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A critical analysis essay is an essay that analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of a particular work. This type of essay can be used to analyze literature, film, art, or any other form of media. The purpose of this type of essay is to examine the merits and shortcomings of work in order to determine its artistic value. It should also address what aspects make it successful or unsuccessful. Here are some things you should know about this type of essay so Keep reading!

Definition of Critical Analysis Essay

Critical analysis essays focus on analyzing a text, person, or event and determining the implications of the subject. Compared to other essay types as defined by the method, critical analysis is more open-ended. One can analyze for meaning in a poem, evaluate an author’s worldview in a short story, pose interpretive questions about an artwork, etc.

Critical analysis essays are typically divided by rhetorical mode into two broad categories: analytic and argumentative. The outcome of both modes should be an explanation of how the text speaks to ideas or themes that transcend purely personal spaces.

The primary obstacle for both modes is that they have no predetermined topical limit with regards to content; it largely depends on what one major element one desires to focus upon.

For example, an analytic essay on “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge would focus upon the ethos of the mariner and the lessons to be learned from his woebegone tale. In contrast, an argumentative essay on “Rime” would posit that it is a symbolic narrative of man’s inhumanity to man through its presentation of a guilt-ridden mariner’s murder of an innocent bird.

Purpose of Critical Analysis Essay

The purpose of a critical analysis essay is to critique and analyze an issue. This type of writing requires that you offer a balanced, objective assessment of the subject matter. It’s important to note that this type of writing will be subjective in nature because it is your opinion or perspective on the topic as well as your own thoughts and ideas about what might be needed for improvement.

In other words, when analyzing something with a critical eye, you need to do so without allowing personal bias or any preconceived notions to get in the way. You should also keep in mind that this type of work can involve both quantitative data and qualitative observations which are used together to form an argument or conclusion.

Some other purposes of critical writing include:

  • Providing an objective view of the original author.
  • Offer an in-depth analysis of consistency in original work.
  • To assess the author of original work and their potential of maintaining as well as supporting arguments.
  •  Provide an objective view of original writers, painters, and director’s work.
  • Identify the strength and weaknesses of the article.
  • Criticize the work of other authors.

Structure of Critical Analysis Essay

There are mainly 4 points in the structure of a critical essay. These points include the introduction of the essay then the main body which is followed by a conclusion.

I. Introduction

As aforesaid it aware the readers about your idea of the essay. The readers of the essay get to know from the introduction about important points that you are going to talk about in your essay. You need to include the following detail in the structure of your essay, these are:

  • Background information about the work you are going to analyze.
  • List of main ideas of the author
  • Thesis statement

II. First main body

It deals with the deep analysis of an essay by applying different theories of Literature. You can include both negative as well as positive aspects of the text in your essay.

  • Topic Sentence: Represents the content in the paragraph.
  • Write a summary of work.

III. Second main body paragraph

  • Topic sentence
  • Critical analysis of work
  • Supporting evidence

IV. Conclusion

A conclusion must be like a sum up of the entire essay and its arguments rose throughout the main essay. Here student can give own ideas in the form of solution to address the issue of a topic.

  • Re-write thesis statement
  • Summarize key ideas
  • Finish by including

Outline Of Critical Analysis Essay: Example

Suppose, you are asked to write a critical analysis essay on the topic: Female authority in one Flew Over


  • Provide an explanation of how females are presented as an authority.
  • Give detail about the Nurse character and other supporting women characters
  • Write the amount of important event in the book which represents women as oppressive or evil.

Body Paragraphs

  • Identify the difference between female and male populations.
  • Perform analysis in order to find why women are appointed as authority.
  • Give in detail an explanation about female characters as manipulative and oppressive.


  • Re-write thesis statement
  • Summarize key points

Steps for writing a Critical Analysis Essay

The different steps which you need to follow for writing a critical analysis essay are:

Step 1: Do critical reading

If in order to write a good critical essay, simply reading a book is not sufficient you have to do the critical reading. Your main goal behind critical reading is that:

  • Find the key Ideas
  • You need to determine the author’s main thesis.
  • Address the appeals which were utilized.
  • Identification of appeals that were used.
  • Do an evaluation of the author’s success in conveying his or her message.

These are the main goals you need to consider in mind while reading. We also suggest executing research on unfamiliar materials such as concepts, terms, and words.

Step 2: Prepare an outline

Before starting to write a critical analysis essay you need to consider the format of work. At the time of writing a critical essay, you need to follow a standard essay structure which consists of an introduction, main body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Step 3: Write an essay

Finally, now you can begin writing your essay. While writing an essay you need to mainly focus on the introduction and the main body.

Step 4: Proofread and edit

Proofreading and editing are very much essential for eliminating errors. At the time of proofreading, you need to mainly concentrate on small details. After successful identification of errors, you need to do a revision of the essay again and make the necessary changes.

Tips for writing a Perfect Critical Analysis Essay

Here are some tips that will help you to write a good critical analysis essay without any worry or panic. Follow the following tips before start writing your essay for an assignment.

1. Give attention to both the positive and negative aspects of the text.

2. Do not take any proper stance while you are criticizing a work of art. Remain balanced with positive and negative arguments, so that you do not sound partial.

3. Analyze the professionally written critical analysis essays before writing to you.

Critical analysis essay writing tips for college scholarship essay

If you are writing a critical analysis essay for your scholarship essay in college then you have to be careful about every point of it. Here are a few tips that will help you to write your critical analysis essay in the best way.

1. First, read the topic of the essay and make an understanding of it by reading various resources.

2. In the next part, you are supposed to write the thesis statement in which you have to clear about the things you want to highlight and prove through your essay.

3. Further, write the outline and its first draft which is possible only after doing a lot of research.

4. Start with the thesis statement and then move towards the introduction and main essay in which you have to be focused on the thesis statement to derive your points or major arguments.

5. Finally, write a good conclusion of your essay and give a justification to the arguments that you considered in the essay.

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