Dissertation Problem Statement Writing Tips

05/24/2019 | 1013

Writing a dissertation problem statement is an important part of writing college and university dissertation assignments. Those who have not written any dissertation so far can follow the tips for writing a problem statement for a dissertation  given below by Students Assignment Help. You will be able to complete the best quality dissertation by going through these suggestions. A good dissertation proposal help can also be written by the graduates when they have a clear understanding of how to write a problem statement. So start writing your dissertation by preparing a dissertation outline help after reading these tips carefully given below. You can get high academic records in your dissertation assignments when they will be written in proper dissertation writing format along with a good problem statement.

Meaning of dissertation problem statement

A  problem statement in a dissertation is the description or illustration of the issues that will be raised in a given dissertation. First, the outline of the dissertation topic is given in this statement, and then the main areas in which research will be carried out to sort out some things. Most of the students have to write a good dissertation problem statement for their college dissertation assignments before writing the complete dissertation. The entire purpose to write this statement is to introduce your goals and research concerns to the readers.

Importance of problem statement for dissertation

When you will not be writing a good dissertation problem statement it becomes tough to engage your readers. Nobody wants to read a loose sally of the words with no direction and destination in the form of a dissertation. It is always appropriate to start with a background and some basic ideas that present your point about the dissertation in the beginning. You can do by writing a good dissertation problem statement in a professional manner. 

Difference between dissertation proposal and problem Statement

Professors ask their students to submit a dissertation proposal before writing the entire dissertation. The main idea that of dissertation proposal is to develop understanding about theme of the dissertation, resources. On the contrary dissertation problem statement is a part of the complete dissertation that is written at the beginning like essay hook an essay introduction. This is how we can differentiate the dissertation problem statement from the dissertation proposal very easily.

What are the Problems faced by graduates in writing problem statement dissertations?

Here are a few issues and problems which graduates face in writing a dissertation problem statement. You can take note of these issues and problems to write your own dissertation problem statement in an appropriate way.

  1. The topic of the dissertation is not clear to the graduates.
  2. Fail to find the best resources for the research on the topic.
  3. Lack of experience in research and research methods as well.
  4. No time to carry on research on the topic due to a busy schedule.
  5. Failure to understand the structure and format of writing a problem statement.

How to write a problem statement for a dissertation?

Here are few tips which students can use for completing the best level dissertation problems statement for college assignments. Follow these tips to write your problem statement on time for the dissertation.

Ponder on the topic of the dissertation and engage yourself with basic research

Before start writing the dissertation problem statement, it is crucial to know some basic details about the topic. You cannot make blind guesses while writing a problem statement without having an understanding of the subject. So make sure that you put your efforts into knowing about the fundamentals of the topic before writing your problem statement.

Try to figure out your main concern about the dissertation

Before telling your readers about what you are going to do with the topic of a dissertation it is essential to know it by yourself. Mind storming is good to find out the central driving force or line of argument for writing the dissertation. You must focus your entire dissertation surrounding this main idea without circumlocution around the things. That is how a big success can be gained in writing a supreme quality problem statement.

Give a perfect format and structure to your dissertation problem statement

Likewise,  it is also crucial to go with the appropriate format in the problem statement. You can categorize into three parts which include the main motif of the problem statement, difficulty, and finally some relevant solutions for issues.

Write your motifs or goals regarding the dissertation area

In the structure of the problem, the statement contains 3 parts. The first part is to explain the main motif of the research on the given topic. Here you need to explain what are the goals that you want to achieve by doing research.

Analyze the arguments and explain them with relevant examples

In the next part of the problem, the statement analyzes arguments and how to substantiate them with relevant examples from the research work. You can use quotations from the references as well to prove your argument in the statement. The purpose of writing this part in the problem statement is to highlight the issues which create hindrances in accomplishing a goal.

Give a conclusion to the problem statement from dissertation solutions

Sum up your dissertation problem statement with a relevant conclusion. At the same time, you should suggest solutions for dealing with the problem. Some solutions become practical while others remain unpractised due to some issues in the minor contradictions. So try to write only those solutions to your arguments that are relevant and can be helpful. Without writing a good dissertation conclusion you cannot get good marks in your dissertation.

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