What is An Commentary Essay

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Commentary essays are too often assigned to the graduates by their professors in college. Writing such essays require students to reflect on the topic by having some critical skills. This article contain useful information about writing commentary essay.

Definition of commentary essay 

A commentary essay is basically an academic paper which intends to reveal the outcome of analysis. In such type of text you are require top provide detail information about text.  Like the name suggest this type of essays are supposed to be write an essay in reflective tone. The reaction and the analytical response of the writer on the essay topic are supreme in commentary essays. Mostly literary students are asked to write such essays by their professors to analyze the literature texts by finding relevant research arguments. In commentary essay there is no space for general discussion of topic.

For example, if you are given with the topic of the essay on environmental issues then you have to critically comment on its causes, effects, solutions, etc.

Outline of a commentary essay

The outline of commentary essay includes the following:

  • Abstract

In this section of commentary essay, you need to provide summary of literary commentary in approx. 250 to 300 words.

  • Introduction

Here you are requiring introducing analyzed page of text. You should also provide information about author.

  • Different main body paragraphs

You need to include main commentary in this section. Writer can utilize transition and topic sentences for integrating the different paragraphs in main body part of commentary essay.

  • Conclusion

This section in commentary essay include summary of content which you have included in main body part of an essay. Here, you need to restate your thesis. It is the best idea not to use any other references except one which you have analyze. It is very much essential for you to use your own words for sharing your personal opinion. You need not to include reference page at the end.

How to write commentary essay

Before starting to write commentary essay, it is very much essential for you to analyze the piece of text thoroughly. At the same time you should also ensure that you have developed understanding about central concept.  While analysis the text you should note important points as this strategy will provide you assistance during writing procedure. You should also highlight the keywords, particularly if you are planning to do online submission of document. Before making final submission of the essay you should check the terminologies.

The 4 step of writing commentary essay are:

Step 1:  Introduction 

  • Start with a hook 

At the initial step of writing commentary essay, you need to write a shocking or interesting fact. This tacit which will help you in grabbing the attention of reader.

  • Background information 

Provide the background information about topic.

  • Thesis 

You should write strong thesis statement. It is very much important for you to consider the objective of writing commentary essay at the time of designing thesis statement. 

After that you need to write the introduction of the commentary essay by explaining how you are going to approach the topic of the essay. You need to give the superficial glimpses of your essay to your readers in this part of the essay. Do not forget to write a good essay hook in the beginning of your essay.

 Step 2: Writing the main body of commentary essay

In the main body of your commentary essay, you are supposed to share your views, research and analysis and reactions on the topic of the essay. This part is the main part of the essay which will contain all the critical reviews of the writer to substantiate his or her essay thesis statement. Such essays are more or less match with critical essays.

Step 3: Write the conclusion 

The essay conclusion can be written like that of any other essay conclusion by the students. Just compare your thesis statement and main arguments of the essay and sift out those examples which substantiate your thesis statement of the essay. That is how you are doing full justice to your essay.

Step 4: Do citation

Never ignore to write essay citations at the end of your essay to make it away from the plagiarism threat. Include all the research sources which you have use for gathering the information for writing essay.

Example of commentary essay

Below is the sample of an excellent commentary essay


  • Hook: Are you aware that the only shareholders of company can participate in voting.
  • Background information: The election in organization was lastly held on April 2015. Mr. James won that election by overcoming obstacles and rumors.
  • Thesis: According to my view, Mr. James deserves the position.  But I also believe that opposition party was also effective as they have good business relations.

Main body

  • 1st claim:  Mr. James announces a new compensation policy for welfare of employees.
  • Claim 2nd: Present president in an organization proposes a new system of training which will be beneficial for all workers.
  • 3rd Claim:  However, the opponent in the face of the last Name promised to improve business relations with companies in industry.


It has been concluded from the above that president which has been appointed recently has good potential of managing business.

Tips for writing Commentary essay

Some basic tips which you can follow at the time of writing commentary essay are:

  • Clearly specify the issue.
  • At the time of preparing outline you should consider audience and the theme.
  •  Determine structure and genre before starting to write documentary essay.
  • Make declension about how to present information.
  • Use proper language and style of witting.
  • Seek feedback
  • Proofread and edit work before submission.

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