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Dissertation Problem Statement Examples

Student's Assignment Help 05/16/2019 442 Views

Writing a college dissertation is a very common part of graduates’ life these days. But before writing a dissertation it is important to give a dissertation problem statement at the beginning that introduces the readers to the main issue and area of research. The free example of a dissertation problem statement is given here by the Students Assignment Help professionals.

With the help of this sample, college students can get an idea about how to write a dissertation problem statement for college assignments. The talented dissertation writers of Students Assignment Help have given this step by step guide in the dissertation for the writing problem statement in the form of a sample statement. So make sure that you take the maximum benefit out of this essay writing example to write a supreme level problem statement.

Dissertation problem statement Example of Pollution

Environment pollution is rising every day with the increase in vehicles on the road, industrial combustion, noise pollution, and acid rains, etc. It is very crucial to give a thought about getting rid of this problem to save the human and flora-fauna of a region.

  1. The level of carbon dioxide gas has risen to an extreme extent in the past couple of decades which is very harmful to human survival on earth.
  2. The rise in flood and avalanche along with other natural causalities is at a high pace owing to global warming.
  3. Noise pollution is affecting the life of various animals on earth who cannot tolerate the noise.
  4. Natural and photochemical smog in the air is not leaving the air good for breathing.
  5. Animals are getting in the category of critically endangered species due to deforestation of the forests.

All these situations and circumstances refer to the need for taking stern actions that can save animals as well as humans from the polluted environment. It can be done either by implementing green chemistry or planting more and more trees along with checking the cause of pollution. But we cannot depend upon only these sources of solutions there must be other relevant and practical solutions to get out of the issue of environmental pollution in real sense.

Dissertation problem statement Sample on Population

Depression and drug addiction is getting very common in every nook and corner of the world these days. It is particularly can be seen with the teenagers as compared to the adult age group. The economic development is shattered on a global scale with the rise of drug addiction and alcoholism which are a result of depression. Most parents are also responsible for the cause of depression in their young teenage children who nudge them to become successful in career.

  1. Almost 50 percent of the world population is suffering from depression at a serious level.
  2. Career-related problems and poor health counseling is the root cause of depression and anxiety among children of teenage.
  3. Sometimes depression becomes so scary that it takes the shape of suicides and death will.
  4. Psychological counseling sessions sometimes fail to check the problem of depression in young students and children these days.

So this is the high time to take some initiatives that can save the growing population of the world from the manacles of depression and anxiety. The age which is suitable to impart a big role in the gross domestic product of the country must not be engulfed by the fungus of depression. There is a need to find relevant ideas that can help teenagers to fight with this serious problem with courage.

Dissertation problems statement example on Medical

The nursing ethics are being misused by the senior surgeons from a long period of time to experience their monopoly on the free will on nurses in healthcare. Some nations have declared nursing ethics as legal which is a direct slap on the human rights given to a nurse by nature and constitution.

  1. According to some crucial surveys, we can illustrate that about 40 percent of nurses at the global scale are subjected to the hegemony of doctors in a professional line.
  2. Most of the nurses are not vocal about their rights and that is why they lead a professional career in the subjugation of doctors.
  3. Sometimes the injustice caused by nursing ethics rises to level when even human rights of a nurse get snatched.

It is good to follow ethics in any field but when they become a hindrance to your personal freedom it is good to remove them from your life. Nations which forcefully implement these nursing ethics in their professional career must reconsider their rules and ordinances in healthcare. International human conventions can also look after this matter.

Dissertation problem statement sample on Women welfare

The social taboos are rising from ancient time and they have been given a special place in most of the countries. Sometimes these taboos become anti to humanity and need to be anticipated by the law.

  1. A female who is getting pregnant without marriage is subjected to social taboo by society and considered immoral.
  2. People who want to express their sexual orientation towards the same biological sex are often seen with weird eyes in social set up.
  3. Women are still not allowed to enter sacred places because of their menstruation cycle.
  4. A woman who is sterile and cannot deliver children is considered as good for nothing.
  5. Earning women is supposed to look after kids and household chores as well in order to show her morality in society.

Dowry system was very much prevalent in many countries as social stigma which is not checked to a eat extent with the help of law. We need to take similar actions in concern with the other such taboos that still prevails in the society against women particularly

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