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Structure of a Dissertation

Student's Assignment Help 03/27/2019 425 Views

Writing a dissertation is not that easy as students have to understand the structure and layout of writing it. Professional guide on dissertation structure can only help graduates to write their dissertation in apt structure. With the help of these expert’s tips for writing dissertation students of college and university can submit the best quality dissertation to their professors. You will be amazed to know that if you are not following the correct structure of your dissertation there is no use of doing research on the topic. So never miss reading the tips for writing the same before you proceed for your dissertation.

  • Title page: The title page contains the information regarding the student, mentor, subject of the dissertation and class enrolment number etc. This paper gives an overview of the student and his dissertation. You cannot afford to skip this part of the dissertation while following the structure and layout of the dissertation.
  • Abstract: A dissertation abstract is the brief summary of the dissertation and the way by which the student is going to achieve his goals through research. There are basic questions that you need to answer regarding your dissertation. For example, you have to write about what is the topic of your dissertation, why you pick this topic only and what you want to prove out of it. Furthermore, it is also essential to tell your readers what resources you are going to consult for your research. An abstract serve a similar purpose like that of a dissertation proposal and should not exceed in word limit more than 300 to 400 words.
  • Research Methodology: There are two types of research methodologies which can be followed by the students for a dissertation that is qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Keep the following points in mind while writing your research methodology.
  • First of all, ensure the type of research you are going to do for a topic.
  • Never commit this blunder of writing qualitative research methodology and doing quantitative research.
  • Complete the topic research first before writing your research methodology to be clear in your mind as the two should complement each other.
  • Do not use more than one research methodology for your research; if you are using them both then do mention is on this part of your dissertation.
  • Introduction: In this part of the dissertation, you need to introduce your readers to the topic and research work in an overview. Never share your ideas that you will write in your dissertation in the next part of it. Dissertation introduction is brief and only talks about the basics of the topic.
  • Chapters: In this part of the dissertation you need to be very much careful as here you are supposed to write your main research. Give arguments and solutions to them drawn from the research work. The ultimate purpose is to explain your perspective on the research note and do not write firm statements without any proof.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion of a dissertation is followed by the chapters which must be written in brief. It is very important to include this part in your dissertation in order to give it a valid end and prove yourself. If you skip writing a conclusion then it is a failure of your dissertation as at the end of the day you did not come out with anything productive.
  • Bibliography: Some terms, phrases, and idioms that are hard to understand must be written in the bibliography of the dissertation. A good dissertation always includes complete bibliography for the readers.
  • Citation: In the final step you have to give the citation of a dissertation to show the resources that have been used for research. You cannot forget this part of any dissertation to fetch a good score in your assignments.

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