Diagnostic Essay Guide With Definition,Outline And Topics

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Diagnostic essays form a crucial part of College and University courses. In this article , our professionals are providing  explanation about how to write diagnostic essays to those who have no idea about it. With the help of these tips and suggestions, one can complete a diagnostic essay easily on time. Most often graduates are assigned a diagnostic essay topic by professors but sometimes they are asked to find it on their own. Under such circumstances, college students can refer to the free diagnostic essay topic ideas that are listed below.

Definition of diagnostic essay

Diagnostic  essays are basically a assignment which tutor gives to students  at the beginning of a new semester in College and University. Graduates are given with a topic or line of argument by professors for writing such essays. Every college student need to submit a diagnostic essay within a given deadline period. Then these essays are critically analysed by the professors to address knowledge students. Based on the analyses made by professors from these essays a syllabus is prepared for the next semester by keeping every student in mind. Then main purpose of diagnostic essay  is to  help tutor in judging the skills and knowledge of  students. It is the diagnostic assignment which provides tutor an ease in analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of  students. Diagnostic essay  provide instructor an ease in diagnosing the thing  they need to perform for accomplishing objective.

How to write diagnostic essay ?

When you are assign with the diagnostic essay you have limited time  in such case you should start thinking about concept  very soon.  You should first begin drafting thesis statement and then  you can  decide structure  on the basis of main point.  at the time of writing the diagnostic essay you should  manage your time.  It is also very much essential for you to keep some time for proof reading and editing  essay.

The seven steps of writing Diagnostic essay are:

Step 1: Selection of topic 

Some times students are assign with topic for writing diagnostic essay. Your tutor might ask questions which you may need to answer in form of essay. If you are not assign with topic then you can see below the list of topics on which you can write diagnostic essay.

Step 2: Draft thesis statement

In context of diagnostic essay ,  thesis is main point which you need to write first.

For example: If you are assign with topic  Effect of globalization on business growth then your thesis statement can be : Globalization helps companies in  expanding business operations. It helps forms in increasing sales and profitability.

Writer should first design the rough draft of thesis statement in case you are not confirm about it then you can first write main body paragraph.

Step 3:  Prepare Framework

The diagnostic essay outline is the step that needs to be taken by the graduates while gearing up for their diagnostic essay assignments. Preparing an outline for the essay before writing the essay helps them to frame their arguments and points accordingly in the best way. At this  step , you need to prepare the structure for your diagnostic essay . As you have limited time period  preparing diagnostic essay outline will help you in writing all important parts of an essay quickly.  It  is an essay structure which will help in ensuring inclusion of all main points.  Now after completion of this step , you can start writing your essay

Step 4: Start writing introduction

After  preparing an outline of diagnostic essay, you can start writing introduction .An introduction part of the essay is of utmost significance as it builds up the base of the essay for readers. Before  beginning to write an introduction, you should have clear idea about objective of writing diagnostic essay. You should start introduction by writing  catchy sentence or hook  as it will help you in  capturing the attention of reader.  The points you must  include in the diagnostic essay introduction.

  • Explain your topic in the introductory part that what understanding you have regarding the topic.
  • Project your agenda of the essay that you wants to prove throughout the main essay by doing research.
  • Give an account of the arguments that will be developed in the essay body.
  • Wrap up the introduction of your essay by giving the superficial glimpse of the entire essay at a glance to the readers so that their interest could be caught.

For example:  if you are assign with topic  to write essay on the hardest thing you have ever done like migration to other nation. Then you should start your diagnostic essay by providing the description  about how and why you have move to specific country. At the time of writing introduction for diagnostic essay, You should also state that why it was quite difficult task for you to move from one country to other.

Step 5: Write main body of an essay

There are mainly three parts in the diagnostic essay , Every part of the essay should deal with a separate argument and its development.  At the  time of writing the main body  part for Diagnostic essay you  can make use of Transition sentences  for linking different paragraphs.

For example, if you are writing a diagnostic essay on the boon and vane of social media for students then you can include the following three arguments in your main body.

Diagnostic essay paragraph example #1

Social media is playing a very crucial role in the life of graduates. As they can prepare several projects for their course with the help of social media. For example, if a project requires research on the exchange in culture and language through social media then data can be college from social sites easily.

Diagnostic essay paragraph example # 2

There are thousands of benefits that can be taken from several social media websites but still, it has many negative points as well. People spend almost their entire day on social media without bothering about their studies. As a result of which it hampers their progress in academics.

Diagnostic essay paragraph example # 3

Social media websites are the biggest cause of spreading terrorism across the globe. Terrorist can easily communicate with each other without revealing their actual identity on these sites. So this is considered as the safest way for the terrorist to strive for their goals to spread the terrorism in every nook and corner of the country.

Step 6: Conclude essay

The diagnostic essay conclusion has the same importance as the rest of the essay and one has to be very much careful while wrapping the essay with a conclusion. All three parts of the essay along with the thesis statement needs to discuss in the conclusion of the diagnostic essay. The essay should be concluded in such a way that a person reading it can easily address main aim. Make sure that you do not end up writing a very long essay conclusion and keep it brief always to enhance the readability for the readers.

Step 7 : Proofread and edit :

proofreading and editing is very much crucial in order to address and correct mistakes. You should check punctuation, grammar and other errors in the essay before submission.

It is very natural for a human being to commit mistakes and similar can happen with you while writing a diagnostic essay. So make sure that you edit your essay by going through every single line. Rectify mistakes that are made in grammar like spelling errors, grammar rules, etc. Also, do not forget to rectify the punctuation of your essay before it is submitted finally to the professors in college.

Things to consider

At the time of writing the diagnostic essay  you need to consider the following things these are:

  • Keep calm: At the time of writing the diagnostic essay  consider the time limit.  You  should try to complete  all tasks before time.  One of the best technique is that you should prepare time table or time management strategy, as this will help you in completing  essay on time. It is the statics which will also aid you in eliminating the stressful situation.
  • Develop understanding about question or topic: Before writing diagnostic essay, it is very much important to first understand topic. Writer should have an idea about what he or she is going to write.  You can take some time for developing thoughts related to topic.
  • Do not hurry: Generally students are provided with specific time period for writing diagnostic essay. If in case you are also allotted with particular time for writing an essay  then you should take time for deciding what to write . At the same time you should also prepare outline. You should also make decision about  which part of essay you find easy to write.

 Top 30 diagnostic essay topics ideas for College and University

So by following the above guide, one can easily complete the best quality diagnostic essay for any course. In case you are not given a diagnostic essay topics you can see below list of topics. There are wide range of topics on which you can write diagnostic essays these are  Social media, management, business studies and English, etc.

Topics ideas for a diagnostic essay on English

  1. What are the features of a literary text that gives it an identity of a universal literary text?
  2. What differences we can see in American and British English. Is only the use of slangs differentiating them from each other?
  3. Why Elizabethan reign in English literature is considered as the golden period of literature?
  4. What are the major themes of literature in the Neoclassical age and why it is also known as the age of epithets?
  5. How important it does write essays, dissertations, and thesis to develop a critical understanding of a topic of English literature?
  6. Is it significant and apt to read a literary text by applying literary theory to it?
  7. Why modernism literature can be seen with the elements of absurdity and anarchy in governance?
  8. How the MLA rules in English grammar keeps on changing from time to time with advancements? 

Diagnostic essay topics on Social Media

  1. What are the benefits that social media gives to college students in their assignments?
  2. Why social media is getting popular among every age group and across different cultures?
  3. What role social networking sites play in spreading different types of crimes in society?
  4. How to bring revolutions in society by awaking people about personal hygiene, government policies through social networking sites?
  5. Is social media platform has any significant contribution in educating people ?
  6. What role social media play in cutting down the distance between friends, families, and relatives living miles apart?
  7. What is the exact period of time that should be devoted to social networking sites in a day ?

Free topics for diagnostic essay on Technology

  1. How ransomware attacks and the rising case of cybercrimes are creating fear in the mind of people?
  2. How technology is creating a lifestyle which is pushing the human organs and body towards recessiveness except for mind?
  3. Why bitcoin currency and other types of cryptocurrencies are not given the
  4. How technology is playing a great job in the defense system of developed countries in the world?
  5. Why technology can be seen on both positive and negative lines for the school-goers and little kids?

New diagnostic essay topics ideas on Management

  1. How important it is for a management team to maintain harmony among the human resources of a company?
  2. Is there any difference in the management of the healthcare sector and the education sector for a given management team?
  3. The impact on the attitude on human resources of a firm due to imposing cost-cutting in a state of emergency.
  4. Is it important to study the culture of a given employee who is coming from different cultural background to work in a company?
  5. How difficult it is for a human resource manager to synchronize between the employees from different backgrounds and teams?

Business studies topics for college diagnostic essay

  1. Consumer behavior analysis process and its importance for a given business.
  2. Out of traditional and online business which is suitable for businessmen who are embarking on international business on foreign land?
  3. What role online business websites play in doing consumer behavior analysis for a given business?
  4. How social networking sites are useful to give an idea about the culture of place before starting new business?
  5. Role of studying and analyzing the supply and chain theory in business.
  6. Why it is important to have a good and effective business communication ?
  7. Can we say that good clothes along with the best business strategies always help in appealing clients?
  8. Why there occurs a business bankruptcy even after giving the best in every way?

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