Gender Equality Essay Example

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Gender equality is an important topic for many people. Equality can be defined as fairness, justice, or the state of being equal in status or rights. The idea of gender equality has become more popular with time and society’s progression. This essay will explore how gender equality impacts the world today and what is done to promote it.

Essay Sample on Gender Equality

Introduction of Gender Equality Essay

Women should get equality in society to that of men to set an idea structure where both the genders are working equally without any biases. But still, there are many people who do not want to admit this fact gender equality is of utmost importance in the present time.

Today every country is in competition with the other to be on the top-notch for its strong economy and for this reason both the sex that is male and female is giving their parallel contribution in the development and proper use of human as well economic resources. We can give the example of women who are doing their research in the space and also those who are involved in defense of the nation which shows that women are in no way different and less than men.

Main Body of Gender Equality Essay

The bias mentality that pushes them towards the marginal section of the society is a patriarchal society in most of the nations of the world. It is very hard to have a society that is based on female dominance and that is why women have to come up for their rights through various movements. Some of them can be cites here like feminism and women empowerment that are trying the bridge the gulf of inequality among men and women. But until or unless the people of the society are not aware of the fact that women are also crucial for the betterment of society we cannot reduce the high sex ratio and poor rights of the women.

There are solid influential women who are even surpassing the capabilities of men on many grounds which are taken as exceptional cases by the men. But the truth is that these women try to prove to them that they are not less than men in any way and understand the importance of their own power. Those who are tortured and tormented from their childhood and their minds are drilled with the fact that they are less powerful than men do not revolt against this mentality. As time passes without any heavy work and regular use of power it becomes hard to compete with men who are doing heavy work for a long time and thus it justify the hegemony of men over women.

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Something must be done to override this bias ness and prejudice that is happening with women for a longer period of time. This is because if we will not focus on such a serious issue then that day is not too far when our world will shrink to a less powerful world where a human being can be suppressed by the animals as well. Both the gender should have that equality which brings them closer to a situation of harmony and liberty. Everyone has the right to live and it is the duty of society and social animals to keep these rights safe for each other.

Giving importance to only one gender of the society is nowhere going to be helpful for the economy and stability for a longer period of time. There will come a time when women will stop following this set pattern of society and we can see the glimpses of this wave from the multiple movements against the violence against women which are feminism and women empowerment along with many others. Some intellectual people of the society should give a new start to the society where everyone feels safe and equal and works hard with his own will and not forced by the circumstances.

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The need for gender equality is not a new idea. Women fought and died in the suffrage movement, they were involved in the civil rights revolution of the 1960s, and today women are standing up to be heard on issues such as pay inequality. The time has come for us all to take this issue seriously; we cannot afford to ignore it any longer. We should address our society’s internalized misogyny by creating an environment where everyone can thrive equally without being discriminated against or harassed because of their sex/gender identity–this means that social norms must change so that men feel safe taking parental leave from work when caring for children too, not just moms!

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