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Writing Dissertation Literature Review For Students

Here is a full guide and assistance to the students for writing their literature review dissertation. Students who do not write their literature review dissertation due to low motivation to write or inability to understand the way to start a literature review dissertation can follow these steps given below. A high-quality literature review dissertation could be written by the students with these tips. These tips for literature review dissertation writing are given by the Students Assignment Help Experts to the students. So go through the following guidelines to complete your literature review dissertation before the assigned deadline.

What is a literature review?

The literature review can be defined as a summary of existing investigation on a particular subject. You can use secondary sources such as books, journals, magazines, newspaper articles, etc. for gathering information in order to write a literature review. The main objective of the literature review section in the dissertation is to gain knowledge about previous investigation and arguments relevant to the subject or topic.

Importance of literature review in dissertation

  • The literature review has great significance in the dissertation as it assists in analyzing the way the present study on a specific topic is related to the existing investigation.
  • This section in the dissertation has great value as it enables you to measure the relevancy of the issue which you have selected for performing the investigation.
  • It helps you in developing an understanding of the way your investigation in unique.
  • The literature review section also allows you to provide the proper justification for the selection of specific methodology.

Structure of the Literature Review


  • Define topic
  • Write significance of topic
  • Analyze trends in existing literature
  • Address conflicts  in theory, methodology, evidence, and conclusions
  • Find gap in scholarship and research
  • Give explanation of criteria use for  analyzing and comparing the literature
  • Provide detail about  organization of the review
  • Define scope

Main body

  • Organisation of literature review into paragraphs that present themes
  • Every paragraph should deal with a different theme


  • Provide summary of key agreements and disagreements
  • Write general conclusion

Note: You can utilize same structure in order to organize phd literature review.

Now after  getting information about literature review structure, you should develop understanding about How to write a literature review for dummies ?

How to write the Dissertation Literature Review?

 Following the systematic process for writing the literature review is very much important as it has great significance in the Quality of work. The procedures which you are required to follow in order to write a dissertation in a systematic manner include:

Identification of relevant sources

It is the initial phase where you need to clearly describe the topic. Then you will need to identify the existing research report prepared by other authors on the same topic or similar issue. In addition to this, you will also require to design research questions that will help you in getting the direction for searching existing literature. While formulating the research question you need to make sure that you are able to answer the question by using the already published articles that are using secondary data.

Tip: before starting a search for the relevant source, you should prepare the list of key terms in the topic which you have chosen for conducting an investigation.

  • There are few cites where you can search for existing literature that is journal or article relevant to tour topic. Some of these websites are google scholar, Project muse, Inspec, EBSCO, etc.
  • You can easily judge whether a specific journal or article is relevant to your topic or not just by reading the abstract. If the specific article or journal is found to be useful then in such situation you can use references in a bibliography for searching other relevant sources.

Evaluation and selection of sources

  After identification of the number of sources you need to make a choice of the source which is most relevant to the question which you have designed. While selecting the specific source you are required to confirm that it is creditable.  After writing the literature review you should do citation of the sources from where you have taken the information as this strategy which helps you in eliminating the risk of Plagiarism.

Analysis of debates and gaps

 it is a stage where you are required to develop an understanding of the link between different sources as these tactics will provide you an ease in arranging the arguments in the literature review section of the dissertation.

Defining the structure of the literature review

While the identification of the existing literature sources you have discovered some themes then you can arrange your literature review accordingly.  In addition to this, for arranging the structure of the literature review in a chronological way you need to perform the analysis of patterns and other key arguments. The literature review structure is similar to that of research report.  It also include introduction, main body and conclusion.

Literature Review Dissertation Introduction writing

In case you have done with the literature review dissertation research by reading and understanding the authenticity of the text then the next step is to introduce your readers with the introduction of your dissertation. Always make sure that you are not representing a biased perspective in front of the readers and your personal views must not make your literature review dissertation useless. You have to give the reason behind everything that you are citing in the literature review dissertation.

The main body

The things which you should include in the main body of the literature review section are:

  • You can utilize the subheading for each theme. In the main body of the literature review, you are required to highlight the key points that you have collected from different sources and then you need to integrate them.
  • After that, you should include a discussion on outcomes and findings.
  • Thirdly, the main body of the literature review section involves the strength and weaknesses of the sources from where the information relevant to topic has been gathered.
  • You are required to make a comparison or identify the similarities between facts collected from different websites.


It is part of the literature review section in the dissertation where you need to provide a summary of findings.

  • Here you should mainly concentrate on highlighting the significance of the issue in which investigation has been performed.

Literature review dissertation example

Below is example of literature review on Analyzing relationship between national identity and natural conservation. In literature review, we will have discussion about How scholar conducting research in field of humanities approach concept of wilderness.

Existing literature work in field of environmental humanities includes critical approach to wilderness. Those literature mainly emphasizes on cultural construction of natural landscapes. Increase in the awareness about climate change during year 1980 has narrate almost end of nature ( Jameson, 1990). Thomson (1992)critiques the concept of a pure, pristine nature to be preserve from human influence, arguing that ideas like “wilderness” are themselves products of particular human cultures and histories. Present literature challenge this paradigm and argue for more different approaches which can be use for developing understanding about socio-political relations between nature and nation.

How to read the primary text for writing literature review dissertation

A literature review could be written in the form of an article, research paper or dissertation. it is very much essential to identify the source from where the information has been gathered for writing a literature review section. This is known as primary reading that students cannot afford to skip. In order to read the primary text for literature review dissertation students have to understand the whole idea of the author behind writing a text of literature. After that, some points you need to collect information about major arguments related to the content in order to draw.

Best way to Research on the Authenticity of literature work

The part of writing literature review dissertation is to check the authenticity of the literature work written by the writers. This implies the truthiness’ of the solutions and arguments.You need to analyze data and resources of the literature text for the purpose of writing a high-quality literature review dissertation.

What are different types of literature review?

The different types of literature review are:

Theoretical literature Review

The main purpose of this kind of review is to study the theoretical  accumulation of the issues, concepts and theories. Theoretical literature review can help you in determining  the theories which already exits.

Historical  literature Review

Such type of literature review mainly emphasizes on research over time.  Problems, theories, concepts, and phenomena first appear in such literature. The main objective of such type of literature review is place the research in a historical context  for developing knowledge about modern development.

Systematic literature Review

It is a type of literature review which includes assessment of  existing evidences for research questions. The main purpose of such literature review is to record all research questions and critically evaluate and summarize them. Systematic literature review mainly emphasizes on empirical problem`.

Empirical literature Review

Researcher generally writes such type of literature review in scientific research studies. It is a type of literature review which helps in answering  social work questions.

The three important characteristics of empirical literature review are:

  • It includes systematic observations and methods.
  • Objectivity
  • Transparency

How to Minimize the Difficulties in Writing Literature Review

There is a list of those tips that can make you feel confident in writing literature review dissertation on time.

  1. Read the primary text for more than twice to understand it in a better way.
  2. Do not start writing your literature review without research on the arguments related to the topic.
  3. Write points on the rough side that you want to discuss in your literature review.
  4. Analyze in such a way that easy points took first and then move to the analysis of critical arguments.
  5. Take the help of the experienced and skilled people in writing the literature review dissertation.
  6. Prepare an outline before starts writing your literature review dissertation assignment.

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