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Feeling Bored? Let’s Read How To Fight With Boredom

Student's Assignment Help 12/01/2016 304 Views

Do you feel bored when the teacher is conveying information that you are not interested about? Do you feel drowsy during the lectures in class? What do you do when you get bored? Do you gaze at the ceiling or watch or any other thing consistently?

Boredom is a very disgusting feeling that turns you to an angry, irritated and disturbed individual. Dullness seems just like any other human emotions; pain, excitement, nervousness but it has a negative impact affecting a person physically and mentally.

Why boredom occurs?

Some students feel more than the others. So, certain factors generate boredom in a learner. Few problems have been coined out here that directs to boredom:

  • The lack of concentration and focus in the class are the main reasons of boredom. In such situation, the professor thinks that they are unable to focus due to the environment, but the actual reason is something else. For example, a professor is teaching a subject in which student don’t have any interest. Then the students feel bored by the lectures taught in the class.
  • Another reason for boredom is inaudible voice or not being able to understand the delivered information in the class. When students are unable to understand and listen to the instructor, they feel bored. At this point of time, their mind is usually occupied by a number of interesting thoughts which is also called day dreaming. Students are so satisfied with the occupied mind that they feel bored with the class lecture.
  • When the situation is not under one’s control, they feel bored.
  • When you are asked to do those things that you completely hate, you feel bored. Like either reading a book or completing an assignment, that isn’t interesting to you.
  • If a student wants to do something but they fail to find anything engaging they feel bored.

These are few reasons mentioned here that creates boredom in a student. But boredom also brings a lot of negative feeling that later affects the performance. Boredom can result in stress, anxiety, narrowed memory and much more. Mostly the growth and performance of students are affeced due to boredom.

Accordingly, to study the student who feels bored has accc of brain doings than a normally active person. This high level of brain activity results in an imaginary world or thinking about others.

Not always but sometimes getting bored can turn out to be an advantage. Boredom makes a student creative and encourages them to get involved in positive activities. It acts as motivation resulting in better ideas, the number of opportunity and success. When a student gets bored, he starts imagining that lead to creative activity.

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How to deal with boredom?

For a student, after a period of time, the task becomes tedious and stable. For student initially, the college life is exciting with new friends, hangouts, lectures, etc. Students love the new phase of their life, but slowly when this becomes routine, and they have to do the same thing every day, they start getting bored. But once students mind is occupied with boredom, their performance gets affected. This is normal, but in case if a student feel bored most of the time, they can adapt these few tips to vanish boredom and bring activeness to life.

  • Taking a break from daily routine and the recollecting reason for getting or objective of the study. This will help studnts get to gain back the lost enthusiasm.
  • Learn interesting and new things that motivate you.
  • Grab an opportunity to volunteer in different fields or areas.
  • Try creating balance in your academic life and extracurricular activities.
  • Avoid bad or inactive company and try to make friends who are lively and active.

Boredom for some period of time is quite normal because every one of us gets bored at one or the other moment. You may experience temporary variation in mood that affects some of your physical activities. Such situation can be easily avoided with the provided tips or creating a distraction from things that generates boredom.

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