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Five Minutes Presentation Topics Examples

A short presentation is written to give your view and ideas on a topic, business investment or plan. A company manager can give such a presentation to employees in order to make them clear of the business goals. These presentations can be written by doing a lot of research on the topic of the presentation and then extracting its real meaning. When you are writing a short presentation of five minutes to be brief but do not miss important points of the presentation. Here are a few five-minute presentation topics examples given below on various topics. One can understand about preparing such a presentation by going through these samples.

Things to know before writing a presentation

A presentation should be written in proper order, structure, and pattern as well. There are students who do not have any idea about preparing a presentation and end up creating a mess in the name of the presentation. Have a look at the crucial points that your presentation should include.

  1. Keep your presentation to the point and do not use the background colors that make it tough to read the text.
  2. Vocabulary should be simple and easy to understand in your presentation.
  3. Try to give weight to your presentation by adding examples and stats.
  4. Make it engaging by involving your audience in the presentation.

Few examples of short five minutes presentation

Here are a few examples of short presentations that can be prepared by the students on various topics and subjects. Have a look at them below to learn writing a good presentation.

  1. A five-minute presentation on Animal cruelty by Biotechnology

Slide 1:  Introduction

  • Biotechnology can be related to the experiments on animals for testing a given medicine or experiment in the lab.
  • Most of the animals like rats and pigs are used for such experiments before the chemical is injected into a human being.
  • This enhances the rate of death among animals, especially in critically endangered species.

Slide 2:  Impact   

  • The cruelty to animals by biotechnology gives rise to their extinction.
  • The ecosystem is getting disturbed due to the extinction of animals from the earth.
  • The natural calamities are taking place every year due to rising disturbance in ecological imbalance.

Slide 3

  • The international conventions are making animal’s rights.
  • The awareness and hard punishments on killing animals worldwide.
  • Various animal safety habitats are being made.


  1. A short presentation on games for men and women

Slide 1: Background

  • Men and women are defined with gender roles in sports as well.
  • Women are given light games that are mostly tennis, badminton.
  • Men according to society should play cricket, football, and wrestling as well.

Slide 2: Results and consequences


  • Women are considered inferior to men in games as well.
  • This leads to a poor structure where patriarchy words.
  • Most of the women get rebellious to the inequality and thus anarchy in the society and country.

Slide 3:  Solutions

  • Various laws framed to support women’s equality in sports to that of men by international authorities.
  • The women are motivated towards playing games that are supposed to be played by men by many nations nowadays.
  • The gender roles are being destroyed and abolished with the help of educated people.


  1. Free presentation on gender role and society

Slide 1: Introduction

  • The gender and sex both are different terms while gender is a term given by society, sex is a biological connotation.
  • Women are considered weak and fragile than men by developing societies.
  • Some women are supposed to be at home caring for their wards than working out of home out of their gender roles.

Slide 2: Effect

  • Women remain in the subjugation of men and fail to grab their natural rights even.
  • Rise in the number of rape cases and other crimes against women in poor economies of the world.
  • A tense atmosphere between men and women which do not let both of them work properly.

Slide 3: Aftermath: solutions and improvement

  • The society earlier used to be silent for this discrimination but now the voice is being raised.
  • Most of the women are working out of their homes in many nations and this is a slap on society.
  • Firm laws are made against people who suppress the freedom and opportunities of women.
  • Several international platforms are emerging to sort out women’s issues with their inequality in society.
  1. The best example of the short business presentation

Slide 1: Introduction and background of the business plan

  • This plan will focus on the development of marketing strategies.
  • The digital marketing and supply and demand will be considered as the most crucial pillars of the plan.
  • The goal is to achieve success in business by reaching customers and providing them the product of their choice.


Slide 2: The process to chase the plan

  • Certain experts in digital marketing will be hired by the company.
  • The efforts will be made to execute the plan with the help of professional people in the marketing field.
  • We will learn from our previous mistakes that are committed by us in the past and will rectify them.
  • The plans of business rivals will be analyzed that how they chased success more than us.


Slide 3: Conclusion

  • In the coming year, we will be the leading firm in this sector.
  • The best growth of the company will be observed in the past couple of decades.
  • It will help us to establish in the market like professionals.
  • The popularity and recognization of our brand name will increase.
  • We can earn a good profit to enhance our business and quality lifestyle of the employees as well.

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