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Student's Assignment Help December 23, 2015

Good news for students, Students Assignment Help, is now offering an opportunity to earn money by becoming a part of our team on this Christmas holidays. You can earn as much as you can during the Christmas holidays. We have launched a program “Refer and Earn”. Our program will help students to earn money easily.

This is the golden opportunity for every student to utilize their Christmas vacations and earn extra dollars with us. You can earn commissions up to 10% to refer our service to others.

What is Refer and Earn money program?

Refer and earn money program is a kind of program in which you will refer our services to your friends, classmates, and relatives. If anyone of them they take our services with your referral email then we will offer you a commission for lead generation.

Earn with StudentsAssignmentHelp during Christmas

How to become a member of this program?

To become a member of this program, you need to refer us to your friends and classmates to take services from us. You just need to mention us the email Name, Email ID of your friends. That’s all!!

How will you earn money?

You will Earn Once your referral Places an order with us; we will credit 10 % commission of the order amount to your account and adjust it on your next order or pay you when your earning reaches $100. Share our Refer and Earn Program with your friends and class members. Each and every individual member will have a separate email address and order code. Remember you will earn on every order placed by your referrals and this will continue till your referral gets work done through us for two years.

Whenever a user purchases our service, our support team will ensure to add commission to your referral account. In this way, you will earn money from our referral and earn money program.

Earn with StudentsAssignmentHelp during Christmas

To whom you can promote this service this christmas holidays?

Our service is beneficial for school, university and college students. We help students in assignment writing as well as write complete assignments for students. You can target school, college, and university students. If you reach the right person with our, Refer and Earn Program, then you can earn more from our referral program.

We are global assignment service providers. We offer assignment writing help worldwide. We have more than 3000+ expert writers from different corners of the world. We deliver assignment writing services on more than 110+ subjects.

How to reach more audience?

Don’t worry we will tell you how to reach a large audience? Here are the ways to promote our services: –

A) Social Media Sharing: – You can share this on various social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc. When you post the Image of our referral program on your social media profiles, your friends will see the post and reach you surely.

B) Group Post: – Join groups related to our services. Post your referral details in the related groups and pages. In this way, you can target more audience.

C) Mobile Applications: – You can target more audience by using WhatsApp, Viber, etc. Send a group message to all your contacts with the link and our image. Your friends will reach our website and can take our services, and you can also mention us your referral contact details. In other words, you can make some dollars. Use of Instagram will also be beneficial. You can post our images and add referral link in the comments. You can also create a video and place a link inside the description on youtube and Dailymotion websites.

D) Blogging: – You can also write blogs and promote our services. Remember to include our referral details inside the article.

Will I get a commission, if someone orders your service, by mentioning my details?

Yes, you are joining our team as a referral member to refer others. We will pay you if anyone orders for our assignment service by mentioning your details. We will pay you when a third person orders us from your referral details i.e. your email address.

For more information, contact us: -info@stduentsassignmenthelp.com