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What is An Commentary Essay

Student's Assignment Help 05/02/2019 297 Views

Commentary essays are too often assigned to the graduates by their professors in college. Writing such essays require students to reflect on the topic by having some critical skills. That is why tips for writing a commentary essay should be gathered by college students before writing such essays. It must be clear in their mind how to use the research methodologies for the essay research. At the same time, the essay outline and structure must be known to the students. The free tips for writing commentary essays are given below by the Students Assignment Help professional writers having a good experience along with a definition of commentary essay. Those worried about the essay writing format can also understand the best difference between MLA and APA format of essay writing.


  1. Definition of commentary essay for college students

Like the name suggest this type of essays are supposed to be written in reflective tone by the essayist. For example, if you are given with the topic of the essay on environmental issues then you have to critically comment on its causes, effects, solutions, etc. The reaction and the analytical response of the writer on the essay topic is supreme in commentary essays. Mostly literary students are asked to write such essays by their professors to analyze the literature texts by finding relevant research arguments.

  1. How to start a commentary essay

For writing a good commentary essay you are supposed to read the text or understand the concept at first place. Do a little research before proceeding for the essay writing to segregate the points that to be discussed in different parts. Use apt essay research methodology for your commentary essay.

  1. Outline and essay writing format for a commentary essay

The most essential part of writing an essay is the outline of an essay which should be drawn by keeping the fact in mind that whether it is a summary essay or long essay. You cannot afford to skip the importance of essay writing format as well which will decide the fate of you essay as wrong essays formats are not entertained by professors.

  1. Introduction writing tips for a college commentary essay

The next step is to write the introduction of the commentary essay by explaining how you are going to approach the topic of the essay. You need to give the superficial glimpses of your essay to your readers in this part of the essay. Do not forget to write a good essay hook in the beginning of your essay.

  1. Free tips for writing the main body of commentary essay

In the main body of your commentary essay, you are supposed to share your views, research and analysis and reactions on the topic of the essay. This part is the main part of the essay which will contain all the critical reviews of the writer to substantiate his or her essay thesis statement. Such essays are more or less match with critical essays.

  1. How to write the commentary essay conclusion for college?

The essay conclusion can be written like that of any other essay conclusion by the students. Just compare your thesis statement and main arguments of the essay and sift out those examples which substantiate your thesis statement of the essay. That is how you are doing full justice to your essay.

  1. Essay citation

Never ignore to write essay citations at the end of your essay to make it away from the plagiarism threat. Include all the research resources that have been referred to the research work in an essay to make your essay authentic.

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