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Dissertation Structure – Know Complete Format of Dissertation

Meaning of dissertation

Dissertation can also be considered to be a document that contains a summary of the investigation. The main objective of the dissertation is to enable you to present the information which you have discovered through investigation. While designing dissertation structure, you should keep in mind your objectives.

After developing understanding about meaning of dissertation , lets gain knowledge about what does a dissertation structure consist of.

Structure of a dissertation

Structuring a dissertation is very much crucial for enabling to develop the understanding of the intention of performing an investigation on a specific topic.  It the dissertation structure which provides the foundation for the entire research paper. The structure of the dissertation is completely based on the type of investigation you intend to execute. Further m, type of investigation to be performed is completely based on field, approach, nature of the problem, etc.

For instance, if you are planning to conduct an investigation in field of humanities you are required to include different components in a dissertation structure plan these are:

Title page

the first page in structure of dissertation  is Title page. It mainly contains the name of the topic of your dissertation. At this page of the dissertation, you are required to include your name, name of institution, course name, date of submission, etc. This page in the dissertation is utilized as a cover page during binding.


Including the acknowledgment in the dissertation is not at all compulsory. On this page, you can thank all those people who have helped you in completing your dissertation.


An abstract in dissertation consist of a summary of all the important facts in the dissertation. It is always advice able to write abstract after completion of the dissertation. While writing abstract you need to provide the statement indicating your main topic. In addition to this, you also need to provide information about the techniques or methodologies which you have applied for conducting investigation. You should also provide a summary of important facts that have discovered during research. The abstract section in the dissertation also consists of a summary of the conclusion drawn from the investigation.

Table of contents

This section in the dissertation contains a list of all those topics which have been covered in the dissertation. It is the section in dissertation which provides the reader with the idea of the dissertation structure and assists them in navigating the document.

List of figures and tables

It is very much important for you to provide the number to figures and tables which you have used in the dissertation.

List of abbreviations

If in case you have use lots of abbreviations then you can include them and arrange them in alphabetical order.


If you have include some unique terms about which the reader may not be aware therefore, you should include such words in Glossary along with their meaning.


It is one of the most important parts of the dissertation. This section in the dissertation structure provides an overview of the topic. Here, you can include the information related to the selection of specific topics for the dissertation. In addition to this, you can provide little information about the things you are going to cover in the dissertation. You should define all the elements in the introduction clearly, so that the reader could easily develop an understanding of all aspects of an investigation.

The introduction section in the dissertation should include the following components :

  • Background information on the topic
  • A statement defining the scope of the investigation.
  • Defining the purpose of investigation and research questions.
  • Defining the format of the dissertation.

Literature review

You are required to write the literature review before the beginning of the investigation process. As it is the tactics that can be helpful in relation to gaining knowledge about the existing researches which has been conducted by other researchers on the same subject or topic earlier.

Before writing the literature review section you should perform different activities such as :

  1. Analysis of different sources of information such as magazines, journals, online articles, etc. After analyzing the sources you need to select the relevant sources for accumulating facts related to the topic.
  2. In the next phase, you should perform critical evaluation and analyses of selected sources.


  • In the literature review section, you need to emphasize analyzing the opinion or perspective of different authors about a specific subject. You need to include all the arguments related to the subject in the literature review.
  • In the literature review section only, you should provide detailed information about the way the investigation performed by you will help in addressing or fulfilling the literature gap. Here you can also develop or apply new techniques related to the subject. You can give Some suggestions for solving the issues.

Methodology in Dissertation structure

This is a section in dissertation where you need to highlight the techniques, approaches or methodology which you have applied for performing investigation. In addition to this, you are should provide the proper justification for choosing a particular source. The validity and reliability of information are completely based on the method chosen for performing investigation.

The detail information which you need to include in the methodology section of the dissertation are :

  • Kind of investigation performed
  • Techniques applied for accumulating facts about the topic
  • Tools and techniques applied for gathering and analyzing data.
  • Detail about the issues faced by you in performing different research activities.

Approaches used for reaching the conclusion

Few steps in writing a dissertation which you need to follow for reaching conclusion are:

  • Outcomes: This is the section where you need to present the findings of the investigation.
  • Discussion: At this phase of the dissertation you need to provide the detail about the importance of your findings. In addition to this, this is a phase where the interpretation of the result needs to be done. You can have a discussion about the investigation and its outcome. Here, you can highlight the certain limitation which have influence on your findings.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion which you have written should provide answers to your research questions. This section should include a summary of all the important facts which you have discovered during the investigation. After the conclusion, you could also provide suggestions for father investigation on a similar topic.  In addition to this, in conclusion, part of the dissertation you need to demonstrate the significance of investigation on specific topics or subjects.
  • Reflection: It is the section in dissertation where you can share your overall experience of undertaking or participating in research. This is a section where you can mainly provide a detailed description of the learning which you have gained by engaging yourself in the investigation process.
  • Reference list: In this section, it is very much essential for you to provide detail information about the sources from where the information about the specific phenomena has been gathered. The most popular styles which are generally utilized in research paper are APA and MLA.
  • Appendices: it is the last section of the dissertation structure. The documents which you have utilize for data collection you can place that in Appendices. For example, you can put a questionnaire in Appendices.