Difference Between High School And College Essay Writing

03/16/2019 | George Orwell | 1212

If we try to find the difference between school and college essay writing then undoubtedly it is going to be a bit hard for college students. College graduates are always asked to write their essay assignments in a professional way. Essay writing tips for college essay are very important for the students to know the difference between college and school essay writing. The way by which college essay introduction, outline and conclusion is written is very different from that of school essay. Also, we can notice a huge difference in the type of research in two types of essays. While high  educational institution. students are given with simple essay types like reflective essays, narrative essays etc. college graduates have to write mostly critical essays. To find out the major points below that you have to keep in mind while writing an essay for school and college.

Difference in the Essay outline for college and school essays

The primary difference in the school and college level essay writing is the way by which the outline is prepared for the two. Here are some crucial points to keep in mind while writing college and school essay outline.

  • College essay outline is mostly comprised of five parts which include thesis statement and citation along with introduction, arguments, and conclusion. On the other hand, it is not a common thing to write a thesis statement and essay citation for school essays.
  • Three layered essay outline is a unique feature for short essays and such essay outline are given to school students in large. On the other hand, five-paragraph essays are associated with college essays.

Role of a thesis statement in high  educational institution and college essay

Like said earlier  high educational institution.essays are a simple essay in which there is no much role of research and thesis statement. You can skip this step of writing a good thesis statement for your school essay. On the other hand, a college student cannot commit this blunder of ignoring the importance of a thesis statement in his college essay.

A difference in the type of research for school and college essay

When you are writing an essay for your school assignments it is normal to pick the data collected by others. But in case of college essay you are supposed to prepare your own data after research through a survey, questionnaire and then find inferences out of it. That is why most of the college students have to struggle a lot while doing the research for their essay assignment.

Importance of essay citation for college and school essays

  When you are not writing an essay citation for your college essay then it will be considered as a plagiarized essay. On the other hand, this step is not that much important while writing an essay for high educational institution. Here students are just prepared to write a good essay no matter from where they manage the resources for their research. Sometimes school teacher may ask their students to write an essay citation for their school essay assignments.

Difference in the length of essays for school and college essay

 The last point that students cannot afford to skip while writing their school and college essay is the difference in length of the essay. While college essays are supposed to belong in their length there is no such hard and fast rule for the school students. Mostly summary essays are assigned to the school students by their teachers. These types of an essay can be written by the school-goers in three-layered essay pattern easily.

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