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Easy Biology Topics for Undergraduate

Student's Assignment Help 06/11/2019 495 Views

The Biology research papers topics and essay topics are required by undergraduates too often for their college assignments. As a result of which Students Assignment Help experts have suggested some unique and simple topics on biology for graduates. All the topics are highly relevant and up to date that can be used for essays as well as research paper writing. If you have been assigned with various types of assignments like essays, term papers and research paper by college professors on biology then use this list for free of cost.

Most of the time students get very poor score in their biology assignments just because of the outdated topic that they are following for their assignments. But these fresh topics are going to fetch them great marks in their assignments easily. The best healthcare topics on biology will cater your needs of writing different assignments on the subject very easily.

Topics for Biology on Depression for undergraduates

  1. How anxiety leads to depression gradually particularly in teenagers.
  2. What are the main cause of psychological depression in teenagers and adults?
  3. Impact of the drug addiction on the brain of an individual in a state of depression.
  4. How clinical psychology help teenagers and adults to fight with their psychological depression?
  5. What are the different stages of depression that a person goes through his life?

College topics for essay and research paper on Hypertension

  1. How hypertension can be linked to the modern day hectic lifestyle and late eating habits?
  2. What are the most common consequences of hypertension when a person is subjected to the condition for long time?
  3. How high blood pressure can leads to the heart failure in extreme cases?
  4. What are the symptoms and treatment that are applicable in practical life for high blood pressure in an individual?
  5. Can hypertension leads to brain stroke that turns out to be fatal or not?
  6. What could be the lifestyle changes that a person needs to follow if he or she is going to the hypertension to major account.

Simple essay and research topics for graduates on Leukaemia

  1. Why it is very tough to detect the leukaemia at its first stage in a patient?
  2. What symptoms are prominent in leukaemia patients and actions needs to be taken when a person observe such symptoms in his body?
  3. What could be the adverse effects of leukaemia on the health of a person?
  4. Is there any treatment available in the primary stage of leukaemia to save the person from this cancer?
  5. What are the main causes of blood cancer that can leads to the high rate of red blood cells in the body of a human being?

Interesting Biology topics on Malnutrition for undergraduates

  1. How malnutrition is the major cause of death in infants and what should be included in a balanced diet?
  2. What are the poor effects on the health of a person who is taking calcium supplements from long time in regular way?
  3. Is it good to get subjected on the carbohydrates for long time in rich quantity in diet as compared to the proteins and fats?
  4. What are the essential amino acids that must be included in the diet of human being and not build up by the body?
  5. How essential it is to avoid, Trans fats in your diet to keep the heart healthy from any bad fats and cholesterol?
  6. What are the major problems that are related to the malnutrition in early 8 years of a child’s life?

Best topics ideas on Botany for college students

  1. Why there is a double fertilization in plants when pollen grain entre the ovule to fertilize the egg lying in it?
  2. How the endosperms serve as food for the developing embryo in the plants and why some endosperm left unconsumed by the embryo?
  3. What are the main causes behind putting lichens in rocky surface to turn it into the fertile land?
  4. How some fungus species are eaten by the human being and why they are not harmful for the health of human?
  5. What are the severe consequences of eating spinach infected by the Albugo Candida?
  6. How parasites are sometimes gets converted into the main plant by setting dominance on the host plant?
  7. Can we count the epiphytes as parasites plants when it comes to the symbiotic relationship between plants?

Unique Zoology topics for college students

  1. Why star fish is not counted in the fishes when it comes to classify the animal kingdom?
  2. What are the difference between chordates and non chordates when animals are classified on evolution scale?
  3. How the evolution of heart can be seen from amphibians to mammals along with the evolution in entire circulatory system?
  4. What are the major differences between the reproduction systems of primitive mammal to that of advanced one?
  5. How to classify the kingdom arthropod on the line of evolution for animals in hierarchy?
  6. What are the reasons behind the two habitats of amphibians that are Aquarian and terrestrial?

Free topics ideas and suggestion for undergraduates on Toxoplasma

  1. Why Toxoplasma is considered as a dangerous infection in pregnant women?
  2. What are the main symptoms of Toxoplasma that must be given attention at the time of pregnancy on women to treat them?
  3. Is there any proper treatment for Toxoplasma that we can go for with pregnant women to save their foetus in the womb?
  4. How Toxoplasma gondii infect the developing embryo in the mother’s uterus to great extent and what measures can be taken for controlling it?
  5. What are the causes of Toxoplasma in human being and why women are more infected towards this infection?

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