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Student's Assignment Help June 10, 2017

Modern Language Association (MLA) and American Psychological Association (APA) are the two important writing and formatting styles that are used in academic papers, report writing, dissertation and essay assignments in various colleges and universities around the world. You need to follow one of the two modern styles i.e. APA referencing style or MLA referencing style to format your academic paper while writing a dissertation or a thesis, as instructed by your university professor. Although both styles of writing appear to be similar, they do have an elusive difference that you will need to follow.


There are several styles of writing that are followed across the world. However, most of the analyst supports mainly these to writing formats. APA styles of writing are predominantly used in social sciences while MLA writing style is used in liberal arts and humanities. For a successful academic paper, it requires you to perform proper research, craft an argument, and cite appropriate references to support your statement. Based on the matter of the subject the scholastic document you are writing you need to select the style to follow. To meet the citation requirement for the subject matter, each method treats the formatting of the document a little differently.

I. Determining your style- For most of the time, your university professor will choose the referencing style that you need to use in your document, however, if you have a choice you can choose any of the styles by following these suggestions.

  • APA style- APA style is used for the subjects related to criminal justice, social science, medical subjects, law, economics, nursing, and psychology. The American Psychological Association formed the APA style.
  • MLA style- MLA style is used for the subjects related to liberal arts and humanities such as media studies, literature and mass communication.


II. The dissimilarity between the two- Here we have discussed some of the differences between MLA and APA style to make you confident to choose a particular style for your academic writing. Select the particular style which allows you format your academic document and deliver the correct readers information in an efficient manner.


  • Abstract- The dissimilarity in this categorization is pretty obvious. APA style of writing requires the abstract while the MLA styles do not. The summary of your document is known as abstract.


  • In-text citation- In-text citation utilize the authors last name with both the styles of writing. You need to include the publication year with APA style. With MLA style the publication year is not included, but need to include the page number of the data you cited along with the name of the author(s).


  • Page number- Put page numbers with both the styles of referencing. However there is different information in each of the style.


  • Reference list- Write the authors full last name when listing your sources in both the styles. Properly cite your sources in both the styles of referncing


  • Title page- In MLA style there is no need of a title page, while APA style requires. In MLA style if you choose to omit the title page, simply add your name, name of your professor, your course, and the full date. Then center the title on the page, supported by the main information.

Also, there are several differences between MLA style and APA style in punctuation rules and capitalization. However those differences are too diverse to list here, and they possibly will not affect your choice on which style to use with your assignment paper.


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