Structure of an Essay

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The Essay Structure is very confusing. Every student is assigned to write an essay by his professor with an instruction that the essay must be properly structured. After getting this instruction most of the students feel stressed and search for the best essay structure. Our professionals are providing you with basic essay writing Format. You should consider APA or MLA format while  deciding  structure of an essay but in most of the cases the basic format of essay writing is the same and we are explaining in this article.

The basic structure and parts of a standard Essay

An essay structure enables you to align your ideas in logical manner and helps in making an essay easily understandable by reader.The main objectives of  academic essay  format is  to provide a clear,  logical and reasonable arguments  in relation to specific questions. You may find difficult to  structure an argument  but it is simple to write an essay surrounding  key theme.  It is very much essential for you to present your ideas in systematic and logical manner  for that proper structure of essay is crucial.

There are different types of essays and their structure is based on their type. But still, there is a common structure that is included in all essay types. The  different parts  in standard essay format include the Introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. Writing an explanatory, personal statement essay includes mostly this type of structure.  By understanding this common structure of an essay writing you can structure all other types of essays.   So have a look at the different parts of a typical essay structure given below  which also provides information about how to begin an essay  with introduction and end it by writing conclusion.

Part 1st of Essay –  Introduction

At the time of writing an introduction of the essay you need to consider the target audience. The introduction is an opening paragraph of any short essay. It informs readers about the writer’s motive of writing essays. Introduce readers about the topic so that they can easily grab an important point in an essay.  The following table will help you in differentiating the best essay introductions with the worst introduction.

Best Essay introductionWorst essay introduction
1. The background of the topic is easily understandable by readers.There is no background information about the subject.
2. It is always precise and brief .   Best introduction of an essay includes main points related to the matter.Usually, longer . It does not include the`main points.
3.No repetition of the points. It contains explanation of the things  again and again.
4. The introduction is always catchy. It deals with interesting aspects of the topic.The reader mostly fails to connect with the context of the introduction.
5. The aim of writing an essay is clear.The reader does not have an idea about the purpose of the essay.

Part 2nd  of Essay –  Main body

The main body of the essay can be divided into several parts. Every part of the essay deals with a particular point or argument. You should not present essay in a way that things appear insignificant. First, prepare a rough idea about the points that you are going to discuss in an essay then start writing. Here is a guide for writing different parts of an essay body.

Main Body Paragraph 1

First, try to figure out the main arguments that you are going to discuss in your essay. After that, you need to talk about that in the opening paragraph of the essay’s main body. You need to write the background of the essay in this part. Make aware of your readers about the current issues that you are dealing with.  So it is very crucial to know the target audience for whom you are writing essays.

Main Body Paragraph 2

Frame some research-based solutions which are not general statements. You need to provide examples for justifying your solutions.  It is very much crucial for you to provide suggestions for tackling the conditions to the readers. Writing unrelated and irrelevant things without research can increase the length of your essay.

Main Body Paragraph 3

While Writing the final part of your main essay body the  you need to give an overall account of the essay. You need to be very much keen while solving the main problems  relevant to topic of the essay. That is how  you can write an essay with grace and authenticity. Always think of explaining the things in the essay.


  • You should start each paragraph in main body with topic sentences that should contain evidence for main point. Writer can provide evidence in form of information from the other books or journals but you should write in your own words.
  • In last section of the main body paragraph of an essay you need to provide your own analysis and should demonstrate  why particular point is relevant to an essay.

Part 3rd of Essay – Conclusion

The conclusion  in essay structure is the part where you need  to write your thesis again and then justify them with evidence.

Good conclusion for an essayPoints included in bad essay conclusion
1. Talk about the thesis statement and its justification.No reference in the hypothesis of the essay in  context of  bad conclusion.
2. Examples from the main body of the essay are there to substantiate the thesis statement.The thesis statement is not substantiated in the poor essay conclusion.
3. Examples and arguments are never added to the essay conclusion part to justify the thesis.A bad essay conclusion may comprise of new arguments.
4. The essay conclusion of the best quality is always brief and to the point.Some people beat around the bushes in the essay conclusion to degrade its quality.
5. An open ending of the essay within the outcome is like an icing on the cake.It is very hard to expect an open ending.

Structure of an Essay

Short and Long Essay Structure Difference

You can categorize essays on their length  into 2 these are long five-paragraph essays that are  further divided into five parts and Other is  short essays . The structure of both types of essays is different.

On the contrary long essays also include thesis statements and bibliography apart from the three parts that are included in a typical essay. For example   if you are writing personal essays, descriptive, explanatory, and process essays then you need to follow  three-layered essay format. On the contrary  You need to write cause and effect essays, contrast essays, etc.  using a five-paragraph essay structure.

Long Essay structureShort Essay structure
1.Include a thesis statement, introduction, main body, conclusion, and bibliography in  the essay

Long five-paragraph essays  consists of lengthy introduction as compared to short essays.

Short essays comprise of an introduction, main body and conclusion only.
3. the main body is vast and divided into multiple parts. Each part deals with an individual argument.on the other hand, The essay body is short essays that can also be subdivided into further parts but they are comparatively short in length.
4. In lengthy essay , you need to provide much detail in conclusion section.Owing to the short length of the essay conclusion remains to the point. But the thesis statement is justified in minimum words in short essay structure as compared to long.
5. Bibliography of the essay is very important in a long essay structure.The majority of the short essays are not having a bibliography .
6. Essay writers need to be attentive and sure about the MLA and APA citation in a long essay.No need to cite bibliography, thus MLA and APA guidelines are not required.


If you are still confused, our professionals  can help you in writing different types of an essay. The above tips on essay  structure will help you in writing your school and college essays. But in case you are struggling to understand the structure of the essay clearly then essay writing help can also be availed easily. Our professionals deliver Well edited and without plagiarism copy of essay on time to students. If  you need help in structuring different types of essay just place your order for custom essay writing services.  High Quality copy of Sample essays on nursing, management, and business studies, etc, can also be availed

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