How to Fix Broken Essay Arguments

03/02/2020 | George Orwell | 708

Due to a lack of understanding about writing essay students makes lots of mistakes. Students also resist starting an essay from scratch. Considering the issue faces by a student we have highlighted a few causes of broken essays. Expert team of students assignment help has also suggested a few techniques that can be utilized to fix broken essay.

Reason for arriving at a dead-end

    • The main reason for the broken essay is the argument which you have included is not relevant to your topic. Another reason might be arguments which you have included are not effective.
    • Another reason, you might have included a strong argument but the same argument has been used by others. Then in such a case, your essay paper would be considered to be as redundant.

Diagnosis of issues

You are required to analyze the scope of the issue. It is phases where you are required to properly analyze the arguments. Students need to address the main cause of specific problems. Major cause of the issue can be a misinterpretation of sources.

Identification of effective solution

After identification of the scope of the issue, you are required to find a suitable solution for the same. It is a phase where you can formulate a list of possible solutions. While developing the plan for making changes you as should try all alternatives for keeping most of the content.

 Few effective solutions which you can apply to fix broken essay are:

  • Tweaking the paper: it is considered to be one of the best techniques for dealing with the breakdown of the essay. In this technique, you can correct your essay by changing some words in the thesis. You should add such words that redirect the direction of the essay. After making changes of words in the thesis you should revise your complete essay for making sure that correct changes have been done.
  • Propping the paper: This technique is applicable when there is insufficient evidence that is there in the essay. The second cause of the breakdown of the essay might be the inclusion of wrong evidence for supporting arguments. In such cases, you should facilitate more investigation in order to find that other scholars have suggested arguments that you can use for your essay.
  • Amputate: It is a technique where you can make your essay correct by just removing one or two paragraphs.

Other Effective Tips:

  • You should save your documents before making any kind of changes in it.
  • Before editing the essay document, you should prepare a proper plan.
  • Before starting to write an essay on a specific topic you should take suggestions from the tutor.
  • While editing or writing an essay you should consider the advice of tutor or university guidelines.
  • You can seek assistance from external tutoring servicers such as Student assignment help.
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