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Writing is an inborn skill that is a gifted talent. It is required in daily communications in different contexts. However, when we talk about Academic Writing, it is different from the day to day generic writing. One may have to follow certain regulatory measures and practices while write assignment or article as mentioned below:-

  • Maintain a format (structure) :- Maintain a format of the article by diving it into different paragraphs. The paragraphs should be written in the descending order of importance, so that the reader does not lose interest.
  •  Understand the targeted audience :- Before starting the write-up it is essential to understand the context of the article that needs to be written. This context is decided on the basis of the target audience (readers) whois going to read the article. If it is for publishers, then a formal tone should be maintained. If it needs to be addressed to the mass in a friendly manner, then a little formal format along with casual tone can be adapted. But overall the entire tone of the article should be maintained in one format. Be sure that the article’s tone is clear as the write up will speak on behalf of you to the audience.
  •  References :- This is very important when one is writing thesis or a genre where one has to explain a particular concept which has already been published earlier. Mention the references upfront which can be taken from books or reference links from reputed publishers online. Even if one is writing a new research, it is always better to mention references as to reach the end result of the final product one might have read the works of certain known writers or publishers.
  •  Grammar :- Avoid grammatical errors. Use proper punctuation wherever needed. Make sure your spellings are correct and use either U.S English or U.K English. Stick to one particular language format.
  •  Abstract Writing :- Sometimes one needs to write the meeting memos or resumes. This is when abstract writing is needed. This is the most difficult task as one has to write down their ideas and concepts by keeping the facts and figures in place.

Note :- For better academic write-ups keep all the above five points in place before starting the article. Do check the article before final submission.

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