Defining Research Problems

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Problem statement is basically a description of the issue which researcher need to identify by conducting research process. Defining the research problems is the initial phase of research. It is the statement which in the research report helps the reader in developing the understanding of specific issues.

The problems statement will also help in conveying the main cause of the occurrence of a particular issue. While writing the research problems you need to make sure that it  helps in fulfilling the gap in knowledge. While writing a problems statement you need to mainly focus on three things these are ideality, reality, and consequences.

The main purpose of writing the problem statement to cover the problem which  you have define in a general way .

For example: According to the agreement between employees and the company, an organisation will provide workers  with a well-furnished house. Furnishing is important parts of the house. Employees living in the house  which their company has allot presently do not have furniture because of which they have to face a number of issues.  researcher is performing investigation to identify the reason because of which an organization has not been able to provide workers with proper housing facilities. Another purpose of an investigation is to help the organization in resolving specific problems in a cost-efficient manner.

Types of problem statement in research

       There are basically two types of problem in research these are:

  • Quantitative: It is basically a problem statement  which you need to define in quantitative investigation. This type of problem statement which mainly highlights population and variables on which investigation you need to perform research.
  • Qualitative: It represents the common objective of investigations.

Types Of Problem Statement In Research

Importance of defining the research problems

Defining the problem statement has great significance in research as it allows you to determine the series of activities. In addition to this, the problem statement in research aids you in avoiding the unwanted phases in the investigation procedure. It would help you in developing a good understanding of the investigation process.

The problem statement helps the reader in gaining knowledge about the significance of the topic or subject. Defining the problem is very much crucial particularly in projects which you have perform for identification for the need for improvement.  Defining the problem in a systematic and clear way is very much essential for finding an appropriate as well as an effective solution.

Process of defining the problematic field

The procedure of defining the research problems include the following phases these are:

Step 1. Identification of Problematic area

It is a phase where you need to develop an understanding of the different aspects of the issue. At this phase, you need to identify the gap which you can fill by facilitating investigation on a specific topic.

There are basically two kinds of research problems these are:-

a)Practical research problems: You can easily identify such type of problems just by reading and analyzing reports. Example of a few types of issues which you can easily recognize by reading books include a gap in employees performance Students can also address the need for improvement in business procedures.

b)Theoretical research problems: It is a type of problem that mainly emphasizes on increasing level of understanding and knowledge. Reading and performing analysis current investigation on similar topics can help you in the identification of such types of problems.

Step 2. Development of understanding about the research problems

This is a phase where it is very much essential for you to address and develop an understanding about a particular aspect of the issue . After developing specific aspect of issue, you would be able to resolve it by facilitating investigation. It is a stage where you need to make yourself aware of the effect of the problem on a specific group of people.

Here, you should also collect information about the investigation which you are performing by another researcher on similar issues, consequences of the problem, etc.

Example: ABX Ltd.  Is mainly concentrating on retaining its existing customer base. But due to lack of understanding about the different marketing technology management in firm is facing the issue of identifying one of the best ways to reach existing customers . The management team in an enterprise needs to ask research ream to perform investigation and collect information about the factors which influence people to buy products or services.

Step 3. Formulation of a  research problem statement

It is a stage where you need to finally design the problem statement. While drafting a problem statement you need to make sure that it is simple, short and has a clear meaning. In addition to this, while defining the problem you should confirm that it is related to the topic which you have chosen for performing investigation.

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