writing classification essay. But if in case your tutor has not given you topic then you can chosen on your own. You should select broad topic as it is the strategy which will provide you in performing research and gathering information.

Below is the list of few topics which you can utilize for writing classification essay.

  • Modern literature
  • Attitude of people towards money.
  • Types of democratic societies.
  • Types of diets
  • Different styles of dancing

After developing ideas you need to observe the phenomenon from different perspectives and classify it into different classes. In simple words, before starting to write an essay you should conduct preliminary research. After selection of topic you start searching for information about the same.  Selection of an appropriate topic is very much essential as it will enable you to work and provide an ease in managing time as well.

Step 2: Create the thesis statement

A thesis statement is considered to be as basis of classification essay.  After writing a thesis statement you should ensure that reader get an ease in developing understanding about the content in essay. The Thesis statement which you have design should highlight the approaches you will use for examination. It should establish specific expectations for the reader which you need to consider throughout your essay.

Step 3: Plan the procedure

Planning is very much crucial in order to write the best essay.  At this step of writing classification essay you need to first prepare timeline. It is a step where you should determine time which you are going to spend on research process, for writing and editing as well. After that you need to arrange time schedule in such a manner that enables you to add more activities.  Once you have prepared schedule, now you need to create an outline for classification essay.

Like other academic essays, classification essays also contain 3 parts these are:

  • Introduction
  • Main body paragraphs
  • Conclusion

At the time of creating an outline of essay you should also ensure that it includes supporting ideas and examples which will help you in explaining classifications. You should also include Thesis statement at the end of introductory paragraph.

Step 4: Execute research

Through preliminary research you may have gather only little amount of information   that too only for explaining classification. But now at this step, you need to execute more research and gather more information about the different categories.  As it is the tactic which will help you in identifying more sources which you can cite and make your essay more reliable.

After successful completion of research process, you require to define ever category.  It is very much essential for you to search proper definitions which are clear but informative.  Now, you need to list basic characteristics of every category and develop plan for having discussion about them. Here, you will come across, difference and similarities between every category. Now, you need to update your essay outline by including new ideas and information.

Step 5: Write classification essay

This is a step where you can finally start writing your essay. It is a step where you need to connect ideas in logical and coherent manner.


Before starting to write introduction part of classification essay, you need to address and develop understanding about subject.  In introductory part of such essay, you require to start writing about the categories directly. You also require gathering information about concept which you are going to classify. At this step, you can capture attention of reader by providing them with informative detail about topic. After completion of introduction, you need to write Thesis statement.

At the same time, you should provide explanation of classifications which you are going to develop. The first draft of the essay gives your essay shape and outline and in case you are asked to write a three-layered essay then you can divide it into an introduction, main body and conclusion. In the case of the five-paragraph essay thesis statement and citation is also added to the draft. Once you are done with the draft of the essay try to add the categories in which your essay will be divided for the classification. This is how you can research on individual category easily without creating a mess.

Example of thesis statement in classification essay

Children those who study computer science in detail can enjoy different activities such as playing video games, developing apps and watching movies.

Main body paragraph

Before, starting to write main body paragraph, you need to consider the categories.  There is no standard 5 paragraph format for writing classification essay. It is a step, where you need to determine the format of an essay on the basis of number of categories you are going to explore in essay.

Now, you can start writing main body paragraph by stating Topic sentence. You for writing topic sentences need to identify specific category. After that, you will require to provide more detail to write more specific. At the time of writing the main body paragraph, you can start writing it by stating least effective to most effective approaches. The main thing which you need to ensure after writing main body paragraphs is  logical progression.

Tips for writing the main body of classification essay for college

Here are few tips that are given by the Students Assignment Help experts to graduates and postgraduates for writing the main body of three layered essays and five layered essays as well.

  • Research on every category in such a way that they are addressing a common issue under the same umbrella but differently.
  • Do not write the repeated arguments that are written by scores of students already on the topic.
  • Always find some relevant solutions which are practical and also maintain the suspense for the readers along with their interest.
  • You should use transition sentences, as this will help you in connecting different paragraphs.


Before writing conclusion you need to observe every category of the essay and then the inferences come out from them. Examples are important to make your points extra clear in the essay conclusion and give the chances of the best scores in your assignments. Talking about the length of the conclusion if classification essay tries to precise it as much as possible but that does not mean to cut the essence of the conclusion. You have to include each and every crucial point without increasing the length. So whatever you write make it valid and important in your conclusion avoid writing crap at this stage.

In this section of classification essay, you need to write summary of key points in essay.  Approaches which you have enlist in research paper. Conclusion is a section where you need to clearly state the types and approaches. It is very much essential for you to write final comment for each category. At the same time you should ensure that it is brief and non-repetitive.  At the time of writing conclusion, you should keep in mind that it is a last chance to share your thoughts about topic. Here, you need to restate thesis statement. At the same time, it is also very much crucial for you to demonstrate significance if classifying events, objects and people.

Step 6: Do revisions

It is very much essential for you to revision after completion of an essay. At the time of revision of essay you need to mainly concentrate on use of language, words, structure and organisation of essay etc. In case, if you don’t revise essay, then there is high risk in relation to submission of incomplete essay.

Tips for revision includes the following:

  • Begin with large view
  • Clarify message
  • Proofread
  • It includes reading of every word and sentence in order to address grammatical error.
  • Avoid utilization of complex words and phrases.

Example of Classification Essay

Essay on Cinematography

I. Classification Essay Introduction

  • The Cinematography is basically a crucial aspect of culture prevailing in the United States.
  • Increase in importance of cinematography among different culture of the United states has  lead to emergence of  different genres of movies

Thesis statement

Comedies, Science fiction and actions films are now the three most important categories of cinematography in the United States.

II. First category: Comedy

It can be categories into three these are:

  • Black comedies
  • Romantic comedies
  • Teen comedies

III. Second category: Science Fiction

  • Fan fiction
  • Fantasies
  • Anti-utopias

IV. Third category: Action movies

  • Spy fictions
  • Thrillers
  • Adventures


Here, you need to rewrite thesis statement:

The 3 important groups of the united state films include comedies, action films, and science fiction.

Good topics for writing classification essay

Some topics on which you can write classification essay are:

  1. Olympic games
  2. Attitude of people towards exercise
  3. Ways to classify sports Gyms
  4. Famous World’s Comedians
  5. Types of Cartoons
  6. Ways to Treat Obesity
  7. Impact of Eating Habits on Different Disorder
  8. Healthy Nutrition
  9. Music and Social Media
  10. Music and Politics
  11. Major Music Instruments
  12. Types of Tests Used on Animals


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