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Dissertation Proposal

Meaning of dissertation proposal

A dissertation proposal is a document containing detail information about aims and objectives. It represents the significance of investigation on a specific research topic. It can be considered to be a plan which is formulated for performing an investigation on a specific topic. When you are going to write a dissertation the first and foremost step is to write a dissertation proposal which is considered to be an important step. Proposals of a dissertation are like a road map that provides guidance throughout the  research procedure.  It is the blueprint of  different research activities which you will perform for accomplishing desired aims and objectives. The proposal enables you to represent your aims and objectives of performing investigation.  It is the part of the dissertation which will assist you in both determining and defining things. You should Prepare the Dissertation proposal while making preparation for the first meeting with dissertation supervisor.

Purpose of the masters dissertation proposal

  • The main objective of the proposal is to represent that the investigation which will be conducted is original and it would make a valuable contribution in a particular field.
  • Another purpose of a research proposal is to provide the researcher with ease in conducting the investigation in a systematic manner.

Importance of the research proposal

  • The research proposal has great significance as it helps the researcher in determining the aims and objectives of the investigation.
  • The research proposal has great importance as it provides the reader with an idea about the issue on which specific investigation has been performed.
  • It is the research proposal that provides the researcher with guidance throughout the investigation.
  • The proposal has great importance, as it enables the researcher to demonstrate the significance of the topic and issue.
  • Thesis proposal help in determining the obstacles or different issues which might arise in performing study on specific topic or subject.
  • It is important to write a proposal as it helps you in developing the interest of reading in the reader.

Dissertation proposal presentation

You need to include number of elements while writing a proposal these are :


It is the section that consists of an overview of the topic. The main purpose of the introduction is to provide the reader with a brief idea about the issue on which investigation is to be conducted. It also intends to provide the overview of Dissertation structure.

Aims and objectives

this section represents the purpose of the investigation. In simple words, it provides reader information about the objectives which the researcher intends to accomplish by facilitating the investigation on a particular topic.

Research question

it is the statement which demonstrates the research questions which investigator intends to get answered by conducting research.

Scope of research and its limitation

It is very much essential for you to define the scope of research. In this section, you are required to clearly define the problem for exploring which you are executing investigation.

Dissertation proposal literature review

This section consists of the arguments or debates on a topic selected for investigation. It is section which includes the opinion of different authors about the specific issue. The main purpose of including literature review in dissertation is to help the reader in developing an in-depth understanding of the issue. It also intends to help a researcher in reaching to conclusion and assist them in making an appropriate decision.

Dissertation proposal methodology

It is an element in the proposal which informs the reader about the different  research methods  which will be utilized for performing investigation on a particular topic.

Research chapters

In this section, you are required to provide information about the different chapters which you are planning to include or cover in the dissertation.


All the sources from where information about the topic will be gathered should be included in this section of the proposal.

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Structure of  dissertation proposals

Before designing the structure of dissertation proposal you need to review your college guidelines. As according to few university guidelines you may need to write aims and objectives in separate section  of research proposal. after getting the information about requirements  you can concentrate on writing. You can break proposal into different headings. Below is example of  How to Structure a Dissertation Proposal ? You can create subheading considering the word count of dissertation. Different parts of dissertation proposal are:

  • Introduction
  • Aims and objectives
  • Research Questions
  • Methodology
  • Literature Review
  • Research constraints

Dissertation proposals : Examples

Example of Dissertation Proposal-1

  • Title – Effect of Ozone Layer Depletion on Global warming
  • Course of Study- Benefits of Science and its Drawbacks
  • Purpose of Study

This dissertation is based on the study of various activities of the human being that are giving rise to the depletion of ozone layer. The purpose of the study is also focus on how ozone depletion is link with global warming. The ultimate goal is to find the solutions to deal with the problem of global warming.


  • Title – Representation of Social Issue in Movies
  • Program me of Study – Literature and its Applications
  • Purpose of Study

This study throws lights upon the depiction of social issues in the theatre. It is done by picking major issues of the society and then comparing it with the representation in theatre. Renowned movies of the Hollywood have been taken like The Road which deal with the social issue of environmental pollution based on the novel of Comrac McCarthy.

By taking the guidelines from these examples students can write high quality dissertation proposal that are assigned to them by the professors.

Is It Important to write a Dissertation Proposal

The supreme importance work in writing a dissertation assignment is to frame a dissertation proposal for it. This is because all the professors ask their students to submit a proposal before they starts working on the actual dissertation work. To deal with such work students have to be very particular to follow the rules of writing a dissertation proposal.

In case students does not write dissertation proposal ,they have to write their  thesis again if there comes any discrepancy in it. So it is always better to give a glimpse about your plan rather than getting the entire dissertation reject in later part of the time. So the importance of  proposal is very high for the students.

Tips for writing the dissertation proposal

           Below, are some useful tips which you can apply at the time writing the dissertation proposal these are:

  •  At the time planning to write dissertation proposal you should clearly define the research questions to the problem.
  • It is very much important for you to provide the proper explanation for demonstrating the significance of the research question.
  •  You at the time of writing the dissertation you should create a testable hypothesis.
  • You should write the proposal in the present or future tense.
  • The length of the  proposal is completely based on the length of paper or university guidelines.
  • At the time of writing the introduction section in the proposal you need to provide a summary of the issue.
  • In  proposal, at the time of  defining the methodology which you have selected for investigation you need to provide justification for the same.
  • At the time of submitting the final thesis proposal, you should first submit the draft of the same.
  • You should  include the detailed timeline in your proposal.

Note: You for achieving good grades in academic writing should review dissertation proposal checklist and confirm that you have include all important points. 

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