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Dissertation Proposal Example

Student's Assignment Help June 10, 2018 171 Views

Dissertation proposal are given to the students when they are assigned to write a dissertation. These proposals are asked by the professors before students starts working on their dissertation work. The purpose behind writing these proposals is to give suggestions to the students to make necessary modifications in their dissertations. Students who are not confident for doing this type of work due to not having experience in writing dissertation proposal can seek help of the experts in following guidance. Dissertation Proposal examples along with writing tips are given in the following points that students can follow to write high quality dissertation proposal. You dissertation proposal is very important which decide whether your idea for writing dissertation on the given topic is good or rejected by the professors of the University and College.

How to write a Dissertation Proposal

There is a proper format of writing dissertation proposal which students have to follow to give a professional look and impressive presentation. But for this purpose the format of dissertation proposal must be understood to the students. As experts know that it is completed in three parts we can take assistance from them. The first part includes the title of the dissertation.

In the second part students have to mention the name of the course for which they are writing a particular dissertation proposal. Finally a brief introduction about the themes and motif that you want to discuss in the dissertation are written in this proposal. You also need to mention your main resources and the way you are going to achieve your stance in the dissertation.

Examples of Dissertation Proposal

Here are some examples of dissertation proposal that students refer to for writing their own dissertation proposal. Examples are the best way to understand any point for writing dissertation .So follow these examples and try to understand the way how a dissertation proposal could be written by the students for the dissertation writing work assigned to them.

Example of Dissertation Proposal-1

  • Title – Effect of Ozone Layer Depletion on Global warming
  • Course of Study- Benefits of Science and its Drawbacks
  • Purpose of Study

This dissertation is based on the study of various activities of the human being that are giving rise to the depletion of ozone layer. The purpose of the study is also focus on how ozone depletion is associated with global warming. Data from the national and international conferences and conventions of environment is taken for the research purpose. The ultimate goal is to find the solutions to deal with the problem of global warming.


  • Title – Representation of Social Issue in Movies
  • Programme of Study – Literature and its Applications
  • Purpose of Study

This study throws lights upon the depiction of social issues in the theatre. It is done by picking major issues of the society and then comparing it with the representation in theatre. Renowned movies of the Hollywood have been taken like The Road which deal with the social issue of environmental pollution based on the novel of Comrac McCarthy.

By taking the guidelines from these examples students can write high quality dissertation proposal that are assigned to them by the professors. So if you are also facing the problem in writing the dissertation proposal seek help in writing dissertation proposal from the experts of Students Assignment Help.

Tips for writing Dissertation proposal for the Students

Students who are newbie to the arena of writing dissertation proposal can take certain tips for writing dissertation proposal from the Students Assignment Help professionals. High quality tips could be taken from the experts who are working in the field of writing dissertation for the past ten years. You can take help for your dissertation proposal in science, Economics, Maths, Literature and Business studies as well.

Other subjects apart from those which are mentioned here are also subjected for the help by these experts. Dedicated helpers of dissertation assignments are working round the clock in writing the dissertation proposal of the students. So take the tips and complete dissertation proposal on time always. You will never be asked to wait for your dissertation proposal by the experts.

Is It Important to write a Dissertation Proposal

The supreme importance work in writing a dissertation assignment is to frame a dissertation proposal for it. This is because all the professors ask their students to submit a dissertation proposal before they starts working on the actual dissertation work. To deal with such work students have to be very particular to follow the rules of writing a dissertation proposal.

In case a dissertation proposal is not written by the students they have to write their dissertation again if there comes any discrepancy in it. So it is always better to give a glimpse about your plan rather than getting the entire dissertation rejected in later part of the time. So the importance of dissertation proposal is very high for the students.

Students Assignment Help in writing Dissertation Proposal

Students Assignment Help Experts are very much particular about the help of students in writing their dissertation proposals. Apart from that students who are not able to write their dissertation can seek help of the experts to write a complete dissertation as well. Just ask the professionals to write my dissertation on time. You will get a best quality dissertation from the reliable and skilled experts. So never skip this help to get best score in the dissertation.


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