How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay – Complete Guide

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Many of the college or university students face the problem while writing the academic essays assign to them. Though it is not simple for the students to work on several homework essay writing papers at the same time, the well-formatted research and proper selection of the topic can help the students to a great extent. For writing the compare and contrast essay, students have first to find out the problem which is not only exciting but can leave an inspiration impression in the minds of the readers.

The students of graduation or post-graduation can write the compare and contrast essays for the different objects, pets, novels, fictional stories, and many more. An excellent article is not something that can make the readers interested with, but it is the one which can highlight an attractive background of the topic chosen and can analyze a useful thought.

What is the compare and contrast essay? 

Definition:- Compare and contrast essay has direct meaning as they point out the similarities and differences between any two subjects. However, sometimes it becomes difficult for the college or high school students to formulate the essay papers with cohesion and clarity. “

The top university professors assign different essay papers to increase the knowledge of the students, plus their reasoning and writing skills. If the students are capable of searching a good essay writing topic, they can quickly grab the attention of the readers.

The college students have to use inspirational points to make an argument secure and meaningful about the subjects they have chosen for writing the essay paper. While it can be a hard writing task for the school and college students but with a little work and hard practice, they can smoothly prepare a good compare and contrast essay.

How to start a compare and contrast essay?

If the college students want to understand how they can start the compare and contrast essay paper, then at first they have to think about topic writing. As in this type of essay, students have to discuss both the similarity points as well as the different points, so they have to choose an exciting and exciting writing topic.

A good introduction part is the one that can excite the readers into reading your essay paper. Students can begin the writing task by mentioning an interesting fact or subject or by merely asking a question. An introduction paragraph must describe which the essay has been written and how the topic selected impacts.

  • The most important thing which the students have to avoid is not to disclose the essay paper writing work in the starting section. The students have to make sure that they are only mentioning essential points about which the readers are going to read in the essay.
  • There are many exciting ways to lead in the topic like by explaining why the topic is essential to get discussed and how it impacts on others.
  • A well-structured introduction part can also introduce the general outline necessary for the essay paper. A good overview and a proper introduction will make the look of the essay paper more attractive.
  • In the first paragraph, if the students are explaining the importance of the topic, then the readers could find any of the reason to read out the entire essay paper.
  • A thesis statement is an integral part of the compare and contrast essay introduction, which clarifies the central part of the essay. The students writing some of the inspiring quote or statement at the beginning of the paper can quickly gather the attention of the audience.

Compare and Contrast essay structure: step by step guidance

When the students have no option to work brilliantly on the compare and contrast essay, then they can take help from the following steps.

The following list of suggestions can help the students to write an excellent compare and contrast essay paper:

  • STEP 1- Pick out two exciting subjects that can quickly get compared and contrasted: The primary step for writing the outstanding paper is to select any of the two issues that are fair enough to compare. The students are not able to choose the topic quickly, and it takes a tough time to make sure that the topic selected is perfect for writing the compare and contrast essay.

The college students have to pick the item which comes under the same category but still has the points of differences, which makes the topic significant. However, it can also be useful if the students choose the subjects, mainly two which are distinct, and they have still something in common.

The choice of the compare and contrast essay topic can comfortably be made which appear to be same, but in actual practice, they are entirely different. It is better to focus on the selection task first instead of bothering about the writing.

Because of the topic selected by the college students will not seem attractive to the readers, then they will not listen to the essay paper. All the attention and interest of the audience depends on the choice of the compare and contrast essay topic. So, it is better to select an outstanding problem in the starting of the essay paper.

  • STEP 2 – Make sure that the topic chosen can get discussed in a meaningful manner: While choosing the perfect theme or subject for drafting the academic journal, students have first to see whether the problem is significant or not. A good compare and contrast essay are the one who can make the readers understand that the theme selected has a purpose behind it plus a valid reason that how it clarifies the difference. The chosen topic must be like, which can put the questions among the students and the school or college students get prepared to answer them.

It is helpful for those students who consider “so what” questions in their compare and contrast essay topics. The comparisons highlighted in the essay paper should give meaningful reasoning that if there is similarity or difference or not.

If the readers do not find any of the strong statements or arguments, then they will lose their interest from the essay paper, and in the end, students have to face the low academic grades. So, it will be beneficial for the students to select a meaningful compare and contrast essay topic.

  • STEP 3 – Brainstorm the critical point about the selected compared and contrasted topic: The students are not likely to have a direct jump from the selection of the problem to the thesis writing. There are so many school and college students who even do not know the meaning of the brainstorming the essential points. However, it is okay if the students follow the main steps for writing the compare and contrast essay papers. It is beneficial for the students to take sufficient time for thinking about the topic selected and the points which make the two subjects either similar or different.

Through brainstorming the ideas, students are going to get a sense that on which points they have to focus highly and which of the points are non-essential to get considered. In addition to the exploration of the thinking ideas, brainstorm will help the students to formulate an excellent thesis to make the readers interested. Venn diagrams are great when the college students are thinking about the brainstorm.

As the set of some overlapping circles can make the students visualize the things which can make the subject similar or dissimilar. However, it can also be useful to make a rough list of all the characteristics and qualities of each essay writing subject.

  • STEP 4 – Consider the motivational writing points: The students from different colleges or universities can’t mention every single crucial point about the topic in their essay paper. The things can be slightly similar or entirely different following the points discussed in the essay paper. So, it is much better to select the locations which are particularly essential to get discuss in the essay paper and which can highlight something significant. Once the students are done with a rough list of crucial writing points, they can quickly prepare the academic essay paper.

It is easy for the school or college students to discuss the places of origin, typical characteristics, and qualities that make the subject an interesting one for the readers. It is not simple for the students to provoke the readers easily, but if they are presenting something unique and innovative, then surely the audience can find their interest in the essay paper written by the students.

  • STEP 5 – Develop an excellent thesis statement: The students always have a choice for writing the thesis statement of the compare and contrast essay. Though the number of selections required for writing the perfect thesis is high, the students have to keep in mind that a good thesis is the one that can reflect the outstanding argument and can explain that why it is useful for the audience. It is not simple for the college or university students to put two subjects together in the one thesis statement, but still, if the students try their best efforts, then they can prepare an excellent thesis.

An outstanding compare and contrast essay goes beyond the range of the simple words used by the students. Mainly the students use the simple list of similar or different points of the essay paper to make a meaningful thesis statement on the topic.

However, the students have to first think about the points which can leave a good impression on the minds of the readers and can make them excited to read out the entire essay paper. The main argument put by the students in their states must be to put significant comments by writing something different.

  • STEP 6 – Decide a good structure for the essay paper: The college or university students have several ways through which they can organize a good structure for the compare and contrast essay paper. The format chosen by the students helps them in creating innovative ideas for dealing with academic work. Once the students have decided that which of the form will work for their essay writing work, then they have to work on it unless they find any of the suitable change is required. It can be beneficial to select the structure format from the subject by subject method. It can help the students to make a smooth and flawless essay paper to attract the reader’s attention.

The students have to work on the list of points instead of writing the essay cohesively. The compare and contrast essay will work much better for the college students who first select the latest topic to work upon, and then they work on making it attractive in a unique way. The bright and concise points can make the essay paper look more exciting and beautiful as well.

However, it is essential for the students first to compare and then contrast the essay paper. It is a common way to emphasize how the two chosen subjects are different and how they can help the students in organizing the essay paper.

  • STEP 7 – Prepare an exciting outline of the compare and contrast essay: The proper outlining of the essay paper help the students from different schools and colleges to give the main organizational structure that can help them to follow the new ideas. It does not matter that which of the method is chosen by the students, but they have to work on the format and structure required for making the compare and contrast essay paper exciting. It can be difficult for readers to go through the entire essay if things are not well-arranged. So, it makes it essential for the students to work on the efficient outline of the essay paper.

There are three main sections that have to get involved in the essay paper outline of the compare and contrast essay, namely; introduction paragraph, central body paragraph, and the conclusion.

  • A.) Introduction: The introduction part is the starting of the essay paper, which has to be exciting and exciting to grab the attention of the readers. The college students have to provide the necessary information and some informative statement at the beginning of the compare and contrast essay, which can clear the main subject chosen by the students. It is essential to include the thesis statement in the starting of the essay paper so that the readers can find any of the specific reason to read the entire essay paper. It can be a question, joke, facts, compelling statement, or any of the exciting thought which is enough to make the readers curious about what is going to be the next.
  • B.) Central paragraphs: After coming over the starting part, the students have to focus on the main body paragraphs of the compare and contrast essay. Here the students have to provide all the essential details plus required evidence that is strong enough to support the statement given by the students. There can be three-paragraphs or five-paragraphs written in this section, but the main point is essential to get delivered. Each different article involved in the central part of the essay paper must get written with various pieces of evidence or proofs.

The students have to properly analyze the facts plus required pieces of evidence to support the thesis statement given by them in the beginning section. Most of the middle schools and high schools compare and contrast essay paper requires the explanation of three-paragraphs, but when it comes about the conveying of the argument, then it becomes essential to give a complete statement irrespective of the paragraphs.

  • C.) Conclusion: In this section, the students have to summarise the facts or pieces of evidence that they have presented in the entire essay paper. The college or school students can restate the thesis in the conclusion part, but this time they have to offer more information and the useful content as compare to the introduction part. As the audience know why the students want them to listen to the entire essay but providing them, informative content can increase the excitement among them.

For writing the compare and contrast essay paper correctly, students have to mainly focus on the discussion points and flawless content so that they prove their statement without getting any disturbance. A well-formatted conclusion is essential for delivering a useful position in the minds of the readers.

  • STEP 8 – Take a crucial break: Most of the students have a habit of doing work continuously. It is the common mistake made by almost every student that they do not take a break after the completion of the essay paper. It is useful if the students start writing work as early as it is possible so that they get enough time to reread the essay paper. Starting earlier gives enough time to the students to finish their drafting task soon so that they can relax for some time. It can make the student’s mind’s fresh to check and analyze the mistakes if they found in the essay paper.

When the students read out the essay paper loudly, then they can know that if it is enough to attract the reader’s attention or not. In addition to it, it can be helpful to get the point that if they have made any of the mistakes in their paper or not.

  • STEP 9 – Review the essay paper: After the completion of the whole essay paper, the students need to look at the grammatical or vocabulary mistakes, repetitive ideas, or technical errors. It is useful if the students check out that if there is a proper balance in the paper or not. However, the language selected by the school or college students for writing the compare and contrast essay paper must be positive to convey the correct argument. If the students find any of the mistake or error in the essay paper, then it is better to edit all such errors.

As the university professors or teachers have the zero per cent tolerance power for the duplicate content, so the students have to care about the plagiarism content. If the readers that the content provided by the students through their compare and contrast essay papers is not original or unique, then they have to face the severe challenges related to their academic grades. That is why it is essential to take a small break and then check out if there are any of the mistakes or not.

How to write central body paragraphs for the compare and contrast essay?

Every high compare and contrast essay paper starts with an excellent brainstorm. After dealing with the introduction paragraph, students have to work on the central body part, which is essential to grab the attention of the readers. Before trying to compare the two different subjects, it is necessary first to gather every single bit of knowledge that provides informative content in front of the audience.

It is beneficial if the students are keeping the two subjects apart since the beginning of the main body paragraph.

  • The differences are easy to work on, but the difficulty comes when the college students have to pick out any of the similarity between the entirely two apart subjects. So at first collecting, the proper information will work for the students.
  • Researching in-depth is better to collect the critical content which can make the essay paper exciting and flawless as well.
  • If the students have no idea about the facts required for writing the essay paper, then they have to search from the reliable sources so that they can provide the essential background in front of the audience.
  • As the topic chosen by the students must be informative to highlight the vital points, so it is necessary to write profoundly and smoothly about the essay paper.
  • Students from college or university have to find out the handful of facts and informative content to write at least three or five paragraphs of the compare and contrast essay. It can give a balance to the points of similarities or differences between the two subjects chosen for writing the essay paper.
  • Evidence and proofs are essential to discuss in the main body paragraph so that the students can support the statement. When the readers get the proper supporting comments along with the main content, then definitely they will show their interest in the essay.

How to write influencing conclusion part for the compare and contrast essay?

An impressive conclusion part is the one which wraps the entire essay paper and does not leave any of the loose ends. Whatever the college students have written in their essay paper, it is essential to write a concise summary of the entire essay paper. In the conclusion part, students have to deal with an interesting point but not other than the points discussed in the whole essay. Single important information is enough to make the essay paper look more attractive and exciting.

  • Once the students have started creating the outline of the essay paper, the final step of the students must be to end, and it will provide relevant information.
  • It is essential to end up the essay paper by highlighting the useful information and knowledgeable content for the audience.
  • Students have to show their comprehension and writing skills by creating a smooth and flawless ending of the compare and contrast essay.
  • It is not only essential to write attractive introduction part of the essay paper, but it is also necessary to end up it with an outstanding conclusion.
  • If the audience finds any of the useful information in the outcome, then they can take the impacting action.

How to choose a good idea for writing the compare and contrast essay paper?

Academically, many of the students across the different schools or universities get assigned with the compare and contrast essay writing a task for which they have to select a stimulating and attention-grabbing subject. It is not simple for the students to search for the best topic for writing the essay paper, but if they try their best, they can easily collect the exciting idea.

There are some of the essential suggestions which can make the students of high school comfortable for choosing the best essay writing topic:

  • It is necessary to be creative for the students. If the students are searching for the dull or highly researched topic, then it becomes difficult for them to write a new essay paper.
  • The subject chosen for the paper writing should get matched with the academic material so that the readers can go through the entire article.
  • College students can explore different places, situations, events, historical situations, or fictional stories to write an informative compare and contrast essay paper.
  • Searching in-depth on reliable sources like internet, books, magazines, and many other sources can help the students to write a perfect essay paper by providing them with several writing ideas.
  • Sometimes the information gained by the students from the internet is not efficient or accurate, so it is better to use the proper knowledge before starting the work on any of the topic.
  • The topic chosen by the students must be unique and concise to provide precise information through the compare and contrast essay paper.

Collection of compare and contrast essay topics based on social media

  1. What is the difference between the functioning of android phones and Apple phones?
  2. How has the use of smartphones reduced the necessity of radio or traditional phones? Discuss the main dissimilar points between them.
  3. What makes social media sites unique and creative? How adults find IT sector as their professional career?
  4. What is in more trend- traditional jobs or online jobs? Which is beneficial to earn respect and fame positively?
  5. How the exploration of music and art impacted on society? Explain how the changes start beginning with the high use of social media?

Scientific ideas for writing compare and contrast essay paper

  1. Which subject is highly chosen by the students- chemistry or physics? Discuss why and why not?
  2. What is the difference between using renewable resources and fossil fuels?
  3. What is the similarity point between bacteria and viruses? Discuss the differential points between both of them.
  4. How are the advanced scientific techniques helping in the treatment of severe health problems?
  5. Why are modern ways profoundly exploring for the advancement of society? How can they be differentiated from the traditional techniques?
  6. How raising research studies help people in getting more information about professional careers?

A proper example of writing compare and contrast essay paper

Title: Material and non-material factors of laughing

Introduction: Today, happiness has become a part of the societal strategies and plans. Even a small thing is sometimes enough to make a person laugh whereas sometimes even a big thing lacks the reason for happiness. Why societal changes and material issues have impacted the satisfaction of people.

When people are thinking of the importance and buying things, then they can see their happiness. However, if the items purchased by them have any of the defects, then it directly influences the laugh of people. Sometimes even the non-materialistic thing can attract the smile of a person, but the point is the person has to think about its importance in their life.

Conclusion: We all are well-aware about the necessity of laughing in life, but still, we lack somewhere to search for happiness. It is not about laugh, but it is the inner happiness which can also be seen in the small things of life.


A compare and contrast essay topics are the critical tool that helps the students to organize their thoughts and great ideas so that they can provide the readers with meaningful insights. It allows the students to point out both the points of similarities and differences. If the students are not able to gather proper information required for writing an exciting compare and contrast essay paper, then they can take the help of Students Assignment Help.

The professional team of writers offered by the writing services helps in increasing the knowledge of the students so that they can create an interesting academic paper. After taking the expert writing help, the college or students become capable of clearing any of the essay writing task smoothly and perfectly.

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