Essay Revision Process – Meaning, Importance, Procedure and Tips

03/02/2020 | George Orwell | 765

Meaning of Revision

Revision of what you have written in your essay is very much important as it helps you in addressing and rectifying your mistakes. It is basically a kind of proofreading. Essay Revision process is crucial as it will assist you in becoming a good writer.

Many of the students avoid revising their work due to a lack of sufficient time which has a negative influence on their quality of writing. In this article, we have emphasized explaining Meaning, importance and the essay revision process.

Essay Revision can be defined as the procedure of reading the entire content of the essay in order to confirm the accomplishment of the desired goal. It is the procedure that is executed by the writer for making sure that the structure of an essay is proper and all the heading is arranged in a logical manner.

Revision is considered to be a continuous procedure of rethinking the paper. While revising the essay the following things which are reviewed by the writer are presentation, evidence, arguments, etc. Essay Revision is basically a change that has been done in an essay.

Importance of Revising an Essay

  • Revision of the essay has great significance as it helps you in the identification of your mistakes.
  • It enables me to improve reading, writing, and analytical skills.
  • Revision also assists you in increasing your confidence.
  • By performing the revision we can make sure that we have clearly expressed our ideas.
  • It helps in accomplishing desired objectives.

Essay Revision Process

   The procedure of revision includes the following:

  • Identification of key points: before starting essay revision process, try to address the key point. You should first prepare a summary of key points. In addition to this, you should also summarize the thesis.
  • Consideration of reader and purpose: While performing the revision procedure you need to concentrate on goal which you want to achieve through writing an essay. On the basis of the set objectives, you can analyze your content.
  • Evaluation of evidence: At this phase, you need to make sure that you have provided a sufficient amount of evidence for supporting your arguments.
  • Save only relevant facts: It is a phase where you need to make sure that your essay contains only relevant information. If there is some content that is not relevant then in such case you need to rectify the same.
  • Ensuring proper sentence formation: It is a stage where you are required to read your essay paper loudly with pauses. You need to remove extra and misused words.
  • Eliminate mistakes in grammar: This is a phase when you need to concentrate on small mistakes such as grammar and punctuation. These mistakes are small but have a great influence on the quality of writing.
  • Switch from writer to reader-centered: It is the last phase of the revision process where you are required to adopt the reader-centered approach. In simple words, while doing a revision of essay paper you should read the essay paper from the perspective of the reader. At this stage, while revising the paper you should concentrate on the identification of paragraph which you can make better. You are required to develop the idea of improving your writing.
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