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Student's Assignment Help January 12, 2016

Thousands of students take admissions in abroad universities for higher studies. Countries like USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, and Australia are modern and expensive countries of the world. Students need to earn local currency to reduce their financial problems. Students do part time jobs to earn money.

But, part time jobs are not enough to reduce the financial burden. There are numerous options available for international students to earn money online while studying abroad.

Here are the best options to Earn Money online while studying abroad: –

Easiest ways to earn money online while studying abroad

A) Online affiliate marketing: –

Online affiliate marketing is the easiest and best way to earn unlimited money. There are various e-commerce websites available online that offers a platform to youngsters and college students to earn commissions for selling their products. Websites like Amazon.com/eBay.

com etc offers affiliate marketing platform. Create an account as an affiliate marketer and you will get a unique referral link. Promote it via social media marketing, email marketing, blogging etc. When a user will purchase a product via your referral link, you will get a commission. Many college students are earning money via affiliate marketing.

There are many affiliate networking websites like CPA grip, CPA lead etc that offers a chance to earn money per lead. You can monetize videos and content and earn money. These websites have worldwide offers available like mobile downloads; games download etc and pay/downloads. Generate leads for the merchants and earn money.

Skills required: -Knowledge about internet and internet marketing.

B) Blogging: –

Blogging is a platform that offers an opportunity to earn money by sharing your knowledge to the world. Start a blog and write about your interests. Apply for Google Adsense and other advertisement companies. Publish their advertisements on the blog; you will receive money from these services for displaying their banners to your visitors.
Skills required: -Writing, Knowledge about internet.

C) Youtube channels: –

Many college students are earning money via youtube channels. Create a Youtube channel, post funny or informative videos. Monetize your videos with Google Ad sense and earn money. Various youtube channels are earning millions.

Skills: – Video creation.

D) Writing jobs: –

If you are a good writer, then earn money via writing skills. Start writing articles for websites and agencies. You can also submit your articles on dotwriter.com and earn money by selling them. You will receive payments via PayPal.

Write eBooks to earn money. Write eBooks, upload it on websites like amazon.com, eBay.com etc and earn money by selling it online.

Skills: – Writing.

Easiest ways to earn money online while studying abroad

E) Data entry Jobs: –

You can do data entry jobs online. You need to rewrite the content of a PDF file into a word file. You can earn good commissions from this job. You can also do captcha solving jobs and earn quick money.
Skills: – No special skill required.

F) Freelance work: –

Websites like freelancer.com, upwork.com offers the opportunity to earn money by completing projects. You will find many projects related to your skills online. Bid on the project, complete them and earn easy money. Writing, development, artistic etc projects are available online.

Skills: – All types of jobs are available.

G) Social media jobs: –

If you have no special skills, then you can earn money by social media jobs. Websites like addmefast.com, followlike.net etc offers a platform to earn money by sharing and liking others facebook, twitter etc posts. These websites are mobile friendly and you can promote others content via tablets and Smartphone’s also. You can earn extra cash by doing affiliate marketing for these websites.

This website pays you via PayPal and Skrill. There are thousands of promotions available based on the social media platform. You will find facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube etc promotions. Promote the content and earn money.

Skills: – Knowledge about social media websites like facebook, twitter etc.

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