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Student's Assignment Help January 28, 2016

Essay: –

Essay is a neat and clean short description about a subject. It is also referred as a short story about the subject. The essay is a common word in schools, college and universities. Essay writing is a common practice in all education level. Science, arts, and commerce students all have to write essays during higher education. Essays also have different types. University, college, and school students face different types of essay assignment writing work.

Here are the different kinds of Essays: –

Narrative essay: –

Narrative essays are related to real life experience. A writer writes a narrative essay to describe his/her real experience of the life. Narrative essays are easy because you need to write about your experience and observations. Narrative essays can be a short story or a report.

Creativity is the only key to write successful narrative essays. You must know how to plot the scene to impress the reader. The essay must have points and facts to support your points.

Persuasive essays: –

The aim of writing a persuasive essay is to convince the reader. A persuasive essay demands research, facts, logics, opinions and examples such that the reader will agree with the writer after reading the complete story.

Expository essay: –

Expository essays are of two types either to write a story in favor or against the topic. It involves investigation, collection of the evidence or proofs that support your stand. You need to prove your stand is right on the basis of research, proofs, examples and statistics. It includes introduction, body and conclusion. It is also known as a five-paragraph essay. You must keep in mind that you are defining your stand clearly leaving no doubts for the readers. It’s the only ideal way to write expository essays.

Every Body paragraph must have reasons or proofs to justify the statement. An expository essay is incomplete without proofs; you must include some proof to justify the thesis statement. An excellent way of writing an expository essay is to summarize complete essay in the conclusion. Never feed proof or new information in the conclusion paragraph.

Descriptive essays: –

The essay that demands description about the topic is known as a descriptive essay. Descriptive essays offer freedom to express your emotions and create an image in the reader’s mind. This kind of essay writing offers flexibility because there is no exact structure or format used to write descriptive essays. Remember to describe the topic and don’t go off-topic.

Essay and its types

The aim of writing a descriptive essay is to build a picture in the readers mind. Suppose you are writing about your vehicle, you need to include its color, specifications, model, etc. If you are going to write about yourself, including your hobbies will not work, you need to include your skin tone color, hair color, body type, personality etc. It will make a clear picture in the readers mind.

Try to include emotions in the essay. Remember to plot your emotions; including that “you are sad” will not work. You need to write why you are sad, what is the reason behind your sadness etc. Always create organized essays. Don’t confuse the reader by describing different things other than the topic.

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