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Difference Between APA, MLA and Chicago Style of Essay Format

There are different types of essay formats that undergraduates and postgraduates are asked to follow while writing their coursework for the college and university. To follow the apt format for their assignments it is very crucial to have the best knowledge of the different formats to a student.

For example, if you do not know the difference between MLA and APA format of essay writing then there are chances that you can merge them in your essay or thesis work.

So here Students Assignment Help experts have given some ideas and suggestions which you can read extensively to avoid any mistake in the structure and MLA Thesis Format or APA format in your assignments.

If you are an optimistic graduate and hanker for the high marks in your assignments then it is crucial for you to read these points carefully given below.

What is an Essay writing format?

An essay writing format is a way through which a student prepares the alignment and structure of his essay or for that matter thesis. If you have a long history of writing your assignments in the wrong format then read out the different types of instructions that need to be followed in different writing styles.

It depends upon the writing format that which type of font you are using to write your essay, how much margin and spacing is there while setting the alignment of the page.

More size of the font, the shape of the writing sheet, citation guidance for references and resources everything is decided through the format of the essay. So if you are not even aware of the fact that What Does MLA Stands For as of now then here you are going to clear all your doubts easily with the help of Students Assignment Help tips in essay format.

Types of essay format followed by graduates for their assignments

There are almost dozens of writing format that are assigned to the students by their professors for writing thesis, essays, term papers and dissertations as well. Some of them include APA Thesis Writing Style or you can also write essay and term paper etc. in APA style, MLA style, Chicago style and many others. All of them have their unique features and thus we cannot take them casually. This is because the format of the assignment is very important in informal writing.

For instance, if you are writing an essay then you have to understand the difference between formal and informal essay because formal essays always push students to follow a proper pattern like MLA, APA or any other which is not the case with informal essay.

We cannot remember all the formats until or unless someone is very much perfect and exceptional case that is why major formats are discussed here below which are more often asked to follow to graduates.

Comparison of MLA, Chicago and APA format of writing essay

 MLA StyleAPA StyleChicago Style
Font size121212
MarginsOne inch each sideOne inch each sideOne inch each side
TitleShould be in the middle and in bold letters.Should be in the middle and bold letters.It is again the same as MLA and APA.
spacingDouble spacing between lines and words of the text.

No need to give any header at the top of the page.

Double spacing between lines and text.

The header is required at the top of the page

Again double spacing in this case as well.

Chicago style also not requires any header on every page.

CitationLast name of the author, first name. Book title in italics. Publication house, date of publication.

Name of author and date is in brackets

There is no need to add a note before or after the citation.

Last name of the author, first name. Book title in italics. Publication house, date of publication.

no need to put the Author name in brackets

Not important to add notes.

Last name of the author, first name. Book title in italics. Publication house, date of publication.

Subscripts are used to cite the name of the author.

There must be notes before the bibliography and after the citation.

How to cite an essay in MLA, APA and Chicago style differently?

In order to cite an essay in MLA Format of Writing Assignments you need to set margins which should not be less than one inch and not more than that as well. Mostly this style prefers fonts like Arial, Calibri and Times New Roman. The size of the font remains 12 and only A4 size of the sheet should be used by the students.

Every paragraph starts with a half-inch indent on the left side of the page. The citation must be done in such a way that the author’s last name comes first followed by the first name which is separated with a comma.

Then there comes the name of the book in italics followed by a period. The name of publication and publishing house with a date of publication is written subsequently in this way.

As far as APA format of essay writing is concerned it is similar to somewhat like MLA where you half-inch indent for every first word of a new paragraph, Times new roman font etc. But the difference is that there is a need to include the header for every single page of the essay or thesis in this structure of APA.

The title should be in the middle of the page and bold in the letter. The resources can be cites in the way like the name of the author followed by a period. The title of the book then period and then finally publication house along with the date of publication is given in this pattern like that of MLA style.

As long as the Chicago style is concerned it is somewhat similar to that of MLA pattern except for little dissimilarity and mostly restricted to get the text on both sides of the leaf. There are some instructions of sequence for the essay or paper-like first there will be the title page followed by the main paper or essay which is followed by the citation and then notes which finally comes to an end with a bibliography of the essay.

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