Defining Hypothesis in Research | Meaning,Procedure and Techniques

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Defining Research Hypothesis is basically a statement that helps you to define the relationship between two variables of your study. By defining the hypothesis as the expectation about the things that can happen in the investigation. The main objective of defining and including hypothesis in research is to get an answer to Research questions.

It is a hypothesis statement in research that highlights the outcomes. There are two parts to the hypothesis statement. The first part of the hypothesis statement represents the independent variable and the second part indicates the dependent variable.

For example, while watering a plant you expect that if you will give more amount of water and sunlight to plant, it would grow big soon.

Importance of hypothesis in research

Hypothesis in research is important as it provides the idea about the results to be  which need to be achieve by conducting the investigation on a particular topic. It helps in determining the questions which you want to get answer of, defining of Hypothesis statement in research provides clarity to report and enables you to concentrate on the specific issue.

What are the different types of research hypotheses?

The two types of hypothesis are:

Null hypothesis

It is a hypothesis where variations where you can not expect variations. For example, there is no significant relationship between compensation policy and employee satisfaction. In research null hypothesis is denote as H0.

Alternative hypothesis

So variations are expected. For instance, there is a significant relationship between companies compensation policy and employee satisfaction.

Types Of Hypotheses in research

Characteristics of an Effective Research Hypothesis

Effective hypothesis has following characteristics these are :

  • Simple: It means that the hypothesis should not be complex. It should be easily understandable by the reader.
  • Clear: There should be a clear concept behind the formulation of a specific hypothesis. The different terms used in the hypothesis should be simple, understandable, clear and acceptable by all people.
  • Relevant to issue: The hypothesis design should match the issue which is very crucial for finding an appropriate solution for the problem. Hypothesis formulate should not be general it should be specific.
  • Specific: You should create the hypothesis for a particular issue.
  • Testable: A good hypothesis is that which is formulated after performing various tests and experiments.
  • Consistent: It is  the most important characteristic of a good hypothesis. While drafting the hypothesis you are required to make sure that there is a close relationship between different variables.
  • New discoveries: A good hypothesis is that which enables you to discover new facts helps you in developing new knowledge.

The procedure of writing hypothesis

Process of developing the hypothesis includes different phases these are:

Determination of questions

It is the initial phase in the development of the hypothesis where you are writing the hypothesis need to determine the questions which you want to answer. The questions which you have design should be specific, clear, feasible and

For example: Does inflation leads to a decline in the profit margin of companies.

Execution of preliminary investigation

This is a phase in hypothesis development where you need to provide answers to question on the basis of your knowledge. In addition to this, at this stage, you need to formulate concepts for determining which variables to study.

For Example: An increase in inflation will lead to a decline in the profit margin of the firm.

Formulation of hypothesis

It is phase where you have little idea about the objectives which you want to accomplish. While creating a hypothesis you should make sure that all the variables in your hypothesis are relevant and meaningful.

Redefining of research hypothesis

This is a stage in research hypothesis development where you need to ensure that the hypothesis which you are designing  is testable and specific.

Rephrasing research hypothesis

It is a stage where you need to rephrase the research hypothesis. You can rephrase hypothesis in a unique manner for different types of studies like:

a)For identification of the variables, you can make generalize predictions that are in the format of if then. It means that the first section of the statement will consist of an independent variable and the second will include dependent variable.

For example : if the company will increase the prices of products considering the inflation that there will increase in profit margin.

b)In the context of academic investigation, hypotheses are commonly rephrased in the form of correlation. While developing the hypothesis for such type of research you are required to directly provide the information about the relationship between two different variables.

For example : Increases in inflation has a negative effect on the profit margin of companies.

c)In relation to research where you need to make comparison between different variables, you need to clearly state the differences that you are trying to address.

For example : there are high chances that companies which are other firms increasing the prices of goods according to inflation will earn a higher profit margin as compared to other firms.

Formulating null hypothesis in research

You need to develop a null hypothesis when the investigation which you are performing includes statistical hypothesis testing. The null hypothesis represents that there is no relationship between two variables.

Techniques of writing hypothesis

There are few techniques which you can use for developing effective hypothesis these are:

  • Firstly, you are required to clearly define the problem you intend to solve by conducting the investigation. In addition to this, you need to ensure that the topic chosen for research is properly defined in the hypothesis.
  • By following or using a specific template you can in the form of an if-then statement.
  • You should make sure that  you have define all variables in proper manner.
  • While developing a hypothesis you should consider that specific theory that you have developed is related to the observable things.
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